Best Powerlifting Barbell For Your Home Gym

Powerlifting is about lifting the most weight possible in the Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift.

If you want to get as strong as possible, a solid power bar is what I recommend you get.

The knurling is going to be more aggressive for a better grip and they’re able to handle heavy loads without whipping around and flexing as much.

So in today’s guide, I will cover the best powerlifting barbells for your home gym!

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Let’s get started!

Best Powerlifting Barbells

Best Powerlifting Barbell Overall – Rogue Ohio Power Bar

Recommended for: those that want the best powerlifting barbell overall

Best Powerlifting Barbell Overall
Rogue Ohio Power Bar
All of our 29mm Ohio Power Bars also feature single powerlifting knurl marks and center knurling, machined in a pattern that’s deep and coarse without being sharp or abrasive. This makes the bar a perfectly honed workhorse for the bench, squat, and deadlift.
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  • Finish
    • Shaft Finish Options – Black Zinc, Black E-Coat, Bare Steel, Stainless Steel
    • Sleeve Finish Options – Bright Zinc, Bare Steel, Stainless Steel, Chrome, Proprietary Matte Black
  • Knurling
    • Aggressive
    • Center Knurl
    • IPF Knurl Marks
  • Length
    • Overall – 86.52″
    • Shaft – 51.5″
    • Loadable Sleeve Length – 16.25″ or 16.875″
  • Price – $290-$485
  • Rotation System – Bushings
  • Shaft Diameter – 29mm
  • PSI Tensile Strength – 200,000-205,000 tensile strength
  • Weight Capacity – 1,000+ lbs
  • Weight – 45 lbs or 20 kg (44 lb) options
  • Warranty – Limited lifetime warranty except against negligent use
  • Whip – none, stiff


Massive Choice Of Finishes

The 45 lb version of the Rogue Ohio Power Bar has the following options to choose from.

  • Shaft Finishes – Black Zinc, Black E-Coat, Bare Steel, Stainless Steel
  • Sleeve Finishes – Bright Zinc, Bright Zinc, Bare Steel, Stainless Steel, Chrome, Proprietary Matte Black Sleeves

There is also a cerakote version of the bar available in cerakote blue, black, red, and OD green.

OPB different finishes

The 20 kg version doesn’t have as many options, but here’s what they have to offer.

Black zinc shaft/bright sleeves and stainless steel shaft/chrome sleeves.

Customizable Version

Rogue offers another 45 lb version of this bar that is fully customizable using their ZEUS Build-a-Bar system. 

rogue zeus build a bar options

It’s like Build-a-Bear but it’s not rated “E” for everyone.

You can change the color of the shaft and sleeves, add custom logos/words, and even choose different color bushings as well!

Volcano-Style Knurling

The aggressive knurling used on the Rogue Ohio Power Bar is a volcano-style knurl that is really grippy but comfortable at the same time.

rogue ohio power bar different knurls

The Rogue Ohio Bar achieves this with little divots at the top of each volcano point of the knurling.

This actually increases the surface area of the knurling so it sits in your hand better and feels great.

The 20 kg Option is IPF Certified

While the 45 lb versions are great for training purposes, only the 20 kg version is IPF certified.

ohio power bar spec sheet

If you want a great training bar that will mimic competition as much as possible, Rogue has you covered.

The 20 kg Bar Has Thinner Sleeves

This allows the weight plates to sit a little closer and increases the stiffness of the bar as well.

Since the collar is thinner, it actually increases how much of the sleeve is loadable. Meaning more weight plates overall.


Stainless Steel Versions are PRICEY

While the stainless steel versions are going to have the best performance and least amount of maintenance, you’re gonna pay for it. 

bare steel vs stainless steel ohio bar prices

If you want a better value, you’re better off going with Reps Deep Knurl Power Bar EX as it is COMPLETELY constructed out of stainless steel and is cheaper too. 

Grooved Sleeves Are A Little Tight

Grooved sleeves are nice as they add extra grip for your collars to hold onto so your weights stay on the bar.

negative grooved sleeves review

Unfortunately, some have had issues getting plates on and off as there’s a lot of friction depending on your weight plate hole spacing.

Cerakote Finish Dulls The Knurl

While cerakote finishes might look great, they do definitely dull the knurl, unfortunately.

And since the Ohio Power Bar has those little indents in the knurling to make the bar grippy and not sharp, it’s going to be even more obvious it’s been dulled down.

