How Much Does An Olympic Curl Bar Weigh?

Most Olympic curl bars weigh anywhere between 18-25 lbs, and the best ones can hold up to 300 lbs.

The primary benefit of using this type of bar compared to a straight Olympic bar is doing curls and extensions.

The ergonomic handle keeps your wrists in a more natural position and allows you to train your arms better than a straight bar.

Plus, they don’t have to be super expensive, either!

  1. REP EZ Curl Barbell
  2. REP EZ Curl Barbell

    Introducing the long-awaited EZ Curl Bar! One of our most requested items, REP now offers a curl bar so you can target your biceps directly and get the most out of your curls!

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  3. Rogue Curl Bar
  4. Rogue Curl Bar

    Rogue’s first-ever Curl Bar is fully machined and assembled in the USA and adapts many of the same properties from our flagship Rogue Ohio Bar—including bronze bushings, a snap ring design, and our trademark Ohio knurl pattern.

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  5. Titan EZ Curl Bar
  6. Titan EZ Curl Bar

    A Rackable EZ curl bar offers new ways of gripping your barbell, allowing you to target different muscle groups. With it, you can work your biceps, triceps, deltoids, and abs.

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Check out how much other bars weigh below!

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  1. Hey there Rishabh!

    This is a great question!

    The best quality ones that I’ve seen weigh anywhere between 30-35 lbs on average.

    I would just round up to 35 for tracking purposes as it’s much easier.

    Hopefully this helps!


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