We Found The Best Olympic Barbell Collars in 2023

The world of fitness and strength training is vast and diverse, with a plethora of equipment designed to help you achieve your goals.

One such piece of equipment, often overlooked but crucial for safety and efficiency, is the barbell collar.

This guide will delve into the best Olympic barbell collars available in 2023, providing you with comprehensive insights to make an informed decision.

What Are The Best Olympic Barbell Collars?

Best Barbell Collars Overall – Rogue USA Aluminum Collars

Best Barbell Collars Overall
Rogue USA Aluminum Collars

Discover the Rogue USA Aluminum Collars, crafted from high-grade 6061 Billet Aluminum for unmatched strength and lightweight performance. These collars feature a nylon lever and rubber lining for barbell protection and ease of use. With a wider, sturdy lever and multiple Cerakote color options, these US-made, rust-resistant collars are a trusted choice for fitness enthusiasts worldwide.



  • Cost – $55 (pair)
  • Design – Clamp
  • Construction – 6061 Aluminum with a nylon lever and rubber interior lining
  • Width – 1.5″
  • Weight – 0.5lb per pair
  • Color Choices – Standard silver, with additional Cerakote colors available for an extra fee.
  • Origin – USA
  • Sleeve Size – 2” Olympic
  • Finish – Anodized silver with laser etching


  • Outstanding value for premium collars
  • Balance of durability and lightness with aluminum construction
  • Superior ease in attaching and detaching compared to similar collars
  • Broad and heavy-duty lever for secure handling
  • Full coverage of rubber interior lining for bar protection
  • Multiple color options with Cerakote
  • Made in the USA, promising high-quality standards
  • Rust-resistant for lasting use


  • Limited to one color for the standard price
  • Higher pricing bracket
  • Caution is required to avoid injury when releasing the lever

Runner-Up Barbell Collars – Lock-Jaw Pro 2 Barbell Collars

Runner-Up Barbell Collars
Lock-Jaw Pro 2 Barbell Collars

Lock-Jaw Pro 2 Barbell Collars are the pinnacle of barbell collar engineering, a product of great convenience and reliability for all gym enthusiasts. These iconic clamps boast a sturdy nylon resin construction and rubber interior lining, giving them superior durability even under the strain of high-impact workouts. With their larger lever and spring-loaded snap latch, they are easy to open and close, ensuring secure attachment and quick removal.



  • Cost – $38.99 (sold as pair)
  • Design – Clamp
  • Construction – Nylon resin construction with rubber interior lining
  • Width – 2″
  • Weight – 1.0lb/pair
  • Color Choices – Black/Red, Blue/Black, Pink/Black, Red/Black
  • Origin – China
  • Sleeve Size – 2”


  • Priced under $50 and less than $45 shipped
  • Larger lever and spring-loaded snap latch for ease of use
  • Available in four vibrant color options
  • Heavy-duty resin construction, 50% stronger than the original version, and ideal for heavy lifters, high-impact workouts, and when bumper plates are used
  • Iconic barbell collars with a strong reputation in the market
  • Well-built, sturdy, and has a workable design


  • Comes with a relatively short 1-year warranty
  • 2″ width is wider than most barbell collars on the market
  • While affordable, it’s still on the higher end compared to other barbell collar options

Best Barbell Collars for Specialty Bars – Proloc Collars

Best Barbell Collars for Specialty Bars
Proloc Collars

Transform your workout routine with the versatile Proloc Collars. Boasting a distinct design, these collars are crafted from a rugged nylon resin that ensures longevity. They are a perfect fit for specialty bars and are incredibly straightforward to operate. Available in a stunning range of colors from classic black to vivacious pink, these collars add a pop of color to your workout gear.



