Best Beginner Hypertrophy Program – Gain 10 Lbs Of Muscle Fast!

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A beginner hypertrophy training program is incredibly simple to set up.  If you’re not sure what hypertrophy is as a beginner that’s natural. It’s basically just a fancy way to describe muscle growth. This means training for hypertrophy is basically just training for muscle mass. Luckily, as a beginner, our …


Top 13 Simple Signs You Are Gaining Muscle

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When most people go to the gym, they don’t want to get smaller and weaker. They want to focus on losing fat sure, but nobody is trying to lose muscle and strength. For the majority of people out there, your pursuit of getting stronger and building muscle will never be …


How To Do Negative Pull Ups

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The first step in working up to your first real pull up is by using negative pull ups. Negative pull ups are a fantastic upper body exercise that will build up your grip strength, muscle mass, and strength quickly. When I first struggled to do reps, abusing negative pull ups …


Ultimate Guide To The Best Push Pull Legs Routine

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In this guide, you’ll learn exactly how to build the best push pull legs routine you can to achieve the best results possible. Let’s get started! What is Push Pull Legs? Push pull legs split is a straightforward training method to split your training into 3 primary movement patterns. The push …


What Does PR Mean In Gym? – YOU NEED TO Track Them!

What Does PR Mean In The Gym? - Why You NEED To Track Them!

PRs are something that every lifter should know about. It determines if you’re training for a specific purpose or you’re just working out to “be fit.” If you’re reading this, you probably don’t know what PRs are. Luckily, it’s pretty simple. PR or “personal record,” also known as a PB …