The Best Weight Benches For Your Home Gym (2024)

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To build the best home gym possible, there are a few pieces of home gym equipment you should be investing in.

A squat rack, barbell, some adjustable dumbbells, and weight plates are a given. But something you should also consider is a solid workout bench.

Whether that’s a flat bench for basic movements or an adjustable incline version for a more versatile bench; having a stable surface to bench press, row, and lift on is a must.

This guide will cover all of the best options on the market. Including the best weight benches for any lifter, regardless of your budget.

What Are The Best Weight Benches?

Best Overall Flat Bench – REP Fitness FB-5000 Competition Flat Bench

REP FB-5000 Comp Flat Bench

REP FB-5000 Competition Flat Bench is perfect for your heavy lifting needs. It is designed to meet IPF height standards and is made of heavy-duty, 11-gauge steel. This flat, competition-style bench has a 1,000 lb weight capacity and grooved, rubber feet that protect your floor and keep the bench in place. The integrated steel handle and industrial roller wheels make it easy to move around your gym or home. While the narrow or fat pad options provide the perfect fit for every user.

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  • The three-post design allows you to get better leg drive for a stronger bench position
  • This flat weight bench features a grippy vinyl that prevents sliding so you can hold your arch better
  • Built-in wheels allow for easy portability
  • Wide and Thompson pad optional add-ons to convert it into a wide pad bench
  • Incredible price point considering all of the high quality features it provides


  • The warranty is only for one year and only protects against defects
  • There is some assembly required
  • This is not the highest quality flat weight bench, however, it is by far the best value
  • You have a 30-day return period and there are some restocking fees as well

Rep has been knocking it out of the park with their innovations with their squat rack systems, and they have some of the best weight benches as well.

Considering how many awesome features this flat weight bench has combined with its lower price, there’s a reason it is so widely recommended by the home gym community.

This heavy-duty flat weight bench also has 7-gauge plates connecting everything together and is around 17 inches tall. It also meets the IPF specs for its height, length, and width.

So if you want the highest durability flat weight bench for your competition bench press, here you go.

rep fitness flat bench with standard and wide pad options

The standard flat weight bench comes with a very grippy vinyl pad to prevent sliding when setting up for your bench press.

It’s also compatible with Reps Thompson Fat Pad, as well as their Wide Pad options. Which, if you want the widest, most stable bench platform possible, are highly recommended!

The thick foam pad is very similar to the Rogue Competition Fat Pad and while it might not be as nice as Rogue’s, it gets the job done exceptionally well for a much lower price.

The FB-5000 is available in a bunch of different colors as well. You can choose between metallic black, red, blue, matte black, and a clear coat finish. Every cool color you could possibly want!

Overall though, if you want the absolute best flat bench on the market, the FB-5000 is what I recommend above all others.

Best Commercial Flat Bench – Rogue Fitness Monster Utility Bench 2.0

Monster Utility Bench 2.0

Manufactured in Columbus, Ohio, using 3x3” 11-gauge steel, the newly redesigned Rogue Monster Utility Bench combines the stability of an extra wide 26.5” rear base with a new single-column front foot, giving athletes more room for setting their feet during a bench press.

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  • Three-post design for better leg drive
  • Can be stored vertically
  • Several bench height options are available
  • Built-in handles and wheels for easy portability


  • Powder coat finish which will chip pretty quickly
  • Tends to shake around when getting set up for heavy dumbbell bench presses
  • Wider pads cause it to wobble a bit while stored vertically

The Rogue Monster Utility Bench 2.0 stands out with its array of customization options.

From multiple pad choices, including the renowned Thompson pad, to height variations like standard and shorty, it caters to diverse preferences.

Its three-post design enhances leg drive, enabling you to bench more weight, while the single post ensures optimal foot positioning for maximum stability.

rogue fitness flat bench different pad options

However, it’s not without its quirks. Some users have noted a slight wobble when setting up with heavy dumbbells. But in terms of sturdiness, this bench doesn’t disappoint.

Crafted from the robust 3×3″ steel used in Rogue’s top-tier Monster Racks, it’s built to withstand even the heaviest bench presses.

A few users have raised concerns about the vertical storage being unstable with thicker pad options.

