We Found The Best Olympic Weightlifting Barbell In 2023

The barbell you choose can make a significant difference in your performance and safety when it comes to Olympic lifting.

The best Olympic weightlifting barbell is not just a piece of equipment; it’s a crucial partner in your journey toward strength, power, and precision.

This article will guide you through the top choices in the market, helping you find the perfect Olympic barbell for your needs.

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The Best Olympic Weightlifting Bars

Best Barbell For Weightlifting – Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Training Bar

Best Barbell For Weightlifting
Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Training Bar

This Olympic barbell is rated one of the best for weightlifting due to its fine balance and robust construction. The Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Training Bar boasts a weight capacity of over 1500 lbs, providing plenty of support for heavy weights. With a stainless steel shaft and chrome sleeves, this bar is designed to last. This barbell also features center knurling, enhancing grip and stability during Olympic lifts.



  • Bar Length – 2200mm (86.61 in)
  • Bar Type – Men’s Bars
  • Bar Use – Weightlifting
  • Bearings – 8 precision needle bearings
  • Certification – IWF
  • Center Knurl – Yes (passive)
  • Diameter – 28 mm
  • Dustproof Seal – Yes
  • Knurl Marks – Weightlifting (IWF)
  • Knurling – Aggressive
  • Loadable Sleeve Length – 445 mm
  • Made In – Sweden
  • Manufacturer – Eleiko
  • Price – $1,024.00
  • Rotation – Bearings
  • Shaft Coating – Chrome
  • Sleeve Coating – Chrome
  • Sleeve Diameter – 50 mm / 1.97 in
  • Sleeve Type – Smooth
  • Tensile Strength – 215,000 PSI
  • Warranty – 12 Years
  • Weight – 20 kg (44 lbs)
IWF training bar endcap


  • 12-Year Warranty – Ensures durability and customer satisfaction.
  • Comes in 20kg and 15kg Options – Catering to a variety of lifters’ needs.
  • Durable Construction – Promises longevity and consistent performance.
  • Dustproof Seal – Maintains optimal bar performance by preventing debris intrusion.
  • Great Spin and Optimal Rotation – Offers fluid lifts, thanks to its smooth rotation and high-quality bearings.
  • Hard Chrome Finish – Enhances durability and resistance to oxidation.
  • IWF Certified – Approved for use in competition, ensuring quality and adherence to international standards.
  • Magnetic Brush – Included for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Needle Bearings – Ensures smooth movement of weight, protecting wrists and shoulders from injury.
  • Smooth Sleeves – Creates less noise when loading/unloading plates.
  • Swedish Made – A testament to quality craftsmanship.
  • Tensile Strength – Competitively high at 215,000 PSI, making the bar robust and durable.


  • High Cost – The price tag may be prohibitive for some, as it costs more than $1,000.
  • Sharp Center Knurling on 20kg Version – May not be comfortable for all lifters.

Best Premium Competition Olympic Bar – Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Competition Bar

Best Premium Competition Olympic Bar
Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Competition Bar

The Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Competition Bar is the best premium competition Olympic bar. This Olympic weightlifting barbell is constructed with a unique steel blend for maximum tensile strength and needle bearings for a smooth spin, making it ideal for competition-level weightlifting.



  • Bar Length – 2200mm (86.61 in)
  • Bar Weight – 20kg or 15kg
  • Cap – Integrated Cap Design
  • Center Knurl – Yes (passive)
  • Coating – Hard Chrome
  • Diameter – 28mm
  • Knurl Type – Aggressive
  • Knurl Marks – IWF
  • Loadable Sleeve Length – 415mm (16.33 in)
  • Made In – Sweden
  • Manufacturer – Eleiko
  • Price – $1,216
  • Purpose – Weightlifting
  • Sleeve Diameter – 50 mm
  • Sleeve Feature – Dustproof Seal
  • Sleeve Type – Smooth
  • Tensile Strength – 215,000 PSI
  • Warranty – Lifetime
iwf competition bar endcap


  • Aggressive, competition-level knurling w/ center knurl
  • The dust-proof seal keeps sleeve mechanics functioning optimally.
  • Hard Chrome Finish – A cost-efficient plating that fights off oxidation and offers a nice blend of feel and rust resistance.
  • IWF Certified – Approved by the International Weightlifting Federation to be used in competition.
  • Needle bearings for fast/controlled spin.
  • Stellar reputation from home gyms to the international platform.
  • Swedish Made – This bar is made in Sweden using some of the finest steel in the industry.
  • Smooth Sleeves – The smooth sleeves will generally create less noise when loading/unloading plates compared to a grooved sleeve.
  • 28mm Shaft – Generates great whip and is consistent with Olympic Weightlifting standards.