Not much you can do about this except pick another finish or bar that has sharper knurling that won’t dull as much with cerakote.

Most Popular Powerlifting Barbell – Texas Power Bar

Recommended for: those that want the most popular power bar on the market

Most Popular Powerlifting Barbell
The "Original" Texas Power Bar
The Original Texas Power Bar is Texas' premier powerlifting bar. It is the culmination of years of experience in the design and manufacturing of power bars. This bar is made from the highest quality materials with a focus on durability and performance.
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  • Finish
    • Shaft Finish Options – Bare Steel, Black Zinc, Chrome, 8 different Cerakote colors as well
    • Sleeve Finish Options – Chrome, Bare Steel
  • Knurling
    • Aggressive
    • Center Knurl
    • IPF Knurl Marks
  • Length
    • Overall – 86″
    • Shaft – 52″
    • Loadable Sleeve Length – 17″
  • Price – $295-$350
  • Rotation System – Bushings
  • Shaft Diameter – 28.5mm
  • PSI Tensile Strength – 190,000 tensile strength
  • Weight Capacity – 1,200+ lbs
  • Weight – 20 kg (44 lbs)
  • Warranty – Limited lifetime warranty except for faulty use, 5 years on broken bushings
  • Whip – none, stiff


Proven Bar

The Texas Power Bar has been around since 1980. In that time, tons of the strongest lifters on the planet have used it to lift truly monstrous weights.

texas power bar records

You don’t get a reputation like this if your bar sucks so you know it’s worth the hype!

Deep, Aggressive Knurling

The knurling on the Texas Power Bar is truly deep and aggressive so you’ll never lose your grip while lifting heavy.

aggressive knurling of the texas power bar

If you’re somebody that really wants the best grip possible and your hands are tough as nails, you aren’t going to get a much sharper knurling than this.

Plus, you can Squat with it without worrying about it slipping off your back.

Great Value

Even though the Texas power bar has such great specs, it actually has a couple of different finishes that provide great value for the price.

Depending on what you choose, you can pay anywhere between $290-$350 which is pretty solid for a pure powerlifting barbell of this caliber.

Multiple Finishes Available

The TPB is available in a bunch of different finishes for both the shaft and sleeves.

The shaft comes in bare steel, black zinc, and chrome; while the sleeves have a choice of chrome and bare steel.

chrome and bare steel shafts of the texas power bar

The bare steel and black zinc shafts can be paired with chrome and bare steel sleeves, while the chrome shaft can only be paired with chrome sleeves.

They also have cerakote coating shaft options with chrome sleeves.

texas power bar cerakote options

Here are the color choices you can pick from.

  • Red
  • Bazooka Green
  • Purple
  • White
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Tungsten
  • Orange

As you can see, you have a bunch of different finish options to customize your Texas bar.


Only Has A 28.5mm Shaft

One of the reasons some don’t like the Texas power bar compared to more modern designs is that it has a 28.5mm shaft.

This is the width of a standard multipurpose bar which is designed to give the bar a mix of whippiness and stiffness.

This might be fine for Deadlifting, but for the Squat and Bench Press, you definitely want a stiffer bar.

Some might not have a problem with this though so it depends on your preferences.

Wider Sleeve Collars Cause More Whip

The Texas Power bar has wider sleeve collars so the weight will be further out from the center of the bar.

texas power bar wide sleeves

This is going to result in more whip, which, along with the 28.5mm shaft can be detrimental for some lifters.

Super Sharp Knurling

Some people love the sharpest, most aggressive knurling possible.

However, this can also be a detriment for some users depending on how tough and callused your hands are.

For a lot of people, having an aggressive knurling that isn’t nearly as sharp is preferred.

No Stainless Steel Option

Stainless steel is the best material you can make a bar with.

It requires way less maintenance and is way more resistant than other finishes.

On top of that, it is definitely going to look better and the knurling will feel more natural than anything other than bare carbon steel.

I definitely think there’s a market for stainless steel Texas Power bars!

Best Heavy-Duty Power Bar – Kabuki Strength Power Bar

Recommended for: those that want the best powerlifting barbell for heavy-duty lifting

Best Heavy-Duty Powerlifting Barbell
Kabuki Strength Power Bar

This bar is our IPF spec, multi purpose, power bar. It is a 29mm bar, with aggressive but not overly sharp Kabuknurl (our proprietary knurl pattern/type), and standard powerlifting markings.