  • Cost – $57.99 per Pair
  • Design – Unique Lock Style
  • Construction – 1.75″ Thick Durable Nylon Resin
  • Weight – 1 lb per Pair
  • Color Choices – Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Purple, Pink, Yellow
  • Origin – Made in the USA
  • Sleeve Size – 1.937″ to 2.007″


  • Lightweight design is convenient for varied workout environments
  • Works efficiently with both Olympic and Specialty Barbells
  • Nylon Resin ensures long-lasting use
  • Easy to use design with simple twist hand-screw
  • Available in an array of color options for a personalized touch
  • Proudly Made in the USA


  • Lacks interior padding which may affect grip
  • Tendency to slide during use
  • The absence of rubber lining on the inside may influence fit
  • Not the best choice for CrossFit or Olympic lifting due to design
  • Requires a bit more time to tighten effectively
  • Lack of inner rubber lining could affect performance and durability

Best Premium Barbell Collars – Eleiko Öppen Collars

Best Premium Barbell Collars
Eleiko Öppen Collars

Introducing the Eleiko Öppen Collars, a high-end embodiment of functionality and style. These robust clamps, constructed from superior-quality aluminum and nitrile rubber, ensure a firm hold, guaranteeing a safe and efficient workout. Their captivating silver color, combined with an innovative open-end design, not only adds a touch of elegance to your gear but also ensures seamless operation.



  • Cost – Priced at $112 for a pair
  • Design – Clamp style
  • Construction – Crafted with Aluminum and Nitrile Rubber
  • Width – Width of 1.35″ and a diameter of 2″
  • Weight – Each pair weighs 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs.)
  • Color Choices – Available in an attractive silver color
  • Origin – Proudly made in Sweden
  • Sleeve Size – Compatible with 2″ Olympic sleeves


  • The open-end design offers effortless operation.
  • Strong fit ensures maximum hold for safe workouts.
  • Integrated magnets allow for secure plate fitting and convenient storage.
  • Rubber interior lining enhances grip and longevity.
  • The elegant aesthetic combines functionality with a classy look.
  • High-quality material made with recyclable materials, reflecting sustainable manufacturing practices.
  • Simple yet effective design that speaks of luxury.


  • Priced higher than non-competition counterparts, making it a considerable investment.
  • These are measured in kilograms, which might require some conversion for users accustomed to pounds.
  • Given the high price, some users may not find it to be the best value proposition.

Best-Looking Barbell Collars – OSO CM-1 Metal Collars

Best-Looking Barbell Collars
OSO CM-1 Metal Collars

Experience the perfect blend of security, aesthetics, and robustness with the OSO CM-1 Metal Collars. Forged from 6061 Aluminum and completed with a nylon lever, these USA-made collars come in an assortment of striking colors to suit every individual's style. The removable rubber plugs not only add a dash of vibrancy but also ensure longevity, making this pair of collars a worthy investment.



  • Cost – $59.50 per pair
  • Design – Clamp-style design
  • Construction – Features a sturdy 6061 Aluminum body with a nylon lever; inclusive of detachable rubber plugs
  • Width – A sleek width of 1.6″
  • Weight – A mere 0.9lb per pair
  • Color Choices – A vast spectrum from Black, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Pink, Purple, Gold to Gray, with customizable rubber plug colors
  • Origin – Proudly made in the USA
  • Sleeve Size – Designed for 50MM Olympic bar sleeves


  • These collars offer a snug fit to prevent any movement during workouts.
  • The removable rubber plugs can be changed for visual appeal or replacement over time.
  • Choose from a wide array of colors for both the collars and plugs to match your style.
  • The Aluminum construction ensures sturdiness without adding extra weight.
  • These collars are USA-made and come with a 2-year warranty, offering peace of mind.


  • Be careful while releasing tension; the lever might hit and cause discomfort if fingers are in its path. It’s advised to use both hands.
  • Though durable, they aren’t as strong as their counterparts – the OSO Barbell Collars or Rogue USA Aluminum Collars.

Best Barbell Collars for Dumbbell Handles – Strengthco Barbell Collars

Best Barbell Collars for Dumbbell Handles
Strengthco Barbell Collars

Embrace the power of an effective workout with the Strengthco Barbell Collars. This sleek, premium set, priced at $60, embodies the perfect blend of performance and style. With a solid aluminum body, these clamp-style collars have a gentle, rubber interior lining to keep your weights securely in place. Sporting a minimalistic 1.25" width, these lightweight champions weigh only 1lb per pair. Their elegant black color and USA origins highlight their superior craftsmanship.