  • Very expensive
  • No premium finishes

Best Value Barbell for Weightlifting – Rogue 28mm Training Bar – Black Zinc

Best Value Barbell for Weightlifting
Rogue 28MM Training Bar – Black Zinc
The Rogue 28mm Training Bar - Black Zinc is an American-made, high-quality barbell that is excellent for Olympic weightlifting and diverse training routines. This value-for-money bar features a 28mm shaft for great whip, medium knurling for optimal grip, and a black zinc finish for a blend of feel and rust resistance. Its grooved bright zinc sleeves ensure secure plate loading, while the bronze bushing offers impressive spin. With a lifetime warranty, this well-constructed bar represents the best of Rogue's trusted manufacturing standards.


  • Bar Length – 86.6 in
  • Bar Type – Men’s Bars
  • Bar Use – Weightlifting
  • Bar Weight – 20kg
  • Bushing/Bearing – Bronze Bushing
  • Center Knurl – No
  • Diameter – 28mm
  • F Rating – F6-R
  • Guarantee/Warranty – Lifetime Warranty
  • Knurl – Medium
  • Knurl Marks – Olympic
  • Loadable Sleeve Length – 16.25″
  • Made in USA – Yes
  • Manufacturer – Rogue Fitness
  • Price – $335
  • Shaft Coating – Black Zinc
  • Sleeve Coating – Bright Zinc
  • Sleeve Type – Grooved
  • Tensile Strength – 190,000 PSI
rogue training bar endcap


  • 28mm Shaft – Generates great whip and is consistent with Olympic Weightlifting standards.
  • American Made – Bar is made in the USA.
  • Black Zinc Finish – Cost-efficient plating that offers a good blend of feel and rust resistance.
  • Grooved Bright Zinc Sleeves – Fine grooves help keep plates on the bar better. Bright zinc hides blemishes well and provides ample rust-fighting qualities.
  • No Center Knurl – Useful for high-rep training sessions and/or when the lifter wants a more comfortable bar.
  • Quality construction – Even knurl, even finish, tight sleeve tolerances. The bar is tested for straightness before leaving the factory.
  • Versatile – Suitable for Olympic lifting, daily WODs, powerlifting, or a mix of all three.
  • Spins well – Especially good for a bushing bar and may need to be worn in a bit when first received.
  • Value for money – The least expensive Olympic training bushing bar made in the USA and a great deal among imported bars.
  • Great knurling – Moderate; not aggressive and not dull. Provides enough grip for heavy lifts and higher rep sets.
  • Good whip – Not the whippiest, but excellent considering the price.
  • Positive user testimonials – Users have praised the bar for its grip, spin, whip, and overall quality.


  • Bushings initially stiff – Reported to improve with a short break-in period.
  • Sleeve Discoloration – Minor discoloration observed over time, potentially due to oxidation or humidity.
  • Black Zinc Shaft – Some users may prefer a different finish. A better version with a cerakote finish is available for $30 more, offering a more grippy texture and better oxidation resistance.

Budget Weightlifting Bar – Bells of Steel Olympic Weightlifting Barbell – The B.O.S. Bar 2.0

Budget Weightlifting Bar
The B.O.S. Bar 2.0
Have you considered the B.O.S. Bar 2.0? It's a superior choice for a budget barbell designed for weightlifting. With a fair balance between quality and cost, this bar stands out. The bar is an Olympic standard, crafted from steel, and given a chrome finish, adding to its longevity. The presence of bronze bushings underscores its durability while keeping it economical. Notably, it features dual knurl marks, making it suitable for both Olympic and powerlifting exercises. A well-rounded option indeed.


  • Bar Length – 2200mm (86.61 in)
  • Bar Type – Men’s Bars
  • Bar Use – Multipurpose
  • Center Knurl – No
  • Diameter – 28 mm
  • Finish – Hard chrome
  • Knurl – Medium to moderately aggressive
  • Knurl Marks – Dual (IWF and IPF)
  • Loadable Sleeve Length – 411mm (16.2 in)
  • Made In – Imported
  • Manufacturer – Bells of Steel
  • Price – $299.99
  • Rotation – 4 needle bearings and 1 stainless steel bushing per sleeve
  • Sleeve Type – Grooved
  • Tensile Strength – 240,000 PSI
  • Warranty – Lifetime
  • Weight – 20 kg (44 lbs.)
  • Weight Capacity – 2,000-pound
b.o.s. 2 specs


  • Aggressive knurling, ideal for low-to-medium rep sets of the Olympic lifts
  • Deeply grooved sleeves to hold plates securely
  • Dual IWF and IPF markings, handy for power lifts and Crossfit style training
  • Fast and smooth spin, thanks to needle bearings (4 per sleeve) and stainless steel bushing in each sleeve
  • Hard chrome finish, offering above-average protection against rust, scratching, and chipping
  • High tensile strength of 240,000 PSI, one of the highest in the industry
  • Lack of center knurling, ideal for high-rep training sessions where comfort is desired
  • Loadable sleeve length of 16.2″
  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 5% discount for police/fire/military/vets
  • Priced under $300
  • Weight capacity of over 1,500 lbs.


