Fringe Sport Buyers Guide – Best Gym Equipment

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As you know, I’ve been looking for more equipment out there to help as many people build the best home gyms possible.

Recently, I came across Fringe Sport and was impressed with what they had to offer.

The first thing I noticed is that they have really high-quality equipment and offer free shipping.

So compared to a premium equipment company such as Rogue, they definitely have things going for them right off the bat!

In this guide, I’ll be going over the best equipment they have, including some specialized equipment that isn’t really sold anywhere else!

Best Fringe Sport Equipment

Best Gym Equipment From Fringe Sport (They're Actually Great!)

Specialty Equipment

Mini Farmer’s Walk Handles

Mini Farmer’s Walk Handles

Are you looking to increase your grip strength, arm strength, and core strength? Look no further than the Fringe Sport Mini Farmer's Walk Handles! These powerful handles allow you to carry up to 330lbs, while developing a stronger grip and bigger muscles. The compact design makes them perfect for taking with you anywhere, while the durable metal construction ensures they'll last through even the most strenuous workouts.

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First up, we have Mini Farmer’s Walk Handles. These are specialty Farmer Walk handles that can hold up to 335 lbs which are actually pretty incredible considering their small design.

Plus, they also have a black powder coat, so you can take them outside for whatever you want to do with them. 

If you want something similar to farmer walk handles, the Mini Farmer Walk Handles should get the job done without the huge footprint!

Savage Bumper Plates

Our Pick
Savage Bumper Plate

Our Savage Bumper Plates have tiger streaks of color throughout them, making them easy to identify. While the color streaks certainly catch your eye, it's easy to forget that they are also super helpful. The color comes in handy both in a crowded gym setting when you gotta get what you need fast and also at home when you're just trying to get a quick workout in and don't have time to double-check the plates you're loading.

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I’ve seen many specialty plates out there with unique designs. Fringe Sport have their own called the Savage Bumper Plate lineup.

As you can see from the picture, they have a unique color scheme on each plate, so you definitely know what weight you’re using. 

While these might just look like fun plates with a different design, they’re actually very durable as they’re made with a stainless steel insert.

This helps provide an increased surface area for the rubber that maintains its shape from dropping. The other thing I noticed with these plates is that they’re actually a lot thinner than regular bumpers.

This is always a good thing as you can fit more of them on a barbell, and because of the steel insert, they have a low bounce. This makes these plates very easy to drop without bouncing all over the place. 

If you want some specialty Bumper plates with a unique design, these Savage Bumper Plates might be what you’re looking for. 


Every good garage gym needs a barbell, and Fringe Sport has many bars for your needs, but from what I can see, they specialize in hybrid bars. 

This is perfect for the home gym community as you’re probably going to be doing squats, deadlifts, bench press power cleans, and more. 

With Fringe Sport barbells, you’ll be able to do all of these and more!

Best – Bomba Barbell

Bomba Barbell V3

We can't stand being like everyone else either and nor should you. That's why we made the Bomba barbell. The impressive and handsome barbell serves as a great all-around bar, that will make you feel stellar when you're lifting on it, because it's produced with Alabama steel and made in the U.S.A. We want to be Morpheus to your Neo. The red pill is to the Bomba bar, as the blue pill is to the rest. Going down the rabbit hole, you'll realize the brutal truth of reality tells you that the Bomba bar will help you get through adversity, as you strive towards heroic feats befitting a champion.

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The best barbell from Fringe Sport is the Bomba Bar. The Bomba Bar is constructed in the US from Alabama-sourced steel.

It’s actually the only one made in the USA from Fringe Sport, so if that matters to you, this is the bar for you!

This bar is a multipurpose bar which means it’s built for powerlifting, Olympic lifting, CrossFit, and basically everything. 

The cool thing about this bar is that the knurling is aggressive but will not shred your hands like power bars tend to. 

The Bomba Bar also has a black zinc finish which makes it easy to grip while offering anti-rust as well. Plus, it’s black zinc which is the coolest finish on a barbell in my opinion.

If you want the best barbell that Fringe Sports sells, the Bomba Barbell is what you want to get.

Runner Up – Wonder Bar

Fringe Sport Wonder Bar

The Fringe Sport Wonder Bar is a durable barbell that's perfect for experienced users and Olympic lifters. It comes in 20kg and 15kg variations for men and women and is made of black zinc-plated alloy steel. The 28mm shaft diameter is great for executing Olympic movements, and the bar has a weight capacity of 1600lb. On top of that, you can choose between bushing and bearing rotation systems for your own personal needs.

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Our runner-up bar from Fringe Sport is the Wonder Bar

The Wonder Bar has an all-black Zinc finish, has a weight capacity of 1,600 lbs, and has dual knurling for powerlifting and Olympic lifting. 

You can also get this bar in two different variations. 

Bushing and bearing. 

Bushing barbells are very common for powerlifting and are easier to maintain as well. 

Bearing barbells have more spin than Bushing barbells and are suited more for the Olympic lifts. 