  • Cost – $60 (sold as pair)
  • Design – Clamp
  • Construction – Aluminum with rubber interior lining
  • Width – Width: 1.25″
  • Weight – 1lb per pair
  • Color Choices – Black
  • Origin – USA
  • Sleeve Size – Compatible with 2” Olympic sleeve size barbells


  • The slim profile of the Strengthco Barbell Collars makes them perfect for use with loadable dumbbell handles.
  • With a net weight of just 1lb for the pair, these collars add minimal weight to your workout.
  • They feature a quick-clamp design, making them easy and convenient to use.
  • Proudly made in America, these collars bring you the quality and reliability you can trust.
  • Constructed with rust-resistant materials, they promise durability even in intense workout conditions.


  • Due to their offset design, the collars may not sit entirely flush against the plates.
  • Some users have reported minor chipping on the aluminum finish, potentially affecting the collars’ aesthetic appeal over time.
  • Their slender width may reduce grip, making them slightly more challenging to handle.

Best Competition Collars – Rogue KG Competition Collars

Best Competition Collars
Rogue KG Competition Collars

Unveiling the magnificent Rogue KG Competition Collars. A paragon of aesthetic beauty and performance prowess, they're meticulously crafted from billet steel, flaunting a hard chrome finish that's both visually stunning and rust-resistant. These impressive collars cater to the 2" Olympic sleeves and come at a width range of 3" - 3.625". Notably, they're built for precision with a weight of 5.0kg per pair, accurate up to a tight tolerance of +/- 10 grams. Priced at $190 for a pair, they promise the quality and strength synonymous with the style - lock.



  • Cost – $190/pair
  • Design – Lock
  • Construction – Billet steel with a hard chrome finish
  • Width – Ranges from 3″ – 3.625″
  • Weight – 5.0kg/pair (approximately 11 lbs/pair)
  • Color Choices – Silver
  • Sleeve Size – Fits 2″ Olympic


  • Exceptional durability and performance due to billet steel construction.
  • Compliant with IPF and IWF standards, making it a perfect fit for competitive lifters.
  • Designed with dual compression levels for an extraordinarily snug fit.
  • Precision-weighted to within +/- 10 grams of the declared weight.
  • Hard chrome finish enhances the overall aesthetics while adding rust-resistance.
  • Two-year warranty for peace of mind.
  • Provides excellent plate security, ensuring minimal movement during lifts.


  • Pricier, heavier, and broader than your regular barbell collars, making it a significant investment.
  • Ideal mostly for competitive lifters due to its high-end features and cost.
  • Securing and removing the collars may require more time compared to conventional collars.

Best Budget Barbell Collars – DMoose Olympic Barbell Clips

Best Budget Barbell Collars
DMoose Olympic Barbell Clips

The DMoose Olympic Barbell Clips are designed to provide you with the utmost weightlifting safety by securing the weights tightly onto the bars. The durable material of the barbell clamp is anti-slide, and the rubber pads maximize stability. These weight clamps are designed with a quick-release locking mechanism that allows them to be opened and closed easily. They prevent the annoying rattling of weight plates and help you work out without any interruptions by keeping weights locked in place.



  • Cost – $12.99 per pair
  • Design – Quick-release locking mechanism that allows them to be opened and closed easily.
  • Construction – The collars are made of Nylon, Steel, and Rubber.
  • Width – 2.09”
  • Weight – 0.13 kg
  • Color Choices – The collars are available in multiple colors, including Black, Black/Pink, Red, Pink, Blue, Grey, Yellow, and Green.
  • Sleeve Size – 2”


  • The DMoose Olympic Barbell Clips are designed to provide utmost weight lifting safety by securing the weights tightly onto the bars.
  • Available in two different size options: 2” for Olympic weight lifting and 1″ for standard bodybuilding and bar lifts.
  • The expertly designed collar for weight bar allows you to put them on the bars and easily take them off. This ensures time efficiency, so you can quickly switch bars during sets.
  • The durable material of the barbell clamp is anti-slide, and the rubber pads maximize stability.
  • They prevent the annoying rattling of weight plates and help you work out without any interruptions by keeping weights locked in place.


