How To Do Negative Pull Ups

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The first step in working up to your first real pull up is by using negative pull ups. Negative pull ups are a fantastic upper body exercise that will build up your grip strength, muscle mass, and strength quickly. When I first struggled to do reps, abusing negative pull ups …


Top 9 Best Chest Exercises To Maximize Muscle Growth

Today, I will show you the best exercises to build the biggest chest possible. I’ll also cover how to train the different divisions of the chest properly, why barbell benching isn’t that great for pec development, and more. Let’s get started. Muscles Of The Chest & Their Different Divisions The …


Top 21 Best Overhead Press Assistance Exercises

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When it comes to building a stronger overhead press, doing more overhead presses consistently is one of the best ways to improve. With this in mind, what else can we do to build a bigger strict press? Training the supporting muscles that assist in overhead strength, as well as stabilizing …


25 Tips To Build A Massive Deadlift!

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Building a huge Deadlift is something a lot of people out there want to achieve. For me, anything over 2.5x your bodyweight would be considered a big Deadlift! For a 200 lb man, this is equal to a 500 lb pull which is definitely considered strong by my standards! For …


How Much Should I Be Able To Bench Press?

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When it comes to how much you should be able to Bench Press, a lot of people recommend basing it off of your bodyweight. I tend to agree! If you’re 300 lbs and can bench 300 lbs, that’s okay for the most part. However, someone weighing 150 lbs and being …