How Much Does A Deadlift Bar Weigh? + Other Bars For Deadlifting

A Deadlift bar, much like other Olympic bars, is going to weigh around 45 lbs on average.

However, not every Deadlift bar is the same.

There’s a standard Deadlift bar for powerlifting, and then you have specialty bars such as Trap bars.

I’ll cover all the standard weights you can expect your Deadlift barbell to weigh.

Let’s get started!

What Is A Deadlift Bar?

Before jumping into the types of Deadlift bars and how much they weigh, what even is a Deadlift bar?

It’s definitely not a traditional Olympic bar although you might not even notice as they have a lot of similarities.

Even compared to a power bar with its aggressive knurling and thick shaft, a Deadlift bar has a couple of key differences.

man lifting massive amounts of weight with a deadlift bar

The most unique feature of a Deadlift bar is the thinner shaft.

At only 27mm, the shaft is even smaller in diameter than an Olympic Weightlifting barbell.

This allows the Deadlift bar to flex much more under heavy loads.

Having this flexibility will allow you to lift with a higher starting position than a stiff bar.

It also has super aggressive knurling for the best grip possible, and the sleeves are very long to allow for more weight plates.

All in all, a Deadlift bar is built for one purpose, giving you the best performance while Deadlifting.

Types Of Deadlift Bars

While some state that an Olympic bar is technically a Deadlift bar, it’s not quite the same thing.

So I’m only going to cover specialty Deadlift bars that are made specifically for the Deadlift.

Deadlift Power Bar

man deadlifting in a powerlifting meet

The main one which I just described is just called a Deadlift bar. A type of powerlifting barbell with an aggressive knurling, thinner shaft, and longer sleeves.

Trap/Hex Barbells

man from the national guard performing a trap bar deadlift on grass

Then there’s a Hex bar which allows you to Deadlift from a neutral grip position.

It’s named a Hex bar due to the unique shape of the frame that you stand inside of while Deadlifting.

Miscellaneous Bars For Deadlifting

There are even other more ridiculous barbells for Deadlifting such as an Elephant bar for Strongman training.

All deadlift bars are going to weigh a little differently so I’ll cover the most popular ones now!

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How much does the average deadlift bar weigh?

An average deadlift bar weighs around 20kg (44 lbs).

Here are the most popular Deadlift barbell weights.

Deadlift Bar Weight Comparison

Rogue Deadlift Bar20kg (44lbs)
Texas Deadlift Bar20kg (44lbs)
Titan Deadlift Bar20kg (44lbs)
Bells Of Steel Conventional Deadlift Bar20kg (44lbs)
Bells Of Steel Sumo Deadlift Bar20kg (44lbs)
Valor Fitness Deadlift Bar20kg (44lbs)

As you can see – a legit Deadlift bar is always going to weigh 20kg or 44 lbs.

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How much does a Hex/Trap bar weigh?

Hex or Trap bars, as they’re commonly known, are specialty barbells primarily used for deadlift variations, farmer walks, and more.

Because they’re not used in competition, they don’t have to abide by any legal standards so the weight can be all over the place.

This can definitely make pinpointing an average weight harder than a basic barbell.

Plus, there are multiple different types of Trap Barbells to compare as well.

You have a standard hex bar, rackable, dual handles, and even open versions as well.

I’ll cover the different versions below so you have an accurate idea of what yours most likely weighs.

Standard Hex Deadlift Bar Weight Comparison

man doing a trap bar deadlift with standard hex bar

Standard hex barbells have a normal hex design and aren’t rackable.

These are going to weigh less on average as you’ll soon see.

Hex BarbellsWeight
Synergee20 or 25kg (45 or 55lbs)
Sunny Health & Fitness51 lbs
Hulkfit45 lbs
Fitness Gear60 lbs
Cap Super Trap Barbell60 lbs
Titan Fitness44 lbs
PRx45 lbs
Marcy51 lbs
Balancefrom28 lbs
Rep Fitness55 lbs

Standard trap barbells are going to weigh around 49 lbs on average.

This is very similar to a regular Olympic barbell so it’ll make tracking really easy by comparison.

However, if you’re using something beefier like a rackable bar, it’s going to weigh more as shown below.

Rackable Hex Deadlift Bar Weight Comparison

woman doing deadlifts with a rackable trap bar

Rackable trap barbells are going to weigh more than a typical hex bar.

This is mainly due to the longer sleeve length and square tubing that trap barbells are constructed with.

Here are the most popular rackable trap bars and how much they weigh.

Rackable Trap BarbellsWeight
Titan V360 lbs
Rogue TB-160 lbs
Rogue TB-260 lbs
Sorinex (Single Or Double Handles)60 lbs for single handles, 70 lbs for dual handles
Black Widow46 lbs
Hammer Strength60 lbs
Elitefts85 lbs
American Barbell40 lbs

A rackable trap barbell is going to weigh a little more on average than Olympic bars at around 60 lbs.

Considering a lot of rackable hex barbells are going to have dual sets of handles and square tubing this makes sense.

Not only that, but they have to be longer to actually rack into your power rack.

Finally, we have the most popular, open trap barbells which are starting to be the new norm.

Open Trap Deadlift Bar Weight Comparison

rep fitness rackable open trap bar in their rack

An open trap bar is one of the best designs you can get if you want to make Deadlifting easier.

The biggest benefit is being able to walk in and out of the frame without worrying about the bar potentially tripping you.

Not only that, but the best open hex bars have a built-in deadlift jack which will allow you to load/unload the barbell easier.

I’ll lay out how much the most popular open trap bars weigh below so you can check them out.

Open Trap BarWeight
Prime Fitness73 lbs
Bells Of Steel 3.047 lbs
Bells Of Steel Industrial80 lbs
Rep Fitness58.4 lbs
Eleiko Öppen55.12 lbs
Kabuki Strength HD30kg (66 lbs)
Vulcan Strength31kg (68 lbs)

Open hex bars are actually going to weigh a little more on average than even rackable hex bars at around 64 lbs.

This is most likely due to the heavier gauge steel they need to use to reinforce the open design.

They also usually have a built-in deadlift jack to make loading and unloading it much easier.

Considering this design is so popular, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more innovations in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Weight of a Deadlift Bar Similar to a Cambered Bar?

The weight of a deadlift bar and a cambered bar differs significantly. While a cambered bar is specially designed to offer more resistance and variation during exercises, the deadlift bar is built for stability and strength training. Therefore, the cambered bar weight will not be similar to that of a deadlift bar.


Overall, a Deadlift bar weighs about the same as standard stiff bars.

However, if you’re comparing Trap or Hex bars used for Deadlifting to a basic stiff bar, it’s not quite the same thing and they are definitely heavier overall.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below, right now!

Until next time,


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