  • Some users have given bad reviews due to buying the wrong collars which is obviously on them. However, make sure you get the 2″ version for Olympic bars and 1″ for standard bars.
  • Multiple lifters had issues opening and closing these barbell collars.
  • The durability of the locking mechanism is also questionable but some haven’t had any problems at all.

Best Lightweight Barbell Collars – OSO Mighty Collars

Best Lightweight Barbell Collars
OSO Mighty Collars

Introducing the OSO Mighty Collars - the perfect combination of durability, ease, and style. These premium collars are fabricated with aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum, featuring an attractive, thin, and lightweight design that weighs just 0.3lb per pair. Complemented with a rubber-lined interior for bar protection, these collars promise an ideal blend of convenience and functionality. Designed to fit 2" Olympic sleeves, they come in gunmetal and blue, providing a stylish accent to your workout gear. Sold affordably at $35 per pair, these American-made collars exude quality without breaking the bank.



  • Cost – $35/pair (sold as pair)
  • Design – Clamp
  • Construction – Aircraft-grade 6061 Aluminum with nylon lever and rubber interior lining
  • Width – 1.3″
  • Weight – 0.3lb/pair
  • Color Choices – Gunmetal and Blue
  • Origin – USA
  • Sleeve Size – 2″ Olympic


  • Budget-friendly without compromising quality.
  • Feather-light construction allows easy handling.
  • Crafted from robust, aircraft-grade aluminum for long-lasting usage.
  • The interior rubber lining protects your bars from damage.
  • Two trendy color options – gunmetal and blue – add a touch of style.
  • The clamp-style design offers effortless application and removal.
  • Superior to many counterparts, including other OSO collars, in terms of ease of use.
  • Proudly made in the USA, ensuring top-quality craftsmanship.


  • There can be occasional sliding, which might require re-adjustment.
  • Despite its sturdy aluminum build, it’s not the most durable in the market.
  • May not hold as tightly as some of the pricier OSO models.
  • The lever is the potential weak point in the overall construction.

Best for CrossFit – Clout Fitness Olympic Barbell Clamps

Best for CrossFit
Clout Fitness Olympic Barbell Clamps

Experience an unrivaled blend of safety and efficiency with Clout Fitness's Olympic Barbell Clamps. Designed with your workout in mind, these lightweight yet sturdy clamps keep your weights firmly in place, providing you peace of mind and optimal performance. Outfitted with an interior rubber lining to protect your bars, and available in an array of vibrant colors, these clamps effortlessly blend functionality with style.



  • Cost – Super cheap at $13.97
  • Design – Crafted with a quick-release lever, these collars are ready to adapt to your ever-changing workout routines. Sold in pairs, they’re always ready for action.
  • Construction – The collars are made of strong ABS plastic and stainless steel pins, which makes them durable and resistant to damage.
  • Width – The clamps have a 2-inch diameter.
  • Weight – Weighing in at a mere 9.29 ounces, these collars are light yet sturdy, ready to withstand your most intense workouts.
  • Color Choices – The collars are available in multiple colors including Black, Black/Red, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Olive Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Sky Blue, Sky Blue/Black, White, White/Black, and Yellow.
  • Origin – Made in China.
  • Sleeve Size – Perfectly designed to fit a 2-inch barbell or specialty bar, these collars are the ideal companion for your weightlifting journey.