This might not be a deal-breaker for everyone, but it’s worth considering if storage is a priority.

Another point of contention is the powder-coated finish.

While it gives the bench a sleek look, powder coats tend to chip over time, as seen with other Rogue products like the TB-2 Trap Bar.

Despite these minor setbacks, the Rogue Monster Utility Bench 2.0 remains a top contender in the realm of high-end commercial-grade flat benches.

It’s a worthy investment for those seeking quality and durability for their home gym.

Best Folding Flat Bench – Rogue Fitness Fold-Up Utility Bench

Rogue Fold Up Utility Bench

The Rogue Fold-Up Utility Bench introduces a new hinged leg + detent pin design that makes the unit uniquely collapsible for improved space efficiency. A custom, wall-mounted steel Bench Hanger is also included, enabling athletes to store the Utility Bench securely on a gym wall when not in use.

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  • Super sturdy steel frame despite being a folding weight bench
  • Folding legs and included workout bench hanger allow you to mount it on your home gym wall
  • Lightweight at only 48 pounds
  • Assembly is quick and easy


  • More expensive than larger adjustable weight benches
  • Holes don’t line up very well when folded down
  • The neoprene cushion is stapled to the bottom of the bench instead of stitched

Rogue’s Fold-Up Utility Bench sets the gold standard for folding benches.

Unlike many flimsy alternatives, this bench boasts the top-notch quality Rogue is celebrated for. 

Made with sturdy 2×3″ steel, it mirrors the robustness of Rogue’s standard Flat Utility Bench.

rogue fitness fold up bench and included hanger

Its neoprene pad, filled with high-density foam, offers a firm benching platform and ensures you won’t slip, a common issue with less expensive models.

But the real game-changer? Its space-saving design. As the name suggests, this bench folds up, making it perfect for compact spaces.

The legs lock securely with orange detent pins, and it even comes with a laser-cut steel Bench Hanger. Mount it on your wall, and it barely protrudes, taking up just about 8″.

In the realm of foldable weight benches, Rogue’s Fold-Up Utility Bench is unmatched.

Best Budget Flat Bench – REP Fitness FB-3000 Flat Bench



  • Very affordable bench at $149
  • 700 pound maximum weight capacity
  • Super grippy vinyl pad to prevent slippage while weightlifting
  • Grooved rubber feet to keep the bench in a stable position without sliding
  • Includes a wall hanger to store the bench vertically and clear up gym space


  • The feet aren’t welded to the workout bench, so you’ll most likely have to tighten the bolts to keep it level
  • Because it’s not always level, it can rock side to side

The FB-3000 from REP Fitness is the best budget weight bench on the market. Not only is it super cheap at $149, but it also has a maximum weight capacity of 700 pounds.

Another awesome feature is the vinyl pad they use on this which is comparable to others that REP offers. It’s incredibly grippy so you can set up properly for any strength training you need to do.

The grooved rubber feet are also a nice addition as some cheaper flat benches can slide around pretty easily. Especially if you don’t have some type of rubber flooring in your home gym.

man moving the rep fitness bench into a wall mounted rack

There are just two issues with the feet that you need to consider, the first is that because the feet aren’t actually welded to the workout bench, you need to bolt them together.

This would be fine but if you don’t tighten them properly, they’re going to loosen over time. This will cause the bench to wobble, rock around, and prevent it from being level altogether.

Other than that, it’s a good weight bench that can even be stored vertically with the included wall hanger. That way, you can clear up as much space as possible when not in use.

At this price point, there isn’t anything quite as good as this solid flat bench.

Best Overall Adjustable Bench – REP Fitness AB-5200 Adjustable Bench



  • 7 backrest positions from 0-85 degrees
  • Three seat positions
    Wide pad options are available
  • Wheel and handle built-in
  • Can be stored vertically even though it’s heavy AF
  • Combination of 11 and 7-Gauge Steel 2×3″ steel frame construction
  • 1,000 pound maximum weight capacity
  • A single front post allows for better leg drive
  • The ladder style adjustment is super quick to change and incredibly sturdy
  • Multiple color options to choose from


  • Weighs 125 pounds so it can be harder to move around than lighter weight benches
  • Incredibly long so maneuvering it in smaller home gyms might be an issue
  • The seat pad is a little too small for larger lifters

The AB-5200 stands out as the top pick for adjustable benches. Its versatility is evident with 7 back adjustments ranging from 0-85 degrees.