The bearings used in the Wonder Bar provide a much smoother rotation which means they cost a little more as well. 

Regardless of what variation suits your needs, the Wonder Bar will get it done. 

Specialty Bars

Heavy-Duty Trap Bar

Heavy-Duty Trap Bar

We're going to get right to the point. Unboxing this bad boy brought Christopher Nolan's Batman to mind. At first glance, not only does the bar remind you of an oversized bat, but the imposing ironwork of the steel frame, with its black matte finish and rugged, fat welds stirred images of the Arkham Knight Batmobile in our minds. Once you get it and pull it out of the box, you'll feel like you're night flying out of the Batcave with a new tool to enforce vigilante justice.

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This might be the only Trap Bar other than Kabuki Strength that is comparable to Rogues Trap Bars

The Heavy-Duty Trap Bar from Fringe Sport weighs 75 lbs while also having a nearly 1,000 lb weight capacity. 

If you’re curious how much other barbells weigh, check out my guide here!

It’s literally built like a tank, has two handle heights, and has an awesome black Matte finish with chrome sleeves. 

The best part is the handles, though, which is very similar to Rogues. They both have medium knurling, which won’t mess your hands up as cheaper Trap Bars will. 

If you want the best Trap Bar from Fringe Sport, this is it. 

Multi-Grip Swiss Bar

Multi-Grip Swiss Barbell

We're excited to get this bad boy in our arsenal for you. If Snake Plissken needed a football bar in Escape from New York this would be it. With its thick gauge steel, fat welds and black matte powder coat, our multi-grip bar feels like a cross between an intimidating weapon Snake shoves in your face and the mad inspiration a chop shop welder took from a cowcatcher. Get ready to inject some garage grit into your workouts.

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The Multi-Grip Swiss Bar from Fringe Sport is perfect for those with shoulder problems

If you can’t overhead and bench press comfortably with a straight bar, a Swiss Bar can be used instead with a neutral grip. 

You can also do rows, hammer curls, and more with Fringe Sports Swiss Bar. 

This bar also has three different handle positions, two neutral handle options, and a set of 60 degrees angled handles. 

This Swiss Bar from Fringe Sport is definitely worth the price if you have shoulder issues to work around. 


Best Adjustable – Pro-Lift Incline Bench

Pro-Lift Incline Bench

Legend has it that instead of climbing the Atlas mountain, Hercules smashed through it creating the Strait of Gibraltar and the pillars that flank it. The Rock of Gibraltar acts as the northern pillar. Our Pro-Lift Incline Bench gives you the same rock solid, mountain of support so you can smash your personal records.

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The Pro-Lift Incline Bench is the best bench Fringe Sport makes by far. 

It’s powder coated, has a weight capacity of 1,000 lbs, and has 5 different settings to choose from. 

Plus, it’s priced competitively and is similar to REPs’ AB-5200 Bench. 

If you want the best from Fringe Sport, the Pro-Lift Incline Bench is your best bet. 

Best Flat – Gym Bench

Gym Bench

Complete your home gym with the Fringe Sport gym bench. It's made with 11 gauge, 2" square steel tubing. It bolts together extremely quickly and the 12" x 48" base keeps it solid for all exercises.

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Fringe Sports Runner-Up bench is called…the Gym Bench

Which is a pretty basic name, if I’m being honest. 

Naming scheme aside, this bench has a weight capacity of 800 lbs, is constructed with 11 gauge steel, and has a wide pad which is always nice for proper support. 

This is the best flat bench that Fringe Sport sells, so check out the Gym Bench if you’re looking for a nice budget option. 


Best – Dumbbell Pairs 3 -100 lbs

Dumbbell Pairs 3 -100 lbs

Our rubber coated hex dumbbells feature the Fringe Sport trademark- unbeatable durability. Fans have come to expect masochistic equipment from us, and we haven't failed to deliver with our dumbbells.

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Fringe Sport has standard hex dumbbells, which are perfect for garage gyms.

The main reason is that they won’t roll down sloped floors.

They sell these from 3lbs all the way up to 100 lbs which will cover all your bases for dumbbell movements.

Plus, since Fringe Sport has free shipping, you’re going to save a ton on shipping!

If you’re looking for quality dumbbells, these Dumbbell Pairs from Fringe Sport are what you’re looking for!

Runner Up – Loadable Dumbbell

Loadable Dumbbell

Our loadable dumbbell boasts the same rugged design and durability we're known for. Using high tensile strength steel, we've produced a fine specimen that looks like the offspring of our barbells. The loadable dumbbell also features a spinning sleeve for smoother lifts.

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If you’re interested in saving a ton of money but still do dumbbell movements, Fringe Sport makes Loadable Dumbbells!

These are awesome as you can load them up to 220 lbs with Olympic plates and save thousands of dollars in the process!

These have fully knurled handles, the collars spin just like a barbell, and only cost around $150 for a pair. Which is one of the best prices for loadable dumbbells on the market. 