  • Affordable with a great price point, making it accessible to all
  • Lightweight design doesn’t add any undue burden
  • Lifetime warranty ensures prolonged use and satisfaction
  • A rainbow of color options to suit individual preferences
  • Quick-release tab ensures easy and efficient weight changes
  • Rubber-lined interior safeguards the integrity of your barbell
  • Optimized for heavy weight lifting, but equally suitable for light weights
  • Thick plastic and steel pins contribute to durability and sustained heavy use
  • The reassuring click of the lever signals secure locking of collars
  • Enhanced with rubber pads for added longevity and to prevent bar scratching


  • The construction material is plastic which may not be as robust as other options
  • The clamp is the most vulnerable part, susceptible to wear over time
  • There is a potential risk of breaking if mishandled or dropped
  • The product is imported which may affect availability and servicing
  • Possible compatibility issues with all threaded bars or specific Olympic barbells
  • Might not be the most reliable option for those lifting very heavy weights regularly

Best for Standard 1” Barbells – DMoose 1 Inch Barbell Clips

Best for Standard 1” Barbells
DMoose 1 Inch Barbell Clips
Unleash the beast in your workout regime with the DMoose 1 Inch Barbell Clips. Tailored with a sturdy nylon design and equipped with an easy-to-pull lever, these clips perfectly blend functionality and style. Their design features a rubberized interior to safeguard your bars, making them the quintessential asset for your strength training routine.


  • Cost – $12.99
  • Design – The weight collars feature an anti-slide design, with an effective, quick-release locking mechanism.
  • Construction – Nylon-Steel-Rubber
  • Width – 1″ (Standard Barbell)
  • Weight – 0.13 Kilograms
  • Color Choices – Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Magenta, Red, Yellow
  • Sleeve Size – Available in 1″ (Standard Barbell) and 2″ (Olympic Barbell) Sizes.


  • Specifically designed to accommodate standard 1” barbells.
  • Offers an array of 15 vibrant colors to match your workout gear or mood.
  • Incorporates an easy-to-pull lever for effortless use.
  • Features a rubberized interior for shielding bars against damage.


  • These clips are imported, and the quality may vary based on the location of the manufacturer.
  • No warranty coverage is explicitly stated by the manufacturer.
  • Some users have complained about a loose fit on adjustable dumbbells and some 1” bars.

Best Barbell Collars On Amazon – GORILLA JAW Olympic Barbell Clamps

Best Barbell Collars On Amazon
GORILLA JAW Olympic Barbell Clamps

Experience an unbeatable, secure grip with the GORILLA JAW Olympic Barbell Clamps. Boasting a vivid yellow/black design, these barbell clamps are designed for serious weightlifters, enabling reliable and swift weight plate changes. Whether you're into CrossFit, Olympic lifts, deadlifts, or traditional strength training, these durable clamps provide the stability you need. Made from premium, reinforced nylon, the clamps ensure your plates remain firmly in place, even during the most intense workout sessions.



  • Cost – $23.99
  • Design – Modern
  • Construction – Reinforced molded premium nylon lock material
  • Width – Heavy-Duty 2-inch Plate Clamps
  • Weight – 0.25 Kilograms
  • Color Choices – Red, Black, Green, Pink, Yellow/Black
  • Sleeve Size – Designed to fit a 2” Olympic barbell


  • Designed to fit any Olympic barbell.
  • Features 2-inch plate clamps and a width of 1.75 inches.
  • Ideal for various workouts including cross-training, Olympic lifts, and deadlifts.
  • Guarantees no movement, even when dropping weights during deadlifts.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty for peace of mind.


  • Made from plastic, which might not be as durable as metal clamps.
  • A few customers found slight variances in the tightness between pairs.

Barbell With Built-In Collars – Gungnir Allrounder Bar

Barbell With Built-In Collars
Gungnir Allrounder
Introducing the Gungnir Allrounder Bar, a game-changer in the fitness industry, carefully crafted in Norway to fuse aesthetics with performance. This high-end piece of equipment boasts an exquisite satin hard chrome finish on the shaft and an electroless nickel finish on the sleeves, delivering a stylish visual appeal. With its unique built-in Slidelock system, weight adjustments are now a breeze, making it ideal for rapid drop sets. Despite being priced at $699, its impressive features, coupled with the lifetime warranty, make it a worthy investment for any serious fitness enthusiast.


