Is Get RXd Legit? – Best Equipment For Your Home Gym

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Get RXd has been around for quite some time, so even if you haven’t come across them yet, they’re definitely a legitimate option. They offer a wide range of quality equipment suitable for both commercial spaces and home gyms. So, if you’re in the market for some reliable fitness gear, Get RXd is worth a look.

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Is Get Rxd Legit? - Top 4 Reasons You Should Buy From Them!

Build Quality

Get RXd really stands out when it comes to build quality. It’s like they’ve found the sweet spot—better than what you’d typically find on Amazon, not quite as pricey as Rogue, but still offering more oomph than Titan. From what I’ve seen and the reviews I’ve dug into, investing in Get RXd feels like a smart move, especially for those of us eyeing sturdy rigs and top-notch cardio machines for our home setups.

get rx'd build quality

Their range hits a nice balance, offering a variety of equipment that doesn’t just look good but lasts. You’re getting something that’s a notch above Titan, without having to stretch to Rogue prices. For anyone trying to equip their home gym with reliable, quality gear without emptying their wallet, Get RXd seems like a no-brainer choice.

Good Customer Service

Get RXd really nails it with their customer service, which is a big deal for me when I’m recommending companies. They’ve racked up thousands of glowing reviews and testimonials praising their support team. Whether it’s fixing order mix-ups, answering questions promptly—even during the holiday rush—or helping out with financing options for your gym gear, they’ve got you covered.

get rx'd customer service

I’ve yet to come across any serious complaints about their service, and honestly, I don’t expect that to change. There’s something about family-owned businesses—they just seem to have that extra level of care compared to the big companies. And Get RXd is no exception.

So, if you’re ever in a pinch, need some questions answered, or face any issues with your order, rest assured, their team is on it. They’re quick, efficient, and really make the whole process smooth.

Been In The Business A Long Time (Since 1985)

Get RXd isn’t new to the game; they’ve been crafting quality home gym equipment since 1985. That’s decades of expertise and commitment right there. What really draws me to them, beyond their years in the business, is the fact that they’re family-owned. There’s something special about supporting a business where you know the people behind it genuinely care about what they’re creating and selling.

get rx'd family-business

Unlike some brands that might just resell products, Get RXd designs and sells their own gear. This means they’re not jacking up prices to make a quick buck. You’re getting direct-from-manufacturer pricing, which is a win for your wallet.

Now, I get it, they might not have the household name recognition of a giant like Rogue, but don’t let that fool you. These folks are far from being fly-by-night operators. They’re hardworking people who’ve been doing this for almost 40 years, and they’re damn good at it.

So, if you’ve been eyeing their products, wondering if they’re a safe bet, I’d say absolutely. Dive in with confidence. I’m pretty sure you’ll be impressed with the value and quality they bring to your home gym.


Get RXd is rolling out some sweet deals on their gear. They’re hooking up service members with discounts, and if you’re planning to load up, spending more gets you even bigger savings. Here’s the scoop on the current promos they’ve got.

Volume Discounts

Get RXd offers some smart volume discounts that reward you the more you stock up. It’s pretty straightforward: the bigger your haul, the bigger your savings. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Snag a 5% discount for orders over $1,000.
  • Bump that up to 7% off when your cart hits over $3,000.
  • Reach over $5,000, and you’re looking at a 10% discount.
  • Go big with over $10,000, and you’ll save 12%.
get rx'd volume discounts

So, if you’re outfitting your home gym, it pays to plan your purchases with Get RXd. By batching your buys, you can grab a significant saving, stretching your dollar further. It’s a no-brainer for anyone serious about their setup.

Product Discounts And Promotions

Next up, Get RXd hooks you up with product discounts and promotions. Here’s the deal: buy any pull-up rigs or Xebex HIIT Cardio equipment, and you automatically shave 10% off your order. It’s a sweet setup, especially if you’re eyeing some major upgrades for your home gym.

get rx'd product discounts and promotions

Just a heads-up, though—this 10% off is exclusively for Get RXd branded gear. And, it doesn’t stack with other promotions or clearance items, so mixing and matching discounts is off the table.

But if you’re looking to bulk up your equipment collection, snagging a pull-up rig or checking out their HIIT cardio lineup can land you a pretty neat 10% discount on the whole order. Definitely worth considering if you’re aiming to get the most value out of your investment.

Service Discounts

Lastly, Get RXd steps it up with service discounts, tipping their hat to the heroes among us. They’re handing out a solid 10% off as a salute to current and veteran members of the U.S. military, plus police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and the like. 

get rx'd service discounts

To snag this, all you need to do is shoot them an email to verify your service and grab that discount code. What’s cool here is there’s no minimum spend needed—it’s their way of saying a big thank you for your service.

With that rundown of Get RXd’s discounts, it’s clear they’re all about giving back and making quality gear accessible.

Get RXd vs Rogue

I’ve looked into both Get RXd and Rogue for gym equipment. Here’s the deal: Rogue charges a premium, but their gear is top-notch. It’s a solid investment, especially if you’re decking out a commercial gym.

For home setups, Get RXd hits the mark with quality that satisfies most needs, and it’s easier on the wallet. Plus, Get RXd often rolls out discounts and promos, giving you more bang for your buck compared to Rogue.


Wrapping up, I hope this guide steers you towards some great picks for your home gym. Get RXd might not be a name you’re familiar with, but trust me, they’re veterans in the fitness world, thriving for almost four decades. 

Let me know of any experiences you’ve had with them in the comment section below, right now!

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2 thoughts on “Is Get RXd Legit? – Best Equipment For Your Home Gym”

  1. The Get RxD FIDAB-2 bench gets great reviews (even better than the REP AB-5200), but I’m looking for something a bit more compact and maneuverable. The REP AB-4100 looks good, but what about the Get RxD FIDAB-101 which can attach a leg roller for decline, sit-ups and even Nordic curls? I can’t find any reviews or videos online. Looks like it replaced an old FIDB3.2, but the design looks exactly like the ETHOS Utility Bench from Dick’s Sporting Goods. Thanks for your advice.

  2. Hey Jason thank you for your question! That bench from Get RX’d looks alright for the most part if you need a ton of decline options. If you don’t though, I highly recommend Rep’s AB-3000 2.0 as it’s cheaper, has a built-in leg roller, and has much better ratings overall.

    Let me know what you think and if you need more help!

    Also, here’s the link that will take you right too it.

    Thanks Jason! Hope you have an awesome day!

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