  • Finish
    • Shaft Finish Options – Black Oxide, blood red Cerakote
    • Sleeve Finish Options – Nickel, black oxide
  • Knurling
    • Aggressive Kabuknurl
    • Center Knurl
    • IPF Knurl Marks
  • Length
    • Overall – 86.5″
    • Shaft – 51.5″
    • Loadable Sleeve Length – 16.5″
  • Price – $599
  • Rotation System – Bushing
  • Shaft Diameter – 29mm
  • PSI Tensile Strength – 258,000 tensile strength
  • Weight Capacity – 2,000+ lbs
  • Weight – 20 kg (44 lbs)
  • Warranty – 5 years against any type of defect
  • Whip – none/stiff


Moderate Depth Aggressive Kabuknurl Is Fantastic

While this bar might have moderate depth knurl, it’s a bit special compared to a run-of-the-mill bar.

Kabuki Strength has an impressive proprietary knurl pattern known as Kabuknurl.

This isn’t just another super sharp aggressive knurl barbell though.

close up of knurling

It used a volcano-style knurl that is much finer for more overall contact points on your hands and upper back while Squatting.

This increased surface area creates the most friction possible without digging into you like sharper knurling.

Considering just how much work they put into this, the Kabuki Strength Power bar is in a league of its own!

Incredibly Hard Steel Makes This Bar Heavy Duty

As if the proprietary knurling wasn’t enough, Kabuki Strength went above and beyond to make their barbell the heaviest-duty option on the market.

They use a proprietary heat treatment that results in the steel being way harder with a Rockwell hardness scale of 51 HRC.

This is basically just a way to determine how resistant metal is to being permanently deformed.

YouTube player

All they really did was spin the Kabuki Power Bar against another competitor’s barbell using a lathe – which is one of those machines used to spin wood, steel, and other materials.

While the competitor’s bars were literally shaven away in a couple of seconds from how hard the Kabuki Strength bar is, their bar was completely fine.

If that doesn’t prove how heavy-duty this bar is, nothing will.

Massive 250,000+ PSI Tensile Strength Rating

The majority of the best powerlifting barbells you see out there have a PSI tensile strength rating of around 200,000.

Which, if you’re not sure, tensile strength is literally just the breaking point of a bar. 

Anything around 165,000 is going to be fine for most, but upwards of 180,000 PSI tensile strength is going to be a high-quality barbell.

The Kabuki Strength power bar has an incredible 250,000+ PSI tensile strength rating.

This absolutely makes it the strongest barbell on the market as only a few have over 205,000 tensile strength and none of them are quite this high at all!

In simple terms, there is literally no weight you can throw on this thing that will bend or warp it in any way.

Multiple Options For The Sleeves & Shaft

Just like most of the power bars on this list, the Kabuki Strength bar has a bunch of barbell finishes available.

kabuki power bar different finishes

Here’s what they have to offer!

  • Zinc
  • Black Oxide
  • Red Cerakote Shaft/Black or Nickel Sleeves
  • Smoky Graphite Cerakote/Nickel Sleeves
  • Bright Aqua Cerakote/Nickel Sleeves

These are some of the best options I’ve seen for a power bar, but I would definitely love to see a stainless steel option in the future as well.

Kabuki Logo Pressed Into The Steel End Caps

A lot of barbells just have a sticker on the end caps which is fine, but Kabuki stamped their logo into the end caps instead.

kabuki strength power bar end cap

This is a nice little feature that is more cosmetic than anything.

While it may not affect the performance of the bar, the attention to detail is great and it looks incredible.

Dual Knurl Marks In The Center Knurl

I personally haven’t seen anything like this before, but there are mini dual-knurl marks in the center knurl.

This allows you to line up directly in the center on a Squat or Bench Press and is another nice addition to an incredibly feature-rich bar.


Super Expensive

Obviously, with a power bar that has better specs than pretty much every bar out there, you’re going to expect to pay for it.

screenshot 2022.12.11 11 54 39

Depending on the finish you choose, expect to pay between $600-$700+.

This is a very niche-specific bar for only the best Powerlifters or those that just want the best overall.

Sleeves Move Around More Than You Might Expect

Usually, you don’t want the sleeves to move around from side to side or up and down.

