What Does PR Mean In Gym? – Why you NEED TO Track Them!

What Does PR Mean In The Gym? - Why You NEED To Track Them!

PRs are something that every lifter should know about. It determines if you’re training for a specific purpose or you’re just working out to “be fit.” If you’re reading this, you probably don’t know what PRs are. Luckily, it’s pretty simple. PR or “personal record,” also known as a PB …


Top 25 Powerful Ways To Get Stronger Fast!

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Over my past decade of training, I’ve learned a ton and followed a lot of strength coaches to get stronger. In my pursuit of strength, I’ve trained over 100 athletes in the art of strength training. Most of these tips are basic in nature, but every single one of them …


Can You Gain Strength Without Gaining Muscle?

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“I don’t want to get too bulky.” I’ve heard this many times from past clients and never really understood what they meant by it. Getting “too bulky” doesn’t happen overnight! People spend years training hard in an attempt to get bigger and stronger. Unfortunately, a lot of athletes out there …