  • Bar may not be as whippy as expected due to high-strength steel (240k PSI)
  • The hard chrome finish is adequate, but not the best
  • Knurling may be too aggressive for those preferring softer knurl for high rep sets or Crossfit style workouts
  • Lack of center knurl could be a con for some who prefer it
  • The bar spin might be slower than expected for a needle-bearing bar

Best Training Bar – American Barbell Performance Training Bar

Best Training Bar
American Barbell Performance Training Bar

Experience unparalleled performance with the American Barbell Performance Training Bar - your ultimate partner for intense training. Meticulously crafted from high-grade stainless steel, this bar promises not just durability, but resilience under the toughest training conditions. It features a strategically placed center knurling, ensuring an optimal, secure grip during your lifts, providing a seamless blend of strength and comfort for every workout. Elevate your training journey with the unmatched superiority of this top-tier training bar.

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  • Bar Length – 86.5 in
  • Bar Type – Men’s Bars
  • Bar Use – Weightlifting
  • Center Knurl – No
  • Diameter – 28mm
  • Knurl Marks – IWF
  • Knurl Type – Medium
  • Loadable Sleeve Length – 16.25 in
  • Made in – USA
  • Manufacturer – American Barbell
  • Price – $495.00
  • Rotation System – Composite Bushings
  • Sleeve Type – Smooth
  • Tensile Strength – 190,000 PSI
  • Warranty – Lifetime
  • Weight – 20kg (44lbs)
closeup of performance training bars collars, sleeves, and shaft


  • 28mm Shaft
  • American Made
  • Excellent construction quality
  • Good corrosion resistance and excellent protection against scratches and chipping due to hard chrome finish
  • High-quality composite bushings
  • Ideal for high rep/volume training due to lack of center knurl
  • Impressive amount of whip
  • Incredibly quiet bar during use and especially during drops
  • Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty
  • Medium knurl makes for an ideal training bar
  • Smooth and consistent spin
  • Smooth sleeves create less noise when loading/unloading plates
  • Very grippy feel due to high knurl point density


  • High pitched “zzzip!” sound when you are sliding on plates due to very fine machining grooves
  • No center knurl
  • Some lifters may want to upgrade to a needle bearing bar
  • Stainless steel alternative may be desired for better grip and oxidation resistance

Get to know more about the length specifications and how they might affect your workouts on our Barbell Length page.

Best Training Bar Under $400 – Vulcan v4 Elite Bar

Best Training Bar Under $400
Vulcan v4 Elite Bar

Experience premium performance without breaking the bank with the Vulcan v4 Elite Bar - your top choice for training bars under $400. This bar boasts a robust stainless steel shaft and a weight capacity that easily accommodates a range of Olympic lifts. Furthermore, its dual knurl marks enhance its versatility, adapting effortlessly to various workout styles. With the Vulcan v4 Elite Bar, superior fitness is well within your budget.



  • Bar Length – 2200 mm (86.61 in)
  • Bar Weight – 20kg or 15kg
  • Bushing and Bearing Bar versions
  • Center Knurl – Yes (passive)
  • Chrome-Molybdenum Steel Compound
  • Diameter – 28mm
  • Extremely reflexive steel (High Whip)
  • IWF Markings, dimensions and tolerances
  • Knurl Marks – IWF
  • Knurl Type – Medium
  • Loadable Sleeve Length – 16.375 in
  • Made in – Import/Asia
  • Manufacturer – Vulcan Strength
  • Price – $369.99 w/ Free Shipping
  • Rotation System – Oil-impregnated bronze bushings
  • Sleeve Type – Grooved
  • Tensile Strength – 221,000 PSI
  • Very smooth rotation
  • Warranty – Lifetime
vulcan training bar collar and shaft


  • 28mm Shaft – The 28mm shaft on the Vulcan Elite v4.0 Bushing Bar is consistent with Olympic Weightlifting bars.
  • Center Knurl – The Vulcan Elite v4.0 Bushing Bar does offer a center knurl.
  • Conical collars with laser etching look beautiful.
  • Grooved Sleeves – The grooved sleeves will tend to keep the plates on the bar better than a smooth sleeve.
  • Hard Chrome – Chrome is a cost-efficient plating that does a good-but-not-great job at fighting off oxidation.
  • Impressive 221k PSI tensile strength rating.
  • Medium outer knurling.
  • Recessed center knurling, which is a big plus.
  • Strong Warranty – This bar offers a lifetime warranty against bending, breaking, or seizing.
  • Tensile Strength – The 221k PSI tensile strength on this bar puts it near the top of the list for high-end Olympic Weightlifting bars.
  • Thin dense chrome shaft finish.
  • Excellent sleeve rotation on this bar for a bushing bar.
  • Whippiest bushing bar on the market.
  • Very high tensile strength rating.


