How Much Does A Curl Bar Weigh? (Standard, Olympic & More!)

When it comes to building bigger arms, a curl bar, also known as an EZ curl bar, is one of the most common barbells you’ll find in a commercial gym. 

There are a ton of different brands and types of curl bars available as well.

This makes it difficult to figure out how much they weigh, and even harder to track your progress.

In general, a typical EZ curl bar weighs between 5-35lbs (2.26-15.87kg) .

This is just the average of all types of curl bars, though, so there’s more to it than that.

In this guide, I’ll cover the weights of the most popular EZ curl bars on the market, so you never have to guess in the gym again.

Let’s get started!

What Is An EZ Curl Bar?

An EZ curl bar is a versatile piece of equipment designed specifically for exercises such as curls, extensions, upright rows, and more. 

Its unique camber design reduces strain on the wrists and forearms by allowing for an ergonomically friendly grip. 

Curl bars are constructed with steel and coated in materials such as hard chrome, e-coat, or cerakote.

They’re also available in various weights, sizes, and types.

Such as:

  • Standard
  • Olympic
  • Super
  • And more!

Whether your goal is to build muscle or get stronger, an EZ curl bar is a great choice for your training.

EZ Bar Origin

The origins of the EZ curl bar, also originally known as the Dymeck bar, can be traced back to the late 1940s by Lewis G. Dymeck.

The patent that he originally filed for in 1948 was granted two years later in 1950 to deal with the issues of straight bar curling.

His main issue with a straight barbell for curling is that it isn’t natural or comfortable at all.

Sure, some people might be able to do it without any issue, but more often than not, an EZ Curl bar is more comfortable.

Considering his original idea is still widely used today, I would say Lewis G. Dymeck was completely right. 

Curl Bar Benefits

There are many benefits of using an EZ curl bar over a straight bar, but here are the most common ones.

  • Reduced Strain On Wrists & Forearms – The unique cambered design of the curl bar allows for a more natural grip position. This reduces torque on the wrists and forearms while performing different bicep, tricep, and upper body movements.
  • Better Muscle Activation – There are multiple studies that show better biceps and brachialis activation using EZ curl bars over other straight bar variations.
  • Increased Range Of Motion – The bend in the curl bar allows for a greater range of motion, especially on exercises like skull crushers.
  • Variety Of Exercises – While you might not have as many options as a traditional barbell, the EZ curl bar can be used for a wide range of exercises that are easier on your joints than a straight bar.
  • Suitable For All Levels – The curl bar can be used by both beginners and experienced lifters, making it a great option for people of all fitness levels.
  • Easy To Use – Shorter EZ curl bars are easier to use as you don’t have to balance it nearly as much as a full size barbell.
  • Cost-Effective – Curl bars are generally more affordable than other types of gym equipment, making them a great option for those on a budget.
  • Space-Saving – EZ curl bars are compact and lightweight, making them easy to store and transport, which is perfect for those who have limited space.

Why Knowing The Weight Of Your Curl Bar Is So Important

There are a few reasons why it’s so important to know the weight of the curl bars you’ll be working out with.

  • Safety – This is the most important factor, as using different curl bars can make it hard to determine the loading you need to use. Having a general idea of the average weight of curl bars will help you stay safe and injury free.
  • Tracking Personal Records – It’s also much easier to track your personal records accurately if you’re forced to use different curl bars each session. Not every piece of equipment is going to be available if you train in a commercial gym, after all.
  • Consistency – Consistency is the most important factor when it comes to setting and breaking goals. If you aren’t consistently adding weight and doing more reps, you aren’t going to get bigger or stronger. So if that’s your goal, knowing how much your equipment weighs will make it easier to ensure progressive overload is actually occurring.

Different EZ Curl Bars

There are multiple different curl bars out there, and with them comes different weights, lengths, and even overall construction.

I’ll cover the most popular curl bars, including their weight and the main differences between them. 