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Power Racks

Best – Power Cage Squat Rack (Kip Cage)

Power Cage Squat Rack (Kip Cage)

The Fringe Sport "Kip Cage" is an incredibly solid power cage designed for functional fitness use! It has a nice wide base (45" deep by 47" wide) that gives you plenty of room for bar work or pull-ups.

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The best power rack that Fringe Sport makes is the Power Cage Squat Rack, also known as the Kip Cage

This rack is made with 2×3 11-gauge steel, has a weight capacity of 1,000 lbs, and is pre-drilled in all 4 corners, so you can bolt it down for maximum stability. 

It also has two pull up bars with enough clearance to do kipping pull-ups, as the name implies. 

Considering the price plus the free shipping, this is one of the better racks you can get that are actually going to be under $800 shipped. 

If you need a solid power rack that will definitely handle everything most people could ever throw at it. The Kip Cage is probably a good option. 

Runner Up – Squat Cage – Garage Series

Garage Series Squat Cage

You'll never feel like just rat in a cage with our Garage Series power rack. In fact, you might feel like you've walked into the Thunderdome instead and that your barbell has become an oversized war hammer.

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Fringe Sports Runner-Up rack is their Garage Series Squat Cage

This Squat Cage has a 700 lb weight capacity, numbers uprights, weight horns for storage and stability, as well as dual-sized pullup bars. 

On top of that, this rack is under 500 dollars, so it’s an incredible deal considering what you get with it. 

If you want a solid rack at a solid price, the Garage Series Power Cage is what I would go with. 

Budget – Squat Stand with Pull-up Bar – Garage Series

Garage Series Squat Stand with Pull Up Bar

The Garage Series Squat Stand with Pull-Up Bar is a compact yet robust fitness equipment designed for your home gym. Crafted from 2"x3" powder-coated, 12-gauge steel, it comfortably fits a 4'x4' space. It includes a pair of UHMW lined J-cups and a built-in weight horn for stability and plate storage. It can support up to a tested 450 lbs and can be bolted down for added safety during intense workouts. It features Westside spacing for optimal lift positions and an adjustable 1.25" diameter pull-up bar.

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If you’re just looking for a simple squat stand, the Garage Series Squat Stand With Pullup Bar is probably perfect for you!

It’s under 300 dollars, so it’s definitely a budget rack!

Plus, it has a couple of nice features that are incredible for a budget rack!

  • Shorter uprights that will fit into garage gyms better. 
  • It has Westside spacing through the bench zone for finer adjustments. 
  • 2×3 uprights that fit all accessories of the same size. 
  • It also can bolt to the floor for increased stability which is important for a squat stand!

If you want one of the best power racks for a garage gym, the Garage Series Squat Stand With Pullup Bar is what you want to get!

Weight Plates

Regardless of if you want competitive bumper plates for Olympic Weightlifting training or just standard training bumpers, Fringe Sport has you covered!

If you want to learn the best ways to buy weight plates online and even in your own neighborhood, my guide goes over this in-depth for you to check out.

Best – Color/Black Competition Bumper Plates

Color Competition Bumper Plates

You're here because of the fierce durability that's the hallmark of Fringe Sport bumpers, you've come to know and expect. You're here for the level of Fringe Sport toughness that matches you and your workouts.

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The Color Competition Bumper Plates are the best that Fringe Sport currently makes. 

These have a steel insert ring that helps minimize the bounce when dropped and helps increase the plates’ durability. 

These are around $4 per lb, which is a little higher than others. However, considering you save a ton with free shipping on all the plates, I’d say it evens out since $3 per lb is the going rate for competition bumpers. 

Another way to save money is by buying their sets which have discounts built-in depending on what sets you get. 

You can save anywhere between $50-$200, which is pretty nice, along with the free shipping. 

If you want the best Fringe Sport plates, these are it. 

Runner Up – Color Bumper Plates

Color Bumper Plate Pairs

Fringe Sport color bumper plates are manufactured to go toe to toe with any bumper plate on the market. They are constructed with virgin rubber, formulated specifically for its durability, density, and low bounce. Most importantly, they go through the most customer-focused manufacturing, quality control, and shipping process in the industry so you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality plates with and we are taking the utmost care to ensure they arrive in pristine condition!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The runner-up plates are the Color Bumper Plates. 

These are very similar to the competition plates, but they’re closer to $2-$3 per lb, making them much more affordable. 

These differ compared to other premium bumper plates because their “hooked” steel insert keeps them locked into place. 

This increases the durability of these plates and makes them last much longer than standard steel inserts. 

They also have these in 10 lb increments which is awesome for those just starting out with barbell training in general. 

The Color Bumper Plates are the best runner-up option you can get from Fringe Sport. 


Fringe Sport has a ton of awesome equipment at great prices!

The inclusion of free shipping and a solid warranty makes them a great recommendation for any home gym. 

Hopefully, this guide helps you out in getting equipment for your gym!

Until next time,


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