Many, including myself, believe that a 90-degree bench is overly vertical for overhead movements. 

Additionally, it offers three standard seat positions. A unique feature of the AB-5200 is its wider pad option, providing a more stable platform for pressing, a rarity among many benches.

man adjusting adjustable bench

Constructed from robust 2×3″ 11 and 7-gauge steel, this bench is a hefty 125 lbs. But don’t let its weight fool you.

It’s designed for mobility, equipped with a handle, wheels, and a back brace, making it easy to move and store vertically.

Even with its considerable length of 58.5″, it remains impressively stable in its vertical storage position.

dimensions for the rep adjustable bench

The bench’s design is thoughtful. A single front post enhances foot positioning, which is crucial for optimizing leg drive during lifts.

The ladder-style system, my personal favorite, ensures quick and solid adjustments. This system is further enhanced by an encasing cage, ensuring stability during adjustments.

For those prioritizing safety, there’s an optional spotter platform with a diamond pattern for grip.

In terms of aesthetics, the AB-5200 doesn’t disappoint. It’s available in a range of colors including black, blue, and red.

My personal choice was red, which complements my PR-4000 Squat Rack beautifully, especially when paired with the black pads.

color options for the ab-5200 adjustable bench

However, no product is without its minor drawbacks. The length of the backrest and the shortness of the seat can be slightly inconvenient, particularly for larger users.

But these minor issues don’t overshadow the bench’s overall functionality. Given all its features and benefits, I’d wholeheartedly recommend the AB-5200 over any other bench on the market.

If you want to learn more, check out my REP AB-5200 Adjustable Bench review.

Best Commercial Adjustable Bench – Rogue Fitness Adjustable Bench 3.0

Rogue Adjustable Bench 3.0

Version 3.0 of the Rogue Adjustable Bench features an upgraded 3x3” 11-gauge steel frame, an expanded range of incline and seat positions, and an efficient bolt-together design.

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  • 3×3″ 11-gauge steel construction
  • Ladder style adjustments
  • 10 backrest positions from 0-85 degrees
  • Three adjustable seat positions
  • Horizontal handle and wheels to move it around
  • Tripod design allows for better leg drive
  • A choice between vinyl wrapped foam and molded foam pads
  • Multiple color options with stainless steel or black finishes
  • 10-year warranty on the frame


  • Super heavy at 125 lbs which makes it harder to maneuver
  • Smaller lifters might have issues using this weight bench as it’s pretty bulky

The Rogue Adjustable Bench 3.0 is the newest version of their exceptional adjustable incline benches.

Constructed with 3×3″ 11-gauge heavy duty steel and 1,000 lb maximum weight capacity, this is exactly the kind of quality you expect from Rogue.

Just like the AB-5200, this bench uses ladder-style adjustments that make it super easy to make adjustments.

Speaking of, the adjustable seat has 3 positions as usual; but the back has 10 different options from 0-85 degrees.

rogue 3.0 bench seat and backpad adjustments

While it is incredibly heavy at 125 lbs, the horizontal handle and wheels make it much easier to maneuver in your home gym.

Plus, it can be stored vertically just like a premium adjustable workout bench should.

The tripod design is super sturdy and allows you to position your feet properly for maximal leg drive.

That, combined with Rogues grippy pads, will ensure you have the most stable training possible.

rogue bench 3.0 front leg and seat positions

Speaking of the pads, you have a choice between a normal vinyl foam option that’s less expensive but still offers a ton of grip.

They also offer a molded foam pad that is a little more narrow but is more durable and even grippier.

The other great thing I like about this workout bench is that the gap in the flat bench position is only 1″.

rogue 3.0 bench dimensions

This is definitely nice considering some adjustable benches are 2″ or longer.

You also have a solid amount of customization options between the colors and the finishes.

You can get this weight bench in blue, black, or red; with black powder coating or stainless steel finishes.

rogue adjustable bench 3.0 colors

The other difference between these two is that the black powder coat version has standard workout bench wheels; while the stainless steel version has premium rubber wheels.

adjustable bench 3.0 wheel options

These options are $100 more which I don’t think is worth the extra cost, but if you have the cash, might as well go all out!