Standard Curl Bar Weight

A standard curl bar have a 1-inch diameter across the shaft and sleeves, and unlike Olympic bars, the sleeves do not rotate.

They can also have either smooth or threaded collars that use a standard spring or spinlock collars.

closeup of standard threaded curl bar and spinlock collars

Instead of just throwing out a random number on how much they might weigh, let’s use cold hard data to dispel incorrect information.

Here are the most popular standard curl bars including their type, weight and length.

BrandCollar TypeLengthWeight
CAP Barbell Curl BarSmooth60”14lbs
Marcy Combo Curl BarThreaded47”12lbs
Weider Curl BarSmooth47”12.5lbs
Marcy TCB-48R Curl BarThreaded47”11lbs
Sunny Health & Fitness Curl BarThreaded47.2”11lbs
CAP Barbell RB-48T2B Curl BarThreaded48”11.55lbs
Champion Barbell Curl BarThreaded48.82”10.7lbs
HIRALIY Curl BarThreaded47”10.5lbs
Fitness Gear Curl BarThreaded47”10.4lbs

As you can see from 9 of the top-rated standard barbells, there are a couple pieces of data we can gather from this.

  1. The most popular collar type is threaded sleeves, which I never really liked, as it takes forever to load and unload weights. However, in this case, majority rules.
  2. To my knowledge, there isn’t anything like a rackable standard curl bar, so the majority are going to be short. The majority are around 47” long, there are a couple of outliers above this around 48” and even up to 60”. Other than that, the bar is going to be short and compact. 
  3. Finally, there really isn’t a huge range concerning the weight of standard curl bars. They range from 10.4-14lbs, which is an average of 11.6lbs overall. So when in doubt, your standard curl bar is 10 lbs. Make it easy for yourself.

Olympic Curl Bar Weight

This will be the most common type of EZ curl bar you’ll see in a commercial gym, as they’re safer and can hold more weight than standard bars.

The main reason they weigh more is because of their 2” sleeves that are designed for use with Olympic weight plates.

man curling olympic curl bar

Plus, the higher weight capacity from a thicker shaft definitely increases the overall weight as well.

Here are the most popular Olympic curl bars, including their important specs.

Rep Fitness30mm55”30lbs
Rogue Fitness28.5mm54.5”30lbs
Vulcan Strength28.5mm47”25lbs
Bells Of Steel28mm47.2”22.5lbs
Everyday Essentials28mm47.24”20lbs
Rage Fitness25mm47”17.85lbs
CAP Barbell25.4mm47”15.5lbs
Titan Fitness28mm47.125”14lbs

There’s a much bigger selection of Olympic curl bars out there, and their overall weight and dimensions are all pretty similar for the most part.

  1. The vast majority of Olympic curl bars have a 28mm shaft diameter. Some are thinner at 25mm and others are thicker at 30mm.
  2. The majority have a 47” length similar to standard curl bars, but some go up to around 55”.
  3. Finally, the weight of an Olympic curl bar is going to be higher than pretty much all standard curl bars. They can be as light as 14lbs, with the heaviest up to 30lbs overall. Overall, you can expect your Olympic curl bar to weigh between 14-30lbs.

Rackable Curl Bar Weight

Rackable curl bars are basically identical to Olympic EZ Curl bars.

The only major difference is that they’re longer, so you can rack them in your power rack, just like a typical Olympic barbell.

man performing overhead tricep extensions with rackable rogue ez curl bar

These can definitely come in handy if you have the space, especially for movements like skull crushers where you’re laying on a bench.

Because they’re longer than a typical EZ curl bar, it makes sense that they’re going to weigh more overall.

Let’s see if that actually holds true with the most popular options now.

Rep Fitness30mm74”35lbs
Get RX’d30mm74”35lbs
Giant Lifting28mm74.75”35lbs
Rogue Fitness28.5mm74.74”35lbs
Bells Of Steel28mm74.6”33.5lbs
Titan Fitness28mm71”31lbs

There aren’t a ton of rackable curl bars on the market, as some of these took some time to find.

