REP AB-5200 Review – Best Value Adjustable Bench On The Market!

The Rep Fitness AB-5200 Bench is the best weight bench they sell by far. And for the price, I absolutely think it’s one of the best benches on the market

I just bought this a week ago, and it’s already the best bench I’ve ever used, and I’ve used it a lot!

If you compare it to a crappy bench on Amazon, it looks and performs better than you could imagine.

So let’s go over all of the awesome features this bench has and why I recommend it so much!


  • Height: 18″
  • Total Pad Length: 55.25″
  • Back Pad Width: 12″
  • Pad Gap: 2.25″
  • Pad Material: Dense foam with a plywood base and vinyl upholstery
  • Frame Material: 11 and 7 gauge steel throughout, 2×3″ steel
  • Weight: 125 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 1,000 lbs
  • Back Pad Adjustments: 7 different adjustments; 0, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, and 85 degrees
  • Seat Pad Adjustments: 3 Adjustments
  • Vertical Storage Support
  • Different Frame Color Options
  • Optional Spotter Deck Add-on
Screenshot 2021 04 14 at 14 27 21 REP AB 5200 Adjustable Bench

Build Quality

AB-5200 Build Quality

The Rep Fitness AB-5200 Bench is constructed of 11 and 7-gauge 2×3″ steel which boasts an incredible 1,000 lb weight capacity. 

For an Adjustable Incline Bench, this is pretty darn solid. As soon as I opened the box, I understood why. This bench is HEAVY

It’s going to require two people or at least an appliance dolly to move it where you want for unboxing for most people. 

Luckily for me, my wingspan was just long enough to bear hug and bring it inside, making it a little easier. 

But still, this bench is 125 lbs which definitely defines this bench as a tank. 

You can tell before even opening it up just how solid the Rep Fitness AB-5200 actually is. 

The other great thing is that the majority of the bench is already put together for you. So assembly is quick and easy within 10-20 minutes. 

If you’re worried about Reps’ build quality when it comes to their benches, don’t. 

They’re incredibly stable, and for an Adjustable Incline Bench, this is about as good as it gets. 

Ladder Style System

AB-5200 Ladder System

Like many of you, I’ve been using an Adjustable Incline Bench with a standard pop-pin and spine. 

The bench I’ve been using is the 1st version of Titans Adjustable Bench (horrible, I know. I regretted using it every time.)

The Ladder style adjustment that the AB-5200 uses is probably the biggest selling point for most people.

It’s actually the main reason I picked this instead of other similar benches from Rep like the AB-5000 Zero Gap and AB-5100 models.

I also find that it’s a lot more stable, and the back and seat pad adjustments are just so much faster it’s insane. 

With a typical Adjustable Incline Bench, you have to use two hands to hold the bench while loosening, adjusting to your desired seat position, and tightening the pin. 

This takes time and isn’t very secure in my eyes. I have been using Titans Incline bench for so long, though, so I’m probably biased. 

However, the ladder on the Rep Fitness AB-5200 is super quick to change, and because of how it’s constructed, it’s a lot more secure as well. 

AB-5200 Ladder System

Plus, unlike other lower-quality benches, this bench is much more stable in the incline position. It does have a little sway left to right if you physically wiggle it with no one on it. 

As soon as you lay on it, though, the weight between you and whatever weight you’re moving locks it into place, and it doesn’t wiggle at all. 

This is obviously important for strength training and building muscle because the more stability you have, the more force you can produce, the safer you’ll be, and the better your progress will be as well. 

20210413 140810 1 scaled

The back pad of the AB-5200 has 7 different adjustment options from 0 up to 85 degrees and three seat pad adjustments.

The ladder is also confined inside a cage, making it really easy to make adjustments as the cage helps guide the ladder.

All in all, the ladder on the Rep Fitness AB-5200 is one of the main reasons I absolutely recommend this bench. 

Steel Frame Construction

AB-5200 Frame

The AB-5200 has an incredibly solid 2×3″ 11 and 7 gauge steel throughout the steel frame with a 1,000 lb weight capacity.

This is pretty amazing for an adjustable incline bench, but based on just how heavy the AB-5200 is, it shouldn’t be that surprising.

However, because of how sturdy and heavy-duty the frame is, you can basically press to your heart’s content no matter what weight you’re using!

This is awesome because there are many bad adjustable benches out there that wobble and provide no support whatsoever.

The other great thing about the frame, mainly for powerlifters, is that it’s built to IPF specs. This is important if you want to train in the same conditions that you compete.

AB-5200 Frame

Many other benches I’ve used are a little too tall, making it much harder for shorter lifters to generate leg drive while benching.

It’s no big deal for taller lifters like myself, but for those with shorter legs, it’s a pain. I train a bunch of female athletes, and they’ve had a much easier time benching on the Rep Fitness AB-5200, which is definitely a huge plus!

The final point I want to make about the frame is the post located at the bench’s back. This helps support the bench for the flat bench, which is pretty common for adjustable benches.