  • Price – A whopping $699
  • Knurl Type Medium knurl with an attention-grabbing center knurl
  • Tensile Strength – Impressive 216,000 PSI
  • Weight – Comes in a standard 20kg, perfect for serious lifters
  • Shaft Diameter – Measures a sleek 28mm, tailor-made for dedicated weightlifters
  • Shaft Finish – Features an elegant satin hard chrome finish that catches the eye
  • Sleeve Finish – Flaunts an enduring electroless nickel coating for long-lasting performance
  • Rotation System – Equipped with a cutting-edge bushing system for smooth rotations
  • Country of Origin – Proudly made in Norway, known for its excellence in craftsmanship
  • Warranty – Backed by a lifetime warranty, ensuring peace of mind for a lifetime of lifting.


  • Efficient Slidelock system that streamlines weight changes, enhancing the workout experience.
  • The superior craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure exceptional durability and longevity.
  • Exudes an alluring aesthetic appeal with its elegant finishes.
  • The medium, refined knurling provides a comfortable grip, facilitating prolonged training sessions.


  • The premium price point may not suit budget-conscious home gym owners.
  • For those accustomed to 29-30mm bars, the 28mm diameter might require a period of adaptation.
  • The passive knurling might not be as tactile for some users, potentially affecting the grip.
  • Packaging for shipment could use improvement, as some users have reported bars arriving with the ends exposed.

Best for Axle Barbells – Rogue HG 2.0 Axle Collars

Best for Axle Barbells
Rogue HG 2.0 Axle Collars

Introducing the Rogue HG 2.0 Axle Collars - a must-have tool for your training regime. Created with tenacity and ease of use in mind, these collars are designed to clamp on 1.9” axle barbells effortlessly. With a hardy construction made from resilient resin materials, they offer a durable solution for maintaining barbell integrity during rigorous workouts. With a featherlight weight of only 0.5 lbs per pair, you won't even notice they're there. Moreover, the one-hand removal, super-fast tightening, and releasing mechanism make them a dream to operate. These collars ensure excellent grip without causing any damage to your barbells.



  • Cost – The cost varies depending on the quantity you purchase. For 1 pair, it costs $45.00. For 5 pairs, it costs $200.00. For 10 pairs, it costs $400.00. And for 20 pairs, it costs $765.00.
  • Design – Lock-in design
  • Construction – The collars are made of durable resin.
  • Width – 2″
  • Weight – 0.5 lbs
  • Color Choices – Red/black
  • Origin – The website does not specify the origin of the product.
  • Sleeve Size – 1.9″


  • Perfect fit for 1.9” axle barbells
  • Constructed from durable and strong materials
  • Easy to operate with one-hand removal system
  • Minimalist, lightweight design
  • Fast and efficient tightening and releasing mechanism
  • Provides an excellent grip without damaging the barbells
  • Outstanding value for a modest price of $40


  • Compatibility limitations – not suitable for 2” Olympic bars
  • Not officially approved for use in competitive lifting events

Understanding Barbell Collars

Barbell collars, also known as weight clips, are essential gym equipment that secure weight plates onto the barbell, preventing them from slipping off during your workout.

This ensures your safety and allows you to focus on your form and performance rather than worrying about the weights.

Sure, let’s delve into the different types of barbell collars mentioned in your list.

Spring Collars

pair of spring collars

Spring collars are a type of barbell collar made of a flexible metal coil, designed to secure weight plates in place.

They are easy to use, versatile, durable, and cost-effective, but may not provide as secure a hold as other types of collars, like lock-jaw or screw-on collars.

Lock-Jaw Collars

lockjaw collars on barbell

Lock-Jaw Collars are a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts due to their secure hold and ease of use.

They use a clamp mechanism that locks onto the barbell, ensuring the weights stay in place even during intense workouts.

They are typically made of durable materials like plastic or metal and are designed to withstand heavy use.

Screw Collars

man screwing on barbell collar

Screw collars, also known as spin-lock collars, are another type of barbell collar.

They feature a threaded end that you manually screw onto the barbell sleeve, providing a secure hold.