Overall, the Rogue Adjustable Bench 3.0 is the best commercial adjustable weight bench on the market, and the premium choice if you want the most adjustment options possible.

Best Value Adjustable Bench – REP Fitness AB-3100 Adjustable Weight Bench

Rep AB-3100 Adjustable Bench V3

The new and improved REP AB-3100 Adjustable Bench is designed to combine the usefulness and safety of a 1,000 pound rated bench, with the most affordable price possible.

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  • $269 shipped
  • Constructed with a combination of 4 and 11-gauge heavy duty steel
  • Maximum weight capacity of 1,000 pounds
  • Ladder style adjustments
    6 backrest positions from 0-90 degrees
  • Three seat positions
  • 10 Year Warranty on the frame
  • Tripod design perfect for greater leg drive
  • Multiple color options
  • Grippy vinyl pads for better stability
  • Handle and wheels allow for easy portability


  • Reported to be a little wobbly from multiple buyers
  • Although the 3-foot design is nice, the front foot is too narrow
  • This weight bench is pretty small so it might not work for bigger lifters
  • The lowest adjustment is 30 degrees and most users prefer 15 degrees from multiple customer reviews

The AB-3100 from Rep is an incredible value at $269 shipped. It’s constructed of a combination of 11 and 4-gauge steel for a maximum weight capacity of 1,000 pounds.

It uses a ladder-style system with 6 backrest positions from 0-90 degrees, as well as three seat positions.

This makes adjustments super quick which saves more time for heavy lifting. The only issue with it is that its lowest adjustment is 30 degrees.

Multiple users have complained and prefer having a lower 15-degree option angle as well.

The 10-year warranty covers the frame and they also have a 30-day warranty on the upholstery.

man adjusting the backpad of the ab-3100 adjustable weight bench

Luckily, REP has pretty solid customer service so you won’t have to worry about them honoring these at all.

The only issue with the AB-3100 3-foot design is that the front foot is way too narrow which sacrifices some of the stability and it wobbles a bit.

Most users don’t seem to have problems with it while in use though so that’s definitely reassuring.

All in all, if you want the best value incline weight bench under $300, I highly recommend the AB-3100 regardless of the slight flaws it might have.

Best Folding Adjustable Bench – Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight Bench

Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight Bench

One of the highest-rated benches on Amazon that is actually worth it!

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  • The folding design saves a ton of space when not in use
  • Super light and compact at 35lbs for easy storage
  • Solid budget option under $110


  • The max weight capacity is 800 pounds, but I would not trust that at all
  • Doesn’t have a 30-degree adjustment
  • Some quality control issues have been reported

The Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight Bench is one of the most popular and best weight benches on Amazon.

Most likely because of the solid price point, the ability to fold up and save space in your home gym, and the fact that it’s adjustable.

This weight bench uses a ladder-style system for fast adjustments and adjusts from -15 to 85 degrees.

The seat only has two positions but it’s a budget weight bench so that’s to be expected.

fitness reality adjustable positions

The only major issue I have with the adjustments is that it doesn’t have a 30-degree option which is one of the best positions for incline bench presses.

If you need this bench for other movements and don’t incline bench press much it’ll be fine, but for others, I would recommend going with something else.

Considering this bench can fold up and only costs around $110 it is definitely a good option for those lifting in a small space.

Fitness Reality should definitely work on their quality control though.

There are a ton of reports of upholstery being torn up, the pads being completely cracked, and other minor issues.

Other than that, this should get the job done fine for most.

Best FID Bench Overall – REP Fitness AB-5000 Zero Gap Adjustable Bench

REP AB-5000 ZERO GAP Adjustable Bench

The REP AB-5000 ZERO GAP Adjustable Bench has a patented zero-gap feature that eliminates the gap between the seat and back, allowing for multiple back angles and seat positions. This bench also has seven back angles from flat to 90 degrees and five seat positions from -15 to 45 degrees. While the optional leg roller attachment allows you to convert this bench into a FID bench with a maximum decline up to -75 degrees. The bench is made of 11-gauge steel with a durable paint finish and 1,000 weight capacity.