  • Recessed center knurl may leave some users wanting more
  • The Vulcan v4 Elite Bar offers great value, but if you’re on a tighter budget, the Rogue 28mm Training Bar is a worthy alternative.
  • There are reports of the Vulcan v4 showing signs of rust within the first week of use, even with minimal sweat exposure.

For more on the different types of barbells, visit our Types of Barbells page.

Best Stainless Steel Olympic Barbell – American Barbell SS Precision Training Bar

Best Stainless Steel Olympic Barbell
American Barbell SS Precision Training Bar

Unleash your potential with the American Barbell SS Precision Training Bar - the best stainless steel Olympic barbell on the market. Its robust stainless steel shaft ensures durability and resistance to wear, while the needle bearings provide a smooth spin for Olympic lifts. Maximize your performance with this exceptional training bar.



  • Bar Length – 86.5 in
  • Bar Type – Men’s Bars
  • Bar Use – Weightlifting
  • Bar Weight – 20KG
  • Bushing/Bearing – Bushing
  • Center Knurl – No
  • Diameter – 28MM
  • F-Scale Rating – F1
  • Guarantee/Warranty – Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Knurl Marks – Olympic
  • Loadable Sleeve Length – 16.25 in
  • Made In USA – Yes
  • Manufacturer – American Barbell
  • Rotation System – Bushing
  • Shaft Coating – Stainless Steel
  • Shaft Diameter – 28mm
  • Sleeve Coating – Hard Chrome
  • Sleeve Finish – Hard chrome
  • Sleeve Type – Smooth
  • Tensile Strength – 190,000 PSI
  • Warranty – Lifetime
  • Weight – 20kg (44lbs)
ss precision training bar shaft, collar, and sleeves


  • American Made – Made in the USA.
  • Excellent Feel – Stainless steel provides a true raw feel.
  • Grippy Knurling – High knurl point density combined with the natural grip from the unfinished stainless steel shaft.
  • Great Spin – Composite bushings and precise sleeve construction provide great spin under heavy loads.
  • Highly Rust-Resistant Shaft – Stainless steel shaft requires minimal maintenance.
  • Recessed Welds – Includes stunning recessed welds that American Barbell is known for.
  • Smooth Sleeves – Create less noise when loading/unloading plates compared to a grooved sleeve.
  • Stainless Steel Finish – Excellent at preventing rust and looks fantastic.
  • Strong Warranty – Comes with a limited lifetime warranty from American Barbell.


  • Lack of Whip – Not a high whip bar, which may not be ideal for those seeking more flexibility and bounce in their lifts.
  • Price – Fair, but on the higher end for Olympic training bushing bars, reflecting the quality and craftsmanship of the American-made product.

You can learn more about the benefits and characteristics of different barbell materials on our Barbell Maintenance page.

Best Olympic Barbell for Women – Bells Of Steel Women’s Barbell 2.0

Best Olympic Barbell for Women
Bells Of Steel Women’s Barbell 2.0 – Olympic Weightlifting

The Bells Of Steel Women's Barbell 2.0 is the best Olympic barbell designed for women. It's slightly shorter and lighter than most Olympic bars, making it ideal for women and athletes with a smaller frame. This bar still features a stainless steel bar for durability, and a weight capacity suitable for most weightlifting workouts.



  • Bar Weight – 15kg
  • Bar Type – Women’s
  • Knurl Marks – Dual
  • Knurl Type – Medium
  • Made In – Import
  • Manufacturer – Bells of Steel
  • Price – $199.99
  • Purpose – Multipurpose
  • Rotation System – 4 Needle Bearings and 1 Stainless Steel Bushing in each sleeve
  • Shaft Diameter – 25mm
  • Shaft Finish – Hard Chrome
  • Sleeve Finish – Hard Chrome
  • Sleeve Type – Grooved
  • Tensile Strength – 240,000
  • Warranty – Limited Lifetime
bells of steel women's bar grooved sleeves, collar, and knurling


  • 15 kg weight
  • 240K PSI tensile strength
  • 25mm Shaft – Consistent with female bars
  • 4 needle bearings and a steel bushing in each collar
  • Dual knurl marks
  • Grooved Sleeves – Helps keep the plates on the bar better
  • Hard Chrome – Good blend of feel and rust resistance
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • No Center Knurl – Useful for high rep training sessions and provides more comfort
  • Priced affordably
  • Several positive user reviews praising its performance, finish, bearings, and shipping time


