How Much Does A Hex/Trap Bar Weigh?

When it comes to the Trap or Hex Bar, the standard weight varies quite a bit! Some of them weigh 45 lbs, 55 lbs, 65 lbs, and even 75 lbs.

So when in doubt, just buy a bar and track each of your movements the same. Each bar weighs 45 lbs and the extra weight doesn’t matter much at all.

Plus, tracking your training is a much smaller headache I promise.

If you want something built like a tank you can go with Rogues.

Most trap bars I looked at only have a weight capacity of 500 lbs, I wanted a Trap Bar that was rated for at least 1,000 lbs and that’s what I got. For the money, I can’t imagine getting a more quality bar.

However, when buying a Trap bar, make sure the sleeves are long enough to hold the weight you plan on lifting. If all you have are basic bumper plates you might have a hard time loading it up.

Check out how much other bars weigh below!

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