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  • 11-Gauge Steel
  • 1,000 pound maximum weight capacity
  • Telescoping spine with pop-pin adjustments that are very sturdy
  • 7 backrest positions from 0-90 degrees
  • 5 Seat Adjustments from -15-45 degrees
  • Zero Gap seat design is revolutionary
  • Textured vinyl-covered dense foam padding
  • The optional leg attachment makes this a true adjustable decline weight bench
  • The decline has several options compared to cheaper weight benches
  • Built-in wheels and handle allows for easy transport
  • Vertical storage which is great as it’s pretty beefy


  • While it is technically an incline/decline weight bench, you have to invest in the leg attachment separately
  • 117 lbs can be tough to move around for lighter lifters
  • Some users have complained that you have to make adjustments to achieve the zero-gap but I don’t know what they expected
  • The seat slider doesn’t use a pop-pin so you have to unscrew it to adjust the gap

The REPS AB-5000 Zero Gap Bench stands out as the premier adjustable FID workout bench available.

Its standout features include a vast array of adjustment options, a robust 1,000-pound weight capacity, and the unique zero-gap system that effectively addresses the common seat gap issue found in many benches.

ab-5000 zero gap sliding seat adjustments

REP’s reputation for quality and innovation is evident in this bench.

Their commitment to addressing user needs has made them a favorite among garage gym owners, and the AB-5000 is no exception.

The zero-gap design, its hallmark feature, uses a sliding seat mechanism to eliminate the gap between the seat and back pads, catering to lifters of all heights.

However, some users have noted that adjusting the zero-gap requires manual effort and lacks the convenience of an automatic system.

man adjusting pop-pin for leg pad

Additionally, the sliding seat doesn’t employ a pop-pin, necessitating unscrewing for adjustments—a feature that, if improved, could elevate the bench’s user experience.

The bench’s telescoping spine and pop-pin system allow for precise adjustments, with the back seat ranging from 0-90 degrees and the seat itself adjusting between -15 to 45 degrees.

Those seeking a genuine decline bench experience can opt for an additional leg attachment, enhancing the bench’s versatility.

man adjusting seat pad

The bench’s pads, covered in Reps’ signature grippy vinyl, ensure stability during workouts, preventing any unwanted movement.

The bench’s T-shaped front foot is a thoughtful addition, providing added support during decline exercises.

However, this design choice does interfere slightly with the vertical handle, making mobility a tad challenging.

Weighing in at a hefty 117 lbs, the AB-5000, much like its sibling the AB-5200, might pose some challenges for lighter users when moving it around.

In conclusion, for those in search of the pinnacle of FID adjustable weight benches, the AB-5000 Zero Gap Bench from REP is a top contender and comes highly recommended.

Best Value FID Bench – Get RX’d FIDAB-2 Adjustable Bench

FIDAB-2 Adjustable Bench

Made with 7-gauge and 11-gauge steel for maximum stability, the FIDAB-2 Adjustable Bench is the latest in the evolution of Get RX’d weight benches. It’s packed with more features than previous versions of adjustable benches.

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  • The ladder-style system is solid and quick to adjust
  • 7 back adjustments from 0-85 degrees and 4 seat adjustments for a total of 28 different options
  • The pad gap is only 2″ which is better than a lot of decline weight benches
  • A combination of 7 and 11-gauge heavy duty steel offers a 1,000 lb maximum weight capacity 
  • Horizontal handle and wheels for easy transportation
  • The adjustable leg roller attachment is perfect for different users
  • Optional dumbbell/barbell holder
  • Vertical storage compatible
  • Multiple color options
  • Extra grip/nonslip cover on the pads


  • Weighs in at 115 lbs which can be difficult for some to maneuver
  • This weight bench measures 18″ tall which might be too high for short lifters 
  • Like the Rep AB-5000, the Leg roller attachment must be purchased separately
  • The dumbbell holder is a nice addition, but not all dumbbells are compatible

The Get RX’d FIDAB-2 Adjustable Bench is strikingly reminiscent of the Reps AB-5200 in terms of design, functionality, and performance.

Its ladder-style system, encased for added safety, offers swift adjustments.

