How To Do Negative Pull Ups To Improve Your Pullup Game

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The first step in working up to your first real pull-up is by using a negative pullup, a fantastic upper body exercise that will build up your grip, muscle mass, and strength quickly. When I first struggled to do reps, abusing the pull ups negative was the answer for building …


Top 4 Alternatives To Squat Without A Rack

How To Squat Without A Rack

I know how tough this year has been for training. There have been constant lockdowns, and equipment is incredibly hard to come by these days. That’s why, when it comes to a home gym, you want to focus on getting a Barbell first. This will allow you to do enough …


Top 25 Powerful Ways To Get Stronger Fast!

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Over my past decade of training, I’ve learned a ton and followed a lot of strength coaches to get stronger. In my pursuit of strength, I’ve trained over 100 athletes in the art of strength training. Most of these tips are basic in nature, but every single one of them …


Top 5 Simple Signs You Are Gaining Muscle!

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When most people go to the gym, they don’t want to get smaller and weaker. They want to lose fat sure, but nobody is trying to lose muscle and strength. For the majority of people out there, your pursuit of maximal strength and hypertrophy will never be reached. If you’re …