While they can take a bit more time to put on and take off, they are known for their reliability and are often used in commercial gyms.

Quick Release Collars

hg2 quick release collars

Quick Release Collars are designed for easy and fast weight changes.

They typically feature a lever or button that, when pressed, opens the collar for quick placement or removal.

This type of collar is ideal for workouts that require frequent weight changes, such as circuit training or CrossFit.

Competition Collars

rogue competition collars on power bar

Competition Collars are used in professional weightlifting competitions.

They are usually made of high-quality metal and are heavier than other types of collars.

This added weight ensures a secure hold on the weights, which is crucial during a competition.

They often feature a locking mechanism for added security.

Lever Collars

Lever Collars are a type of quick-release collar that uses a lever to secure the collar onto the barbell.

They are easy to use and provide a secure hold.

To attach a lever collar, you slide it onto the barbell sleeve and then flip the lever to lock it in place.

To remove it, you simply flip the lever in the opposite direction.

Each type of collar has its advantages and is suited to different types of workouts and personal preferences.

When choosing a collar, consider your workout style, the type of barbell you use, and your budget.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Barbell Collars


Durability is a crucial factor to consider when choosing barbell collars.

You want to ensure that the collars can withstand heavy use without breaking or wearing out quickly.

Look for collars made from high-quality materials and have good customer reviews regarding their durability.

Ease of Use

The ease of use is another important consideration.

Some collars, like spring collars, are straightforward to use but may not provide the same level of security as other types.

Others, like lock-jaw or lever collars, may offer a more secure hold but take a bit more time to put on and take off.

Choose a collar that suits your workout style and personal preferences.


Security is paramount when it comes to barbell collars.

The last thing you want is for your weights to slip off the barbell during a workout, which could lead to injury.

Look for collars that provide a secure hold and have positive customer reviews regarding their security.


Price is always a consideration when buying any piece of gym equipment.

While it’s important to invest in high-quality collars, you also want to ensure you’re getting good value for your money.

Consider your budget and compare prices from different brands to find a collar that offers the best balance of quality and affordability.


The material of the collar can affect its durability, security, and price.

Common materials include metal, plastic, and rubber.

Metal collars are typically the most durable and secure, but they can also be the most expensive.

Plastic collars are usually more affordable and still offer a good level of security, while rubber collars provide a good balance of durability, security, and affordability.

Compatibility with Barbell

Finally, you need to ensure that the collar is compatible with your barbell.

Most collars are designed to fit standard barbells, but some are made for specialty barbells with larger diameters.

Check the product specifications to ensure the collar will fit your barbell.

By considering these factors, you can find the perfect barbell collar that suits your needs and helps you achieve your fitness goals safely and effectively.

How to Use and Maintain Olympic Barbell Collars

Proper Usage

Proper usage of barbell collars is crucial to ensure safety and longevity.

Regardless of the type of collar, the general rule is to slide them onto the barbell sleeve after loading your weights, and then secure them.

For clamp-style and lock-style collars, you secure them by pushing the lever or threading the bolt down.

For spring-style collars, you squeeze the handles to expand the ring’s diameter, slide them onto the sleeve, then release the handles to secure them.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your barbell collars can significantly extend their lifespan.

After each use, wipe them down to remove sweat and grime.

For metal collars, consider applying a thin layer of oil occasionally to prevent rust.

If your collars have moving parts, ensure they move freely and apply lubricant if necessary.

Always store your collars in a dry and clean place to prevent damage.

Safety Tips

Safety should always be your top priority when using barbell collars.

Always ensure the collars are secure before starting your workout.

If you notice any damage or wear on your collars, replace them immediately.

Never attempt to use a damaged collar as it can lead to weights slipping off the barbell, potentially causing injury.

Lastly, always use collars when lifting weights, even if the weights feel secure without them.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.

By following these guidelines on how to use and maintain your Olympic barbell collars, you can ensure a safe and effective workout while extending the lifespan of your collars.

Remember, your safety is paramount, and proper usage and maintenance of your equipment is a key part of that.

Frequently Asked Questions


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