It isn’t going to make a difference performance-wise, but you are going to hear it clanging around while lifting.

A barbell at this price should definitely have this fixed for sure.

No Stainless Steel Option

While the finish options on this bar are great, it would be awesome if they made it with stainless steel as well.

Sure, one might argue that the overall hardness and durability are already high enough but stainless steel is superior in feel as well as maintaining it.

Cerakote Finish Not Always Applied Evenly

Once again, cerakote looks nice but doesn’t always play nice.

Even on an ultra high-performance barbell like this, the finish isn’t always evenly applied as shown by this review here.

Black Oxide Finish Is Dull & Streaky

Just like cerakote, black oxide finishes tend to have issues.

The Kabuki Power bars black oxide coating can sometimes be dull in color and even have streak marks through it, unfortunately.

Best High-End Power Bar – American Barbell Cerakote Mammoth Power Bar

Recommended for: those that want the best powerlifting barbell with premium features

Best High-End Power Bar
American Barbell Mammoth Power Bar
The American Barbell Cerakote Mammoth Power Bar, formerly the Super Power Bar, has a shaft made from super stiff precision grade stainless steel. The Mammoth Power bar is finished with Elite Smoke Cerakote for a look, feel, and performance that is unparalleled in the fitness industry today.
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  • Finish
    • Shaft Finish Options – Stainless Steel w/ Elite Smoke Cerakote Finish
    • Sleeve Finish Options – Hard Chrome Finish
  • Knurling
    • Moderately Aggressive
    • Center Knurl
    • IPF Knurl Marks
  • Length
    • Overall – 86.5”
    • Shaft – 51.5”
    • Loadable Sleeve Length – 16.25” 
  • Price – $630
  • Rotation System – Bushings
  • Shaft Diameter – 29mm
  • PSI Tensile Strength – 210,000 tensile strength
  • Weight Capacity – 1,500+ lbs
  • Weight – 20 kg (44 lbs)
  • Warranty – Lifetime warranty except for misuse
  • Whip – none/stiff


210,000 PSI Tensile Strength

As I mentioned before, any barbell with over 180k tensile strength is not going to warp or deform with any weight a human being can actually lift.

The 210k tensile strength of the American Barbell Cerakote Mammoth Bar is going to handle any weights you can possibly throw at it.

Stainless Steel Construction

Bare steel is perfectly fine for most barbells but if you want the best durability while keeping rust at bay, nothing is better than stainless steel.

The Mammoth Power Bar is completely constructed with stainless steel. 

Even when the cerakote finish wears down over time, the steel of this power bar will keep the rust away better than any other type of steel or finish.

Cerakote Finish

Considering this barbell from American Barbell is known as the “Cerakote” Mammoth Power Bar, it should be no surprise that it has a cerakote finish on the shaft.

This cerakote finish is going to provide the absolute highest oxidation resistance while also allowing the bar’s knurling to feel more natural in your hands.

Ridiculous Oxidation Resistance

Combining a stainless steel barbell with a cerakote finish over the shaft basically gives the Mammoth Power Bar the best oxidation resistance on the market.

Even when the cerakote finish wears down over time, it still has that stainless steel construction underneath.

This combination will last a lifetime and the amount of maintenance you’ll need to do is so much lower because of it.

Volcano-Style Knurling

The volcano-style knurling is similar to the Kabuki Strength power bar.

It has more contact points than other types of knurling so it’s grippy without being overly sharp.

On top of that, the cerakote finish provides a natural feeling while gripping the barbell.


Very Expensive At $630

This bar used to be almost $100 less, but then Covid happened and with that, the price of steel has gone up.

Considering what you’re paying for and the lifetime warranty, this is only a negative if it’s out of your budget.

If you want a barbell that will last a lifetime and you’ll never have to replace it, you can’t do much better than this.

Only One Color For The Cerakote

Usually, cerakote is offered in a variety of colors so you can customize your barbell for your individual preference.

However, the Mammoth power bar is only available in a greyish color called Elite Smoke.

One of the biggest benefits of cerakote is being able to choose what color you like.

So if you wanted something with a different color scheme, you’ll have to look elsewhere. 

Knurling Isn’t As Aggressive As Other Power Bars

While the knurling is still quite grippy, I know a lot prefer a more aggressive and sharp knurl.

If this sounds like you, you might want to invest in something like a Texas Power Bar or Reps Deep Knurl Power Bar EX.