  • Inconsistent Sleeve Spinning – One sleeve may spin noticeably better than the other, which can affect the overall balance and symmetry of the barbell.
  • Machining Issues – Plates may not sit flush up against the inner part of the sleeve due to a chamfer, resulting in potential wobbling or rattling during use.
  • Medium Knurling – Some users may find the medium knurling to be too passive, lacking the desired grip for heavier lifts or intense training sessions.
  • No Center Knurl – The absence of a center knurl may limit the grip options for certain exercises, such as squats, where a center knurl can provide additional grip and stability.

Best Rogue Fitness Weightlifting Bar – Rogue Pyrros Bar

Best Rogue Fitness Weightlifting Bar
Rogue Pyrros Bar – Stainless Steel
The Rogue Pyrros Bar is the best Rogue Fitness weightlifting bar available. This Olympic barbell is known for its stainless steel shaft and aggressive knurling that helps with grip during intense Olympic weightlifting sessions. It also features needle bearings for a smooth spin.


  • Bar Length – 86.6 in
  • Center Knurl – Yes
  • Knurl Type – Medium/Aggressive
  • Loadable Sleeve Length – 16.3 in
  • Made in – USA
  • Price – $600 – $720+
  • Rotation System – Bearing
  • Shaft Diameter – 28mm
  • Shaft Finish – Stainless Steel
  • Sleeve Finish – Chrome (can upgrade to stainless steel)
  • Sleeve Type/Finish – Grooved/Stainless Steel or Hard Chrome
  • Tensile Strength – 200,000 PSI
  • Warranty – Lifetime
  • Weight – 20kg (44lbs)
RA1814 WEB1 uimfrq 1


  • Aggressive knurl works for training and PR attempts
  • American Made with precision and quality materials
  • Center knurl included
  • Efficient spin due to German needle bearings
  • Excellent oxidation resistance with stainless steel shaft
  • IWF Certified
  • Named after and co-developed with 3-time Olympic gold medalist and weightlifting legend Pyrros Dimas
  • Quieter use and drop than most Rogue bars
  • Stainless steel construction is resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Superior grip due to newly designed aggressive knurl


  • Expensive and may not be necessary or useful for the average lifter
  • Knurling may be too aggressive for some
  • Not ideal for powerlifting or CrossFit
  • Stainless steel sleeves are a sizable upcharge

To learn more about the benefits and various products of Rogue Fitness, visit our Best Rogue Fitness Equipment page.

Best REP Weightlifting Bar – REP Stainless Steel Gladiator WL Bearing Bar

Best REP Weightlifting Bar
REP Gladiator WL Barbell
Elevate your weightlifting experience with the REP Stainless Steel Gladiator WL Bearing Bar - the premier choice among REP weightlifting bars. Designed with a stainless steel shaft, this bar ensures exceptional durability while delivering smooth rotations during Olympic lifts, thanks to its needle bearings. With its impressive high tensile strength, this bar effortlessly accommodates heavy weights, making it a reliable companion for your weightlifting journey. Unleash your full potential with the REP Stainless Steel Gladiator WL Bearing Bar.


  • Bar Weight – 20kg
  • Bar Type – Men
  • Center Knurl – Yes
  • Knurl Marks – IWF
  • Knurl Type – Medium
  • Made in – China
  • Manufacturer – Rep Fitness
  • Price – $469.99
  • Purpose – Weightlifting
  • Rotation System – Bearings
  • Shaft Diameter – 28mm
  • Shaft Finish – Stainless Steel
  • Sleeve Finish – Stainless Steel
  • Sleeve Type – Grooved
  • Tensile Strength – 230,000 PSI
  • Warranty – Lifetime
  • Weight – 20kg
rep gladiator bar closeup of collar, sleeve, and knurling


  • 28mm Shaft – The 28mm shaft provides the expected whip necessary for Olympic weightlifting, allowing for dynamic movements and efficient lifts.
  • 5 Needle Bearings – The bar is equipped with 5 needle bearings, ensuring a smooth and fast spin during lifts, reducing friction and improving performance.
  • Center Knurl – The presence of a center knurl offers extra grip for certain exercises, providing a secure hold and enhancing control.
  • Collar Band for Easy Identification – The inclusion of a collar band allows for easy identification of the barbell’s weight, making it convenient to distinguish between different bars in a gym setting.
  • Customer Reviews – The bar has received many positive customer reviews, indicating satisfaction with its performance, quality, and features.
  • Fully Stainless Steel – The bar is constructed with high-quality stainless steel, offering excellent resistance to rust, durability, and a raw, authentic feel.
  • Grooved Sleeves – The grooved sleeves on the bar contribute to keeping the plates securely in place, reducing the likelihood of movement or sliding, especially when not using collars.
  • Medium Knurling with Center Knurl – The medium knurling, including the center knurl, provides a balanced grip level that is neither too aggressive nor too passive, accommodating a wide range of lifting preferences.
  • Stainless Steel – The stainless steel construction not only prevents rust and corrosion but also delivers a true raw feel, allowing lifters to connect with the bar for a confident and comfortable grip.


