Are Carbs Or Protein More Important To Build Muscle?

Do Carbs Or Protein Build Muscle?

One of the most common questions I get is whether carbs or protein are more important to build muscle mass? I hear it often when it concerns fat loss, which, yes, you should be eating carbs and protein if you’re trying to lose weight. Absolutely.  However, on the other side …


Can You Gain Muscle Without Eating A Lot?

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I’ve talked to many younger athletes interested in building muscle mass over the years. Almost all of them don’t want to lose their precious abs to build more muscle. Unfortunately for these kids, they don’t listen when I share what they need to do to get stronger and pack on …


Can You Gain Muscle Without Protein?

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Protein is essential to the body. They’re basically the building blocks of life. Kind of like Midi-chlorians in Star Wars. Without them, we would have no knowledge of the Force, and life could not exist. Damn you, George Lucas… Your muscle tissue is constructed of amino acids, which is why …