The bench boasts 7 back pad positions from 0-85 degrees and a seat that dips to -15 degrees, perfect for decline presses.

adjustable bench seat and adjustment ladder

A standout feature is its narrow 2″ pad gap. Given the length of the back pad, this gap is barely noticeable to many users.

Durability is a given with its 11 and 7-gauge steel construction.

But, this robustness comes with a weight of 115 lbs, which might pose mobility challenges for some.

Thankfully, Get RX’d has integrated a horizontal handle and wheels for easier movement.

get rx'd adjustable bench wheels and ladder frame

While designed as an FID bench, it requires a separate purchase for the leg roller attachment.

Once equipped, it offers extensive decline options.

An additional perk is the optional dumbbell/barbell holder that attaches to the rear legs, facilitating chest-supported exercises.

However, compatibility checks with your dumbbells are essential.

adjustable bench being stored vertically

Storage is a breeze with its vertical storage capability.

Aesthetically, it offers a palette of colors: black, blue, red, green, and yellow.

The bench’s pads are crafted with ultra-dense foam and are sheathed in a grippy, non-slip cover.

In essence, the Get RX’d FIDAB-2 offers remarkable value for its price.

It’s a well-constructed bench, brimming with premium features, making it a top-tier choice.

Best Budget FID Bench – REP Fitness AB-3000 2.0 FID Adjustable Bench

Rep AB-3000 2.0 FID Adjustable Bench

Upgrade your home gym with the AB-3000 2.0 FID Adjustable Weight Bench - the ultimate value for lifters seeking a sturdy, versatile bench. With leg rollers, adjustable pin, and a wide range of back and seat pad angles, this bench offers comfort and support for all exercises. Featuring upgraded CleanGrip pads, noise dampening, and rubber-covered bases for improved stability and grip, the AB-3000 2.0 is built to last. Available in multiple colors and with a 1,000lb weight capacity, this bench is a must-have for any serious lifter.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.



  • Maximum weight capacity of 1000 pounds
  • The frame is constructed with 11-gauge steel
  • Less than $320 with flat, incline, and decline options
  • Only 89.3 lbs compared to some beefier adjustable benches
  • 40 different adjustment combinations, eight backpad angles from -12 to 85 degrees, and five seat positions from 0-20 degrees
  • A 10-year frame warranty ensures a quality budget option
  • Multiple color options


  • Ankle pads can be a little tight for some lifters
  • No handle like the previous version for easy transport
  • Multiple users have complained that the blue finish is too bright
  • Tends to rock a little while setting up for dumbbell presses
  • Can’t be stored vertically

The Rep AB-3000 2.0 FID adjustable bench stands out as a multifunctional workout companion, boasting a hefty 1000-pound weight capacity.

Crafted with 11-gauge steel, it promises durability, especially appealing to heavy lifters. Priced under $320, it offers a blend of quality and affordability.

red adjustable bench ladder style adjustments

Its versatility shines with 40 adjustment combinations, including eight backpad angles (-12 to 85 degrees) and five seat positions (0-20 degrees), accommodating everything from flat benching to incline and decline presses.

Although it weighs a manageable 89.3 lbs, it lacks a specific transport handle.

However, a clever workaround is using the steel rod of the ankle pad as a makeshift handle as shown below.

man using the ankle pad rod as a handle

A 10-year frame warranty underscores its reliability. Aesthetic choices range from metallic and matte black to vibrant hues like red, blue, and white.

Interestingly, feedback on the blue shade has been mixed, contrasting with past critiques of the 1.0 model’s muted colors.

A few areas of improvement include the snug ankle pads, which might not fit all users comfortably.

Additionally, there’s a slight wobble during dumbbell press setups, necessitating caution with heavier weights.

man performing decline dumbbell bench presses

Although it doesn’t support vertical storage, its features and price point make it a commendable upgrade from its predecessor.

In summary, the Rep AB-3000 2.0 FID adjustable bench emerges as a top pick for those seeking a robust, versatile, and cost-effective workout bench.

Its adjustability, weight support, and warranty make it a valuable addition to any home gym.

How To Pick The Right Weight Bench

Deciding on the best weight bench for your home gym might seem daunting, but I can help you figure it out. 

Once you ask yourself a couple of questions, you can narrow them down based on what you need for your goals.