  • Customer Complaints – Some complaints regarding shipping damage and noise produced by grooved collars.

Best Technique Barbell – Titan Aluminum Olympic Technique Bar

Best Technique Barbell
Titan Aluminum Olympic Technique Bar

The Titan Aluminum Olympic Technique Bar is an excellent choice for those who want to perfect their lifting form without the heaviness of a standard barbell. Designed for practicing Olympic lifts, this lightweight yet durable barbell is made of high-grade aluminum, ensuring it can withstand intense technique workouts. Its dimensions mirror those of a standard Olympic barbell, ensuring a consistent feel and smooth transition as you progress. The Titan Aluminum Olympic Technique Bar is the ideal tool for beginners or seasoned athletes focused on refining their lifting technique.



  • Bar Material – Aluminum
  • Bushing/Bearings – Brass Bushing
  • Center Knurl – No Center Knurl
  • Knurl Marks – Single
  • Knurling – Medium Texture
  • Loadable Sleeve Length – 9.5-in.
  • Overall Length – 72-in.
  • Price – $114.99
  • Product Weight – 15 lb.
  • Shaft Coating – Chrome
  • Shaft Diameter – 28 mm
  • Sleeve Coating – Chrome
  • Sleeve Diameter – 50 mm
  • Sleeve to Sleeve Length – 50.5-in.
  • Weight Capacity – 65 lb.
specs of the titan technique bar


  • Affordable and offers value for money.
  • Excellent for beginner and intermediate lifters, including those recovering from a break.
  • Great for young athletes learning to snatch.
  • Has a great grip, due to good knurling.
  • Helps improve technique.
  • Perfect size and weight for many needs.
  • Provides a similar feel to a full size bar but is lighter, making it good for progression.
  • Smooth spinning thanks to nice bearings.
  • Solid and durable.
  • Superior to comparably priced bars from other manufacturers.


  • Actual product weight might differ from advertised (19lbs vs 15lbs).
  • Bearings might be rougher than expected or compared to other bars.
  • The surface finish between the knurling is not high quality.
  • The spin may not be as good as other premium bars like the Ohio bar.

Best Olympic Barbell on Amazon – Annzoe Weightlifting Bar

Best Olympic Barbell on Amazon
Annzoe Weightlifting Bar
Discover the ultimate Olympic barbell on Amazon with the Annzoe Weightlifting Bar - the unrivaled choice for your home gym. Featuring a sleek chrome finish, this barbell not only exudes durability but also offers rust resistance, ensuring its longevity. Equipped with bronze bushings, it delivers a smooth and seamless spin during your lifts, optimizing your performance. With a weight capacity tailored to suit most home gym users, the Annzoe Weightlifting Bar exceeds expectations. Unleash your full potential with this exceptional Olympic barbell.
07/25/2023 09:28 pm GMT


  • Brand – Annzoe
  • Color – Black
  • Compatible with 2” Olympic plates – It is designed to work with standard 2-inch Olympic weight plates.
  • Finish Type – Chrome
  • Grip Size – 30 millimeters
  • Item Weight – As per the manufacturer, 40 pounds
  • Loadable Sleeves Length – 14 inches
  • Material – Alloy Steel
  • Shaft Length – 54.2 inches
  • Total Length – 84.6 inches
  • Weight Capacity – 700 pounds
annzoe weightlifting bar specs


  • At 35 pounds, slightly lighter than standard barbells, potentially beneficial for beginners
  • Ships from Amazon, providing a trust factor
  • Affordable price range
  • Constructed from high-quality, durable, stainless steel
  • Knurled handles for improved grip and reducing chances of accidental slippage
  • Numerous buyers have confirmed its capability of holding a decent amount of weight, working well for up to 400lbs
  • Features central knurling allowing a wide range of workouts, suited for light to medium weights
  • Compared to cheaper barbells, there have been no reports of rusting or metal shredding within a year of use, suggesting better quality of steel and finishing


  • Maximum weight load of 700lbs might be limiting for some users
  • Discrepancy in the advertised weight by the manufacturer (40lbs) and the weight reported by users (35lbs).
  • The barbell is reported to be less durable with cases of ends snapping off after just a few weeks of use
  • Not suitable for home gym due to the noise it generates, which can be disruptive
  • Issues of rusting reported within 4 months of use, especially around the hand grips
  • Quality concerns with end bolts loosening with every lift, leading to an unstable sleeve
  • Weight clamps provided are unreliable
  • Deep textured ends on the bar make a disruptive sound when freeweights are put on and taken off

Understanding Olympic Barbells

Olympic barbells are a specific type of weightlifting bar that is standardized for use in competition, such as in the Olympic Games – hence the name. But what makes a barbell “Olympic”?

