Olympic Bar vs Standard Bar

Please don’t make a mistake and think standard barbells are good enough because they absolutely are not!

There isn’t much comparison when it comes to the durability and usability of Olympic Bars vs. Standard Bars.

Olympic bars feature higher-gauge steel, and the knurling is always going to be better, which is essential for safety.

And on top of that, you can’t add as much weight to a standard bar.

If your main goal is training heavy barbell movements such as Squats, Deadlifts, etc., I strongly encourage you to get an Olympic bar as it’s going to be much safer with heavier weights.

However, standard bars can definitely have their place.

standard barbell

Standard barbells are built for lighter movements such as curls, extensions, rowing movements and should not be used for heavier compound movements. These barbells are used with smaller diameter 1-inch plates. Use the correct tool for the right movements.

If you wanted to pick one up and get a set of standard plates with them, you’d be able to do many biceps, triceps, shoulders, and other lighter movement variations much cheaper than an Olympic barbell.

If you choose between the two, go for the Olympic bar as it has more uses and will last forever.

They’re more durable, allow you to lift more weight, and keep you safer.

Seriously, if you buy a good barbell from somebody like Rogue, you’ll rarely have to replace it.

Whereas standard bars have a smaller diameter, and they aren’t nearly as long.

However, if you’re on a budget and need something fast, it’s better than nothing.

Just make sure you know the limits of the bar before you start trying to deadlift with it.

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