Best Barbell For Garage Gym

Best Garage Gym Barbell – Top 20+ Bars In 2022!

Barbells are one of the most important things you can get for a home or garage gym. When you have minimal space, a power rack, barbell and some plates go a long way. As there are a ton of solid options out there for any price range, I’ll cover the …


Screenshot 2020 12 05 Titan Fitness™ Strength Conditioning Fitness Equipment Professional Home Gym

Best Titan Fitness Products In 2022

Titan Fitness usually gets a bad rap as I cover in my Titan Fitness Review post. Fortunately, they’ve done a lot better in the last couple of years, so I definitely feel comfortable recommending some of their newer equipment. I’ll cover their best barbells, racks, plates, and more! Let’s get …


titan fitness review - is titan fitness a good brand

Titan Fitness Review – Are They A Good Brand?

What’s up, everybody! One of the most well-known fitness equipment companies is Titan Fitness. They’re pretty great when it comes to lower-priced equipment that isn’t complete garbage like you see on Amazon or in stores such as Wal-Mart. With that said, is Titan Fitness a good company? I’ll let you …


Best Home Power Racks For 2022

The Best Home Power Racks For 2022

There are a bunch of fantastic power racks on the market right now.  Each rack I’ll be recommending on this list provide the greatest bang for your buck due to the incredible customization options that they offer. Here are the best power racks for your home gym you can get …


how long does it take to lose weight

How Long Does It Take To Lose Weight?

It can take less than a couple of days to lose weight, since you’ll be losing water weight right from the start, immediate weight loss it super simple to notice. However, weight loss that other people tend to notice usually takes a little longer, up to 2-4 weeks when starting …


Olympic Bar vs Standard Bar

Please don’t make a mistake and think standard barbells are good enough because they absolutely are not! There isn’t much comparison when it comes to the durability and usability of Olympic Bars vs. Standard Bars. Olympic bars feature higher-gauge steel, and the knurling is always going to be better, which …