What Makes a Barbell “Olympic”?

Olympic bars are differentiated from standard barbells by their size, weight, and design.

An Olympic weightlifting bar typically measures 7.2 feet in length and weighs 20kg (44 lbs) for men and 15kg (33 lbs) for women.

The diameter of the bar also varies, with men’s bars typically being 28mm and women’s bars 25mm.

Another key distinguishing feature is the sleeve design.

Olympic barbells have revolving sleeves, the end parts of the bar where the weights are loaded, which rotate to reduce the torque created by the bar’s rotation during Olympic lifts such as the clean and jerk or snatch.

This rotation is facilitated by either needle bearings or bushings.

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Key Features of Olympic Bars

  1. Knurling – The knurling on an Olympic bar provides grip assistance to the lifter. Some bars also feature a center knurl for added grip during exercises like squats.
  2. Rotating Sleeves – As mentioned earlier, the rotating sleeves are a crucial feature of Olympic barbells. They reduce the torque or twisting force during the bar’s rotation, allowing for smoother lifts and helping to prevent wrist and arm injuries.
  3. Tensile Strength – The tensile strength of an Olympic bar is crucial in determining its durability and weight capacity. The tensile strength is the amount of tensile (pulling) stress that the bar can withstand before breaking or becoming deformed. Bars with higher tensile strength are generally more durable and capable of handling heavy weights.
  4. Weight Capacity – Olympic bars are built to handle a lot of weight, often up to 1500 lbs or more, making them suitable for heavy lifting.
  5. Whip – The ‘whip’ of a bar refers to the amount of bounce or flex the bar has during lifts. Bars designed for Olympic weightlifting typically have more whip to accommodate the dynamic nature of Olympic lifts.

In conclusion, when purchasing the best Olympic bar, it is important to consider the distinguishing features and how they align with your lifting style, weight capacity needs, and comfort.

From powerlifting bars to multipurpose bars, each offers different features that cater to specific lifting needs.

Whether you’re focusing on Olympic lifting, powerlifting, or general strength training, there’s an Olympic weightlifting bar out there that will meet your needs.

Why Buy an Olympic Bar?

Investing in an Olympic barbell is a game-changer for your weightlifting and strength training journey.

These specialized barbells are designed to meet the rigorous demands of Olympic weightlifting, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

With their exceptional build quality, precise specifications, and rotating sleeves for smooth lifts, Olympic barbells offer unparalleled benefits, whether you’re a seasoned athlete, fitness enthusiast, or beginner.

By adding an Olympic bar to your home or commercial gym, you’re equipping yourself with a versatile tool that can help you achieve your fitness goals, enhance your technique, and unlock new levels of strength and muscle gains.


One of the biggest benefits of a barbell is its adjustability.

By changing the weight plates, you can easily adjust the total weight of the barbell.

This allows you to tailor your workouts precisely to your strength levels and training goals.

Whether you’re lifting heavy for low reps or lighter for high reps, an Olympic weightlifting bar can accommodate your needs.

You can explore different kinds of barbells on our Types of Barbells page to see how adjustability varies.


Olympic bars offer unparalleled versatility.

You can use them for a variety of exercises that target different muscle groups, from squats and deadlifts to bench presses and overhead presses.

With just one piece of equipment, you can create a comprehensive strength training routine.

Additionally, the Olympic bar’s design allows for both Olympic weightlifting movements and powerlifting exercises.


The design of an Olympic bar provides a level of comfort that not all strength training equipment can offer.

The rotating sleeves of the barbell reduce the torque on your wrists and elbows during lifts, offering a more comfortable experience, especially during fast, Olympic lifts.

Furthermore, the knurling on an Olympic weightlifting bar provides a secure, comfortable grip.

However, the level of comfort may depend on the type of knurling – aggressive knurling may not be suitable for everyone.


Olympic barbells can deliver impressive results, both in terms of strength gains and body composition changes.

They allow for progressive overload, a key principle of strength training, whereby you gradually increase the weight you’re lifting over time.

This challenges your muscles, leading to strength and muscle gains.

To sum up, buying this type of bar could be a worthy investment for anyone serious about strength training.

The adjustability, versatility, comfort, and results it provides make it a valuable addition to any home or commercial gym.