Luckily, there’s just enough to get an idea of how much your rackable curl bar is going to weigh.

Here are the averages and ranges of the specs.

  1. Rackable EZ curl bars need to be thicker to handle their longer length and higher weight capacity. The vast majority are 28mm like a typical Olympic Weightlifting barbell, and only two of them are thicker at around 30mm.
  2. The main feature of a rackable curl bar that sets it apart, is the longer shaft and sleeves. The majority of them are around 74” and only Titans’ rackable EZ curl bar is shorter at 71”.
  3. Rackable curl bars weigh from 31-35lbs, but the majority is definitely 35lbs.

Super Curl Bar Weight

Super curl bars have an even greater bent camber in the shaft.

man doing curls with synergee super curl bar

This type of curl bar is great for taking even more torque off of your wrists and can even be used for hammer curls.

Here are the most popular super curl bars, so we can figure out how much they weigh on average.

Everyday Essentials25mm48”25lbs
Verve Fitness28mm47.6”22lbs
Philosophy Gym25 & 28mm47”19.6 & 20.9lbs
Cap Barbell25mm48”17lbs
Sunny Health & Wellness25mm48”16lbs

Here are the results for the super angled curl bar.

  1. Like normal Olympic curl bars, a super curl bar has a shaft diameter between 25 and 28mm.
  2. The length of a super curl bar is actually incredibly similar as well. They range from 47-49.25” for the most part, which is very similar to a regular Olympic curl bar.
  3. Most super curl bars weigh from 16-25lbs, and there isn’t really a trend of standard weights for these. Every one of the options I’ve shown above are different, so it might be more difficult to nail down how much the super curl bar you’re using weighs.

Tricep/Hammer Curl Bar Weight

A tricep/hammer curl bar is designed specifically for, you guessed it, tricep extensions and hammer curls.

It doesn’t have that same bend in the shaft that EZ Curl bars do, but it does have a pretty unique shape.

man performing hammer curls with bells of steel tricep/hammer curl bar

The neutral grip position still puts less stress on your wrists and forearms, so it technically counts, I would say.

Here are some of the more popular tricep and hammer curl bars available.

Bells Of Steel28mm34”25lbs
Titan Fitness25mm34”22lbs
Fitness ManiacN/A36”16lbs

As you can see, these are all pretty similar to most curl bars that we’ve looked at, and they’re actually pretty beefy considering the shorter lengths.

This is obviously due to the rectangular design that has much more steel than the shorter length lets on.

  1. Tricep/Hammer curl bars are generally going to be found in with 25mm and 28mm shaft diameters.
  2. The length is most likely going to be 34” but it’s possible from the data that 36” is possible too.
  3. They also weigh pretty similarly to other EZ Curl bars. Ranging from 16-25lbs, with the majority weighing either 22 or 25lbs.

EZ Curl Bar Attachment Weight

The final type of EZ curl bar is an attachment used with cable machines.

american barbell ez curl bar attachment

These tend to have the same cambered shaft to keep your wrists happy, and they revolve as you perform curls, extensions, etc.

Naturally, these aren’t full sized curl bars, so naturally they’re going to be shorter and weigh a lot less.

York BarbellN/A29”10lbs
Iron CompanyN/A28”8lbs
Rep Fitness25mm28.3”7lbs
Power Systems25mm28”7.8lbs
Cap Barbell28mm29.53”7.5lbs
Inspire FitnessN/A24”2lbs
  1. There isn’t a ton of information on the diameter of the handles on these, but they look to be from 25-28mm as usual.
  2. As for the length, they’re pretty compact starting around 24” but most of them are from 28-30” or so.
  3. Finally, curl bar attachments are very light as they don’t need to handle a ton of weight after all. The lightest you can find is around 2lbs, but you’re more likely to find them in the 7-10lb range. 

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Hopefully this guide helped you figure out how much different EZ curl bars weigh.

You check out my other guides for similar barbell weights below.

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