The Top 14 Best Bumper Plates For Your Home Gym In 2023

best bumper plates

There are a ton of exceptional bumper plates out there in a variety of price ranges, build quality, and even colored plates if you want to get fancy. Have you ever seen Captain America’s shield as a bumper plate before? You’re welcome! Anyway, let’s get started on the best bumper …


Best Place To Buy Weight Plates

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When it comes to building a home gym, there aren’t a lot of things you need to get to make it worth the investment. Because that’s what it is, an investment! The ability to walk into your garage and train whenever you want can’t be overstated, the freedom is incredible. …


Rogue Deep Dish Plates – Worth It In 2023?

rogue deep dish plates

The Rogue Deep Dish Plates are modified from the plates used at the Arnold Strongman Classic for the Elephant Bar Deadlift event. They’re sold in pairs of 25lbs, 35lbs, 45lbs, and 100 lbs. Making them easy to pair with any standard 45 lb barbell for massive lifts! Just like the …