Type of Bench– Utility: For flat bench movements. – Adjustable: For varied training. – FID: Includes decline options.
Adjustment Style– Ladder: Fast and convenient. – Telescoping: Secure but slower. – Guide Rod: Fast and secure.
AssemblySome benches require assembly; most can be assembled in under 20 minutes. Tools might be needed.
Bench HeightImportant for proper leg drive. IPF standards are between 16.5-17.7 inches.
Ease of UseConsider weight and portability. Wheels and handles are beneficial for heavy benches.
Overall ConstructionLook for 11-gauge steel for durability. Welded feet offer stability.
Pad CompatibilitySome benches allow for pad replacements from different brands.
Pad GapGap between seat and back pad. Less than 2″ is ideal for comfort.
Pad/Foam QualityDense foam offers stability. Look for durable and grippy pads with quality stitching.
PortabilityHeavy benches need wheels and handles. Lighter benches are easier to move.
PriceVaries based on features and quality. Flat benches are usually cheaper than adjustable ones.
Adjustment PositionsMore positions offer versatility in workouts.
Shipping/PackagingConsider shipping costs and quality of packaging. Some brands offer free shipping.
Size/Space NeededCheck bench dimensions to ensure it fits in your space. Some benches can be stored vertically.
StabilityThree-post benches offer better foot positioning. Look for wide front feet for stability.
Vinyl QualityGrippy vinyl offers better stability during workouts.
WarrantyA longer warranty indicates confidence in product durability.
Weight CapacityBenches with over 1,000 lbs capacity are ideal for heavy lifting.

Types Of Weight Benches

When setting up a home gym or even just adding to your existing setup, one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can invest in is a weight bench.

But wait! Before you dive into the world of online shopping, it’s crucial to understand the different types of weight benches available and what they offer.

  • Flat Bench:
    • Also known as utility benches.
    • Simple design with no incline or decline adjustments.
    • Ideal for basic flat bench presses, dumbbell flies, step-ups, dumbbell incline rows, split squats, and more.
    • Most affordable due to its simplicity.
  • Adjustable Bench:
    • Offers adjustments for flat, incline, or upright positions.
    • Provides versatility for exercises like incline bench presses, overhead pressing, and chest-supported rows.
    • Recommended for those seeking variety in their workouts.
    • Priced higher than flat benches but offer more value.
  • Adjustable FID Bench:
    • FID stands for Flat, Incline, and Decline.
    • Allows for a wider range of movements, including decline exercises.
    • Suitable for decline pressing, sit-ups, Russian twists, and more.
    • The priciest option due to its added features, but worth it for those who want the most versatility.

How To Adjust An Adjustable Weight Bench

Let’s get acquainted with the ins and outs of adjusting your bench, ensuring you get the most out of your workout.

Guide Rod w/Pop-Pin

Guide rods with an included pop-pin are much less commonly seen than the other two types.

This is basically just a piece of steel tubing that slides up and down vertically to make adjustments.

The steel tube sits inside of an upright for support and tends to be pretty quick and stable to adjust.

It’s just like adjusting typical machine seats, you pull the pin out, slide the bench up or down to your desired setting, and the pin pops back in.


Ladder-style adjustable benches are by far mine and many others’ favorite because of just how convenient, fast, and secure the entire system is.

This one is super simple, you just lift the bench by the back pad, and grab the handle of the ladder adjustment.

Then, when you move it to the right position, you ensure the ladder is in contact with the ladder and it locks into place. Super easy.

rogue adjustable bench with ladder style adjustments

When I adjust my AB-5200 from flat to incline, I can use one hand and lift.

It will automatically follow the ladder into the position I need, and it’s heavy enough to stay contained in the cage without another hand.

Talk about convenience!

Telescoping Spine

I think a telescoping spine is the most well-known adjustment type, especially in commercial gyms.

It’s incredibly secure and even though it’s not quite as fast as a ladder-style bench, it’s fast enough.

man adjusting pop-pin adjustable weight bench

This one is really easy to adjust as well, you simply pull out the pop-pin and use your other hand to adjust to whatever angle you need.

Then, you allow the pop-pin to click back into place, and most usually allow you to screw them into place, which gives you even more security.


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