Out Of Stock Quite Often

One of the negative things about higher quality control and build quality is that it takes time to meet that superior standard.

That’s why the Mammoth Power Bar is out of stock so often.

It’s high in demand because of just how great it is, but if you don’t have a massive warehouse putting these things together 24/7, they’re going to be out of stock sometimes.

screenshot of out of stock mammoth bar

Speaking of, as of the moment of me writing this exact section, the Mammoth power bar is out of stock yet again. Fitting.

Best Value Stainless Steel Powerlifting Barbell – REP Deep Knurl Power Bar EX

Recommended for: those that want the best powerlifting barbell fully constructed with stainless steel 

Best Value Stainless Steel Powerlifting Barbell
REP Deep Knurl Power Bar EX
The REP stainless-steel deep knurl bar was designed with an experienced powerlifter in mind. This aggressive knurl pattern is cut deep into the uncoated stainless-steel shaft and kept sharp, providing you with a solid grip during your heaviest lifts.
Learn More


  • Finish
    • Shaft & Sleeves – Completely Constructed with Stainless Steel
  • Knurling
    • Aggressive but not sharp
    • Center Knurl
    • IPF Knurl Marks
  • Length
    • Overall – 87.4”
    • Shaft – 51.6”
    • Loadable Sleeve Length – 16.9”
  • Price – $449
  • Rotation System – Bushing
  • Shaft Diameter – 29mm
  • PSI Tensile Strength – 200,000 tensile strength
  • Weight Capacity – 1,500 lbs
  • Weight – 20 kg (44 lbs)
  • Warranty – Lifetime warranty except for misuse
  • Whip – none/stiff


Complete Stainless Steel Construction

While there are plenty of power bars on the market constructed of stainless steel, this is currently the only one that is COMPLETELY stainless steel.

That means the shaft as well as the sleeves. Most have that stainless steel shaft but hard chrome sleeves which is definitely a fine option and a bit cheaper.

But the stainless steel sleeves included on Reps Power Bar EX will prove way more durable over a lifetime.

Plus, when hard chrome chips there’s nothing but a bare steel sleeve underneath it, which is not rust-resistant whatsoever.

A PURE stainless steel power bar is a beautiful sight to see!

Deep, Aggressive Knurl

It might be obvious from the name, but this power bar has a deep and very aggressive mountain-style knurl.

rep power bar ex deep aggressive knurling

This is amazing for the Big 3 as it’s sharper without shredding your hands and upper back.

On top of that, because it’s a stainless steel shaft the knurling doesn’t dull down from different barbell finishes filling in the knurl.

Best Value For A Stainless Steel Power Bar

Considering the incredible specs and the fact that it is a fully stainless steel barbell, the REP Deep Knurl EX is the best value for a stainless steel power bar on the market.

screenshot of deep knurl power bar, reviews, and price

They only had to increase the price by around $50 with the increasing price of steel and offer free shipping as well.

Considering the alternatives, you aren’t going to get a better bang for your buck than this!


Knurling Is VERY Aggressive & Close To The Sleeves

If you’re not used to truly aggressive barbell knurling, you should probably get something more moderate.

You will have a bad time if you don’t like the feel of it!

Also, unless you’re doing Olympic lifting, which you shouldn’t be with this barbell, the knurling doesn’t need to be so close to the collars.

closeup of knurling a little too close to the collars

The knurling on this bar is though and some have noted that the collars wear down the knurling from use.

This might also be why the sleeves themselves don’t spin quite as long and as smoothly as some of the other best powerlifting barbells.

Rotation System Is A Bit Lacking

While the sleeves might be quiet and stay put while in use, they don’t spin very long or all the smoothly.

Others believe it’s because they use stainless steel bushings instead of more standard bronze ones, and I tend to agree with them.

This isn’t really going to affect your performance though but it is important to point out.