AB-5200 vertical mount

The other unique part about this is that the flat piece that extends from it allows you to store the bench vertically. Which is a huge plus for garage gym owners!

If it didn’t have the ability to store vertically, wheels, horizontal stainless steel handle, and more, it would be hard to move this thing around small spaces. But since it does, it’s a piece of cake!

Pads & Pad Gap

AB-5200 grippy vinyl ultra-dense foam core back pad

The pads on the AB-5200 are constructed of a 2.5″ “ultra-dense foam core,” their words not mine. 

I’ve used this many times in the past couple of weeks, and it’s very firm and yet comfortable at the same time. 

It’s incredibly stable, and because of the grippy vinyl it’s constructed of, you’re not going to slide around as you would on lesser benches. 

Again, the more stable your joints are when training, the more force you can produce, the strength you can gain, and the more muscle you can build. 

This makes the Rep Fitness AB-5200 one of the best benches on the market for the pad alone, honestly. 

Another awesome factor about the pad that I want to point out is its length.

titan adjustable bench and rep fitness ab-5200 adjustable bench comparison

I know taller lifters out there feel my pain when it comes to benching on a short bench. Your head can slide off the bench, which isn’t very good for your neck last time I checked. 

The pad is around 42″ long, which is just under 10 inches taller than Titans Adjustable Bench I have been using. 

titan adjustable bench and rep fitness ab-5200 adjustable bench comparison

Like, look at the difference between the two! Taller and wider benches are better!

Speaking of wide, this pad is also 12″ wide, which is a nice middle ground between 10″ benches which are too small, and a 14″ flat bench. 

So, let’s see the pros of this bench just from the pad it is constructed with!

  • Its grippy vinyl makes it so you won’t slide around while benching. That’s always a good thing. 
  • Because it’s so tall and wide, all lifters will have full support without your head hanging off—also a great thing. 
  • The denser foam core makes this bench incredibly comfortable to bench on without feeling like you’re laying against concrete. 
AB-5200 grippy vinyl ultra-dense foam core back pad and seat pad 2"gap

If you got any bench with this type of pad, it will perform and feel better than most benches on the market. 

Premium is an understatement. 

Feet, Wheels, & Horizontal Handle

AB-5200 front feet and horizontal handle

The AB-5200 has a big advantage over other benches out there. 

Because it has a tripod design, as in two legs in the back and one in the front, it makes it much easier to set your feet in the proper position. 

Standard four-post benches can definitely get in the way when you’re setting up. Being able to apply proper leg drive makes this bench that much better. 

AB-5200 front feet and horizontal handle

There’s also the fact that it has a handle on the front, making it super simple to move the bench around. 

This handle is horizontal and stainless steel, two things that are really nice to have. 

I prefer a horizontal handle over a vertical one as it just feels nicer and looks better in general. 

Also, because it’s constructed of stainless steel, you don’t have to worry about it rusting like other finishes. 

AB-5200 back feet and wheels

The back of the bench features a 20.25″ foot with wheels, to…ya know, wheel the bench around instead of lugging it everywhere. 

Finally, each post’s bottom has a really nice grippy rubber on them to prevent slippage while benching. 

However, as the bench is 125 lbs, this tank isn’t going anywhere. I can promise you that!

Color Options & Overall Look

AB-5200 Overall Look & Color Options

The Rep Fitness AB-5200 has a few different color options; blue, black, and red. As you can see from the images, I have the red color option, and it looks slick!

Most home gym equipment comes in these color variations, so if you have a color-coordinated garage gym, you can buy it accordingly. 

The overall aesthetic of this bench is fantastic as well. It looks sleek, everything on it has a purpose, and the extra design choices make it look much more premium than run-of-the-mill benches. 

This bench looks amazing between the laser-cut logo on the front, the stainless steel logo plate, and the handle. 

So if you want a bench that kicks ass but actually looks awesome as well, I highly recommend the AB-5200. It’s just that good!

Vertical Storage

AB-5200 Vertical Storage

As mentioned before, this bench has a flat bar on the back post. This allows you to store the bench away when not in use. This is awesome as it saves a ton of space which is important for home gym owners. 

You would think a super heavy-duty bench like this would make it difficult to balance on that horizontal post. But it’s actually really well constructed and has no issue holding the bench up in a much smaller footprint.

AB-5200 Vertical Storage

Also, I mentioned before that this bench has a cage enclosing the ladder adjustments. 

This makes it much easier to utilize the vertical storage as the bench can’t physically overshoot the cage. 

Optional Add-ons

This bench also offers a couple of optional add-ons that are definitely a nice addition if you need them. I don’t personally have either of these, but I know how they work, considering how great the base bench is.

Spotter Platform Option

Screenshot 2021 04 14 at 14 14 25 REP AB 5200 Spotter Platform

The spotter platform is actually a really cool add-on as it helps your spotter get into the optimal position to, ya know, spot you!