Still, as with any significant purchase, it’s essential to do your research.

Remember to consider the bar’s specifications, reviews, and suitability for your needs.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Olympic Barbell

Material and Construction

The material and construction of a barbell significantly influence its durability and performance.

Most Olympic bars are made of high-quality steel, but the finish can vary – from bare steel to chrome, zinc, or even a stainless steel shaft.

Stainless steel barbells tend to be more corrosion-resistant.

Learn more about the different materials and their pros and cons on our Barbell Maintenance page.

Weight and Length

Standard Olympic barbells for men weigh 20kg (44 lbs) and are 2.2m (7.2 feet) long.

Women’s bars typically weigh 15kg (33 lbs) and are slightly shorter.

Depending on your height, arm span, and the types of lifts you perform, you may prefer a shorter or longer bar.


The diameter of a barbell can affect your grip and the overall feel of the bar.

Men’s bars typically have a diameter of 28mm, while women’s bars are usually 25mm.

Powerlifting bars often have a larger diameter, providing a sturdier grip for heavy lifts.


Knurling is the patterned, rough surface on the bar that helps improve your grip.

Some lifters prefer aggressive knurling for a more secure grip, while others prefer a less aggressive knurl for comfort.

Bars with a center knurl are often preferred for squats, as the knurling can help keep the bar in place on your back.

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Knurl Marks

Knurl marks, the smooth rings in the knurling, are used to guide hand placement.

Olympic bars have different knurl marks than power bars to accommodate the different lifts performed with each.

Sleeve and Spin

The sleeve of the bar is where the weight plates are loaded.

Olympic bars feature rotating sleeves, which can help reduce the risk of injury during lifts.

The amount of spin can vary – bars with more spin are usually better for Olympic weightlifting, while less spin can be beneficial for powerlifting.

Load Capacity

The load capacity of a barbell refers to how much weight it can safely hold.

More expensive Olympic bars usually have a higher load capacity, often up to 1500 lbs or more.

Make sure to choose a barbell that can handle the maximum weight you plan to lift.


The cost of an Olympic barbell can vary significantly, from less than $100 for a basic bar to over $1,000 for a high-end, competition-grade bar.

Be sure to consider your budget, but also remember that you often get what you pay for in terms of quality and durability.

If you want to understand better the costs involved, our Barbell Cost page has more detailed information.

By keeping these factors in mind, you should be well-equipped to choose the right barbell for your needs.

Remember, the best barbell for you depends on your specific fitness goals, comfort, and budget.

Difference Between An Olympic Barbell And A Standard Barbell

While both Olympic and standard barbells serve similar purposes in weightlifting, there are key differences between the two that can affect your training.


Olympic barbells are typically longer and thicker than standard barbells.

Standard barbells usually measure around 5-6 feet in length and have a 1-inch diameter, whereas Olympic bars are typically 7.2 feet long with a diameter of 2 inches for the sleeve (the part of the bar where the weights are placed) and 28-32mm for the shaft (where the bar is held).

For women, the shaft diameter is typically 25mm.

For more on barbell sizes, see our Barbell Sizes page.

Weight Capacity

Olympic barbells generally have a higher weight capacity than standard barbells.

Thanks to their thicker diameter and sturdier construction, Olympic bars are designed to hold more weight, often up to 1500 lbs or more.

In contrast, standard barbells typically have a lower weight capacity, sometimes as low as 200 lbs.


One of the key features of an Olympic bar is the rotating sleeves on either end, where the weight plates are loaded.

This rotation, facilitated by either bushings or needle bearings, allows the weights to spin independently of the bar, reducing the torque on your wrists and elbows during lifts.

Standard barbells don’t usually feature this rotating sleeve design.


The ‘whip’ of a bar refers to the amount of bounce or flex it has during lifts.

Olympic bars, especially those designed for Olympic weightlifting, tend to have more whip to accommodate the dynamic nature of the lifts.

Standard barbells, on the other hand, typically have less whip.

In conclusion, while both types of bars have their benefits, the choice between an Olympic and a standard barbell will largely depend on your training style and goals.

If you’re interested in serious weightlifting or competitive lifting, an Olympic barbell would likely be the better choice.

However, for casual lifting or basic strength training, a standard barbell could be sufficient.

For more on this topic, be sure to check out our Olympic Barbell vs Standard Barbell page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes IWF Certified Barbells Better for Olympic Weightlifting?

What makes IWF certified olympic weightlifting bars better for Olympic weightlifting? These bars undergo rigorous testing and meet strict standards set by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF). They offer superior durability, precision, and safety, ensuring consistent performance during intense workouts. Athletes can trust these certified bars to enhance their form, technique, and overall lifting experience.


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