Best Budget Powerlifting Barbell – Bells Of Steel Barenaked Powerlifting Bar 2.0

Recommended for: those that want the best powerlifting barbell on a budget

Best Budget Powerlifting Barbell
Barenaked Powerlifting Bar 2.0
The Barenaked Powerlifting Bar is the best powerlifting bar you can get for just over $200.
Buy Now


  • Finish
    • Shaft Finish – Bare Steel
    • Sleeve Finish – Hardened Chrome
  • Knurling
    • Aggressive
    • Center Knurl
    • IPF Knurl Marks
  • Length
    • Overall – 86.6”
    • Shaft – 50.5”
    • Loadable Sleeve Length – 17.5”
  • Price – $219
  • Rotation System – Bushings
  • Shaft Diameter – 29mm
  • PSI Tensile Strength – 210,000 tensile strength
  • Weight Capacity – 1,500 lbs
  • Weight – 20 kg (44lbs)
  • Warranty – Limited lifetime warranty that covers defects but not negligence
  • Whip – none/stiff


Incredible Value At $220

The specs of this bar should definitely warrant a higher price tag, and yet, it’s only around $220.

Barenaked bar with description, reviews, and pricing

If you want the best budget power bar, the Bells of Steel Barenaked Bar 2.0 is it.

Thin Competition Sleeve Collars

The thin sleeve collars allow for the greatest loadable sleeve length possible.

closeup of thin competition collar

This is great for home gym owners if you only have thick bumper plates especially.

Having the plates closer to the center of the barbell will also make it stiffer as a result.

Aggressive Knurl

The aggressive volcano-style knurling is aggressive for maximal grip on powerlifting movements.

super closeup of volcano style knurl

Some have even mistaken it for the Rogue Ohio Power Bar so you know they did something right!

Center Knurl Is Less Aggressive

Some might like an aggressive center knurl, but the Bells of Steel power bar made theirs more moderate.

less aggressive center knurl

This is usually a better option as you still have aggressive knurling for your upper back without the center knurl digging in too much on your traps.

210,000 PSI Tensile Strength

Even though this is a budget power bar, it boasts an incredible 210k tensile strength.

This grants it a solid 1,500 lb weight capacity.

Considering the price of this thing, it more than makes up for some of any shortcomings it might have.

Raw Carbon Steel Feels Natural

The raw carbon steel build of the Barenaked Powerlifting Bar 2.0 is why it’s named as such.

This makes the barbell feel super grippy and natural in your hands.

Other finishes can fill in the knurling on the bar which can sometimes even make it feel slick.


Bare Carbon Steel Construction Will Rust

While the carbon steel construction of the Barenaked power bar allows them to build it much cheaper, it is going to rust.

rust buildup on the collars and shaft

That’s the whole point of barbell finishes in the first place, to protect the underlying steel from rusting.

You’re going to have to maintain this bar much more than others so make sure you consider that before buying.

You Might Want A More Aggressive Center Knurling

If you prefer something closer to a squat bar with an aggressive center knurl for the best grip on your upper back and traps, get something else.

Most beginner lifters that get this budget bar are going to be happy with how it feels though.

Knurling Isn’t As Consistent

One issue that many have reported about the Bells of Steel Power Bar 2.0, is that the knurling isn’t consistent throughout.

In some places, the knurl just feels different compared to others.

Considering the price though this isn’t a big issue in my eyes.

Might Show Up Rusted

There have been quite a few customers that have noticed their Barenaked power bars showing up rusted.

rust on the grooved sleeves

Unfortunately, it’s hard to mitigate rust in storage with a bare steel bar.

A basic nylon brush and some 3-in-1 oil should knock it off pretty quickly but you’ve been warned.

Thinner Collars Might Cause Issues In Wider Racks

Thinner collars are nice as they allow you to add more weight to the bar, and for powerlifting barbells, they will be stiffer as well.

Unfortunately, this also means that the plates are going to be closer to your power rack as well.

collars pretty close to j-cups and uprights

If your rack is too wide, you might have problems racking and unracking.

So make sure you check to see if it’s going to be an issue for your setup.

Best Powerlifting Barbell For Beginners – REP Basic Barbell

Recommended for: those that want the best powerlifting barbell for a beginner lifter


  • Finish
    • Shaft & Sleeves – Bright Zinc
  • Knurling
    • Medium Depth Knurl
    • Center Knurl
    • IPF Knurl Marks
  • Length
    • Overall – 87.4”
    • Shaft – 51.6”
    • Loadable Sleeve Length – 16.9”
  • Price – $119
  • Rotation System – Bushings
  • Shaft Diameter – 30mm
  • PSI Tensile Strength – 100,000 tensile strength
  • Weight Capacity – 700 lbs
  • Weight – 20 kg (44 lbs)
  • Warranty – 1-Year Warranty
  • Whip –  low/stiff


Incredible Value

The Rep Basic bar might look like a generic beater bar but for the specs and price, it’s the best option possible for beginners.

rep basic barbell with reviews and price
Medium Depth Knurl Perfect For Beginners

One of the things that beginner lifters don’t need is more aggressive knurling.