It also has a diamond-tread that looks nice and premium while also offering a secure base to spot from.

Screenshot 2021 04 14 at 14 14 34 REP AB 5200 Spotter Platform 1

The other nice thing is that this attachment is removable when you don’t need to use it. 

If you plan on doing heavy sets close to failure and you regularly have spotters, this might be a nice addition to the AB-5200 to keep you and your spotter safe.

Wide Pad Option

This bench also has a wide pad option if you want even more support for your pressing movements.

Screenshot 2021 04 14 at 14 13 01 REP AB 5200 Wide Pads 1

The wide pad has the same grippy vinyl material feature that the standard pad has, but it’s 2″ wider, and the plywood base will give you the most support possible.

The main benefit to this wider pad is that it helps prevent how far your shoulders hang over the bench. 

This gives you a more stable upper back position on the bench press which means more weight, stronger reps, and more muscle over the long haul.

Screenshot 2021 04 14 at 14 11 14 REP AB 5200 Wide Pads

Wider is better on a bench press. I can promise you that!

You can also choose between just a wider back pad, or you can get a bundle with a wider seat pad as well.

If you want the most stable bench possible, it might be worth getting the base Rep Fitness AB-5200 Adjustable Bench and then adding the wide pads in as well.

It’s definitely worth the small investment considering just how cheap the wider pads actually are!

Rep AB-5200 vs. Rogue Adjustable Bench 2.0

Rep AB-5200 vs. Rogue Adjustable Bench 2.0

I’ve seen a ton of comparisons out there between REP and Rogue. 

Between their racks, benches, and more, they have a lot in common. 

Plus, their build quality is very comparable. 

The AB-5200 is compared to Rogues Adjustable Bench 2.0 especially, and I can see why!

They weigh about the same, they’re both constructed of 11-gauge 2×3″ steel, and they have a very similar footprint. 

The Rep Fitness AB-5200 is a little bigger and has 7-gauge steel reinforcing its construction which is a big plus. 

They’re both ladder-style benches which are definitely way easier to adjust than a standard pop-pin Adjustable Incline Bench. 

Rep AB-5200 vs. Rogue Adjustable Bench 2.0

However, Rogues Adjustable Bench doesn’t have the same cage around the ladder, which isn’t a huge deal-breaker, but it absolutely makes back pad adjustments easier. 

The storage mount isn’t included with the base model but it’s only around $20 extra to get.

The Rep Fitness AB-5200 is only $469, with the vertical storage already included. 

Rogues Adjustable Bench 2.0, on the other hand, is $545 for the base model. If you wanted to add the vertical mount to have the same setup as the 5200, it would be an extra $17.50. 

Rep AB-5200 vs. Rogue Adjustable Bench 2.0

This comes out to $562.50, which is almost $100 more than Reps bench with fewer features. 

Between the two of them, the AB-5200 has way more value for what you’re paying and is a better bench in general. 

The cage for the ladder system, the wide pad option, and the price make the 5200 the adjustable bench you want to get. 

Rep AB-5200 vs. Rep AB-5000 Zero Gap

REP AB-5000 ZERO GAP Adjustable Bench

The REP AB-5000 ZERO GAP Adjustable Bench has a patented zero-gap feature that eliminates the gap between the seat and back, allowing for multiple back angles and seat positions. This bench also has seven back angles from flat to 90 degrees and five seat positions from -15 to 45 degrees. While the optional leg roller attachment allows you to convert this bench into a FID bench with a maximum decline up to -75 degrees. The bench is made of 11-gauge steel with a durable paint finish and 1,000 weight capacity.


The Rep Fitness AB-5200 and the AB-5000 Zero Gap have less in common than Rogues adjustable bench.

First of all, the zero-gap bench is an FID Bench – meaning it has a flat position, as well as, incline, and decline adjustments. 

The AB-5000 also has a telescoping spine which is much more stable than cheaper benches, but this makes it slower to adjust as well. 

However, the biggest difference between the two is that the zero gap has a, well, “zero gap.”

Meaning there is zero space between the seat and back pads. This is really nice when doing any flat bench variations, but in my eyes, it isn’t THAT big of a difference from the 5200. 

Mainly because the pad gap on the AB-5000 is only around 2″, which isn’t a huge difference. 

If you’re a taller lifter, you might want to go with the AB-5200 as it has a longer back pad. 

Finally, the biggest difference between the two is the price. 

Rep AB-5200 vs. Rep AB-5000 Zero Gap

The AB-5000 Zero Gap is more expensive, but if you want the decline leg attachment, it will cost extra as it’s not included in the base model. 

Adding all of this up, if you want to use the zero-gap bench as a decline bench, you’ll need the leg attachment. 

Meaning it’s going to cost around $150 more than the AB-5200, which is definitely important to mention. 

Bottom line, if a zero-gap is important to you and you also want the decline option, go with the AB-5000. 

If that