It will rip up a beginner’s hands quickly as they have no calluses to protect them from the sharp knurl.

That’s one of the main reasons the REP basic bar is so solid for beginner trainees.

A medium-depth knurl is perfectly fine as the weights you’re going to be using at the start of your strength training journey are not going to require a ton of grip strength.

Stiff Power Bar

While the REP Basic bar only has a tensile strength of 100k PSI, for lighter loads, it’s going to be plenty stiff enough for the Big 3.

The biggest reason it’s so stiff though is the 30mm shaft diameter. This will be very comfortable for the Bench Press and Squat as well.

Again, for the price, this is going to get the job done for all beginner strength athletes.


Bright Zinc Finish Chips Quickly

While bright zinc finishes look nice, the Rep Basic barbell chips quickly, unfortunately.

However, for a basic beater bar for beginner lifters, this does not matter at all.

You just need a bar to get strong with, the finish and all the bells and whistles are not necessary for this pursuit.

Thicker Shaft Not Great For Deadlifting

The thicker 30mm shaft makes this barbell super stiff which is fine for benching and squatting.

However, the Deadlift feels much better with thinner shafts around 27mm.

The whip it gives you allows you to have a higher starting point with heavy weights and is easier to hold onto as well.

Best Powerlifting Squat Bar – Rogue 32mm Squat Bar

Recommended for: those that want the best powerlifting barbell for the Squat

Best Powerlifting Squat Bar
Rogue 32MM Squat Bar

The 32MM Squat Bar is another Rogue-exclusive, Ohio-built power bar, featuring a deep, coarse knurl pattern for optimal “stick” and an oversized stainless steel shaft for reduced whip/flex on heavy loads.



  • Finish
    • Shaft Finish Options – Stainless Steel
    • Sleeve Finish Options – Chrome
  • Knurling
    • Aggressive
    • Center Knurl
    • IPF Knurl Marks
  • Length
    • Overall – 94.5”
    • Shaft – 56”
    • Loadable Sleeve Length – 16.8”
  • Price – $450
  • Rotation System – Bronze Bushings
  • Shaft Diameter – 32mm
  • PSI Tensile Strength – 200,000 tensile strength
  • Weight Capacity – 1,500+ lbs
  • Weight – 25 kg (55 lbs)
  • Warranty – Lifetime warranty except for misuse
  • Whip – none/super stiff


Super Thick & Stiff

While typical power bars are stiff, the Rogue 32mm squat bar is even stiffer!

Apparently Rogue had Ray Williams come and put this bar through its paces to see how it handles. 

He’s one of the best powerlifters of all time so if it works for the massive weights he moves, you know we mere mortals will love it too. 

The thickness of this squat bar is optimal for the heaviest squats possible. 

As you don’t want your bar flexing and whipping on your upper back. 

Fully Knurled Stainless Steel Shaft

The biggest reason I recommend this squat bar from Rogue instead of others is because of the fully knurled shaft. 

The fact that there is no smoothness on the bar ensures that the knurling is completely in contact with your upper back to keep you safer and lift the most weight possible.

On top of that, the shaft is constructed with stainless steel and is by far the best option if you want the least maintenance and the best performance in your barbell. 

Way less rust and it doesn’t fill in the knurling as some finishes do? What’s not to love!

Aggressive Knurl

If you’ve used the Rogue Ohio Power Bar, the knurling on their squat bar is going to feel similar. 

rogue squat bar beautiful knurling

The volcano-style knurl is very aggressive so you never have to worry about the bar moving around on your back. 

Assistance From Westside Barbell

Not only did they have Ray Williams come and test this bar but they also sent it over to Westside barbell. 

ray williams about to test out the rogue squat barbell

They’re notorious for putting out some of the strongest lifters in powerlifting so it makes perfect sense to send it to them to test it out. 

If they got notes from some of the strongest lifters in the world then that tells you all you need to know about the quality of this squat bar.

Hard Chrome Sleeves

Combining a stainless steel shaft with hard chrome sleeves will give you the best oxidation resistance while also cutting the cost down. 

hard chrome sleeves and wide collars

Hard chrome sleeves work perfectly fine for this kind of bar and keep it in a competitive price range. 

Long Sleeves & Total Length

One of the biggest advantages of this squat bar is the longer overall length of 94.5″ as well as a 16.8″ loadable sleeve length. 

This is much longer than other types of barbells and allows lifters of any size to take a wide grip without hitting the plates on your rack. 

Best Value Squat Bar

Even though $450 is pretty pricey it is still the best value squat bar on the market currently.

pricing of 32mm squat bar

Especially considering the fully knurled stainless steel shaft. 


Very Niche Specific Bar

Not a lot of people are going to need a dedicated squat bar as a power bar is going to be plenty.

However, if you plan on lifting the most weight possible on the Squat to excel in your sport at a competitive level, then picking up a Rogue 32mm squat bar might be a good idea.

Not IPF Approved

Unfortunately, even though the design is amazing and makes perfect sense for squatting it is not IPF certified as you can’t use a 32mm bar in competition.

If you just want to get a strong Squat for your own training purposes or you compete in another powerlifting federation, then this bar could still be a good investment. 

Best Powerlifting Deadlift Bar – Texas Deadlift Bar

Recommended for: those that want the best powerlifting barbell for the Deadlift

Best Powerlifting Deadlift Bar
Texas Deadlift Bar
The Texas Deadlift Bar is perfect for your home gym. This bar has a tensile strength of 190,000 pounds and is made from high-quality materials. It also has three different shafts to choose from - bare steel, black zinc, or chrome - as well as two different sleeves - chrome or bare steel. The 27 diameter shaft makes it easy to grip and the aggressive knurl provides a solid grip.
Learn More


  • Finish
    • Shaft Finish Options – Bare Steel, Black Zinc, Chrome, 8 Different Cerakote Colors
    • Sleeve Finish Options – Chrome, Bare Steel
  • Knurling
    • Aggressive
    • No Center Knurl
    • IPF Knurl Marks
  • Length
    • Overall – 92.5”
    • Shaft – 56”
    • Loadable Sleeve Length – 18”
  • Price – $345-$385
  • Rotation System – Bushings
  • Shaft Diameter – 27mm
  • PSI Tensile Strength – 190,000 tensile strength
  • Weight Capacity – 1,400+ lbs
  • Weight – 20 kg (44 lbs)
  • Warranty – Lifetime warranty except for faulty use, 5 years on broken bushings
  • Whip – Very whippy and less stiff than regular power bars


Tons Of Finish Options

There are a bunch of finishes available for the Texas Deadlift Bar.

For the shafts, there are bare steel, black zinc, chrome, and 8 different cerakote options.

finish options for texas deadlift bar

As for the sleeves, you only have a choice between bare carbon steel and chrome.

It would be nice if they made a stainless steel version as it would definitely be a best seller I think.

Aggressive Knurling For Deadlifting

The knurling on the Texas Deadlift bar is very similar to the Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar, aggressive and grippy.

aggressive knurling of this deadlift bar

Deadlifts should have super aggressive knurling with just the right amount of bite to never lose a Deadlift again.

Between that and some chalk, you should have no grip problems ever. 

Long Total Length & Sleeve Length

This bar is longer than the Texas Power bar at 92.5” with 18” sleeves. 

This will allow for more whip while performing the Deadlift as well as more space for plates.

Most Whip Compared To Competition

Even compared to the Rogue Deadlift Bar, the Texas bar has more whip.

This is most likely due to the longer length and sleeves previously mentioned.

Proven Deadlift Bar

Just like the Texas Power bar, their Deadlift bar has been proven for decades by some of the strongest Deadlifters in the world.

incredible history of the texas deadlift bar


Can Be Rusted Even With Chrome Sleeves

One of the negative things about the Texas Deadlift bar is the chrome sleeves.

Even though it’s meant to protect the bare steel underneath, it can show up already rusted which is a pain.

screenshot of negative review describing rust buildup

To alleviate this, they really should start making Texas bars with stainless steel as it’s worth the upgrade price.

Cerakote Durability Might Suck

The cerakote coating might look cool, but there are reports of it scuffing off almost instantly.

screenshot of negative review upset about cerakote coating

While this might be an isolated incident, it’s good to point it out before spending extra on something that might not last long.

Frequently Asked Questions


Which power bar on this list are you most interested in getting for your home gym?

Let me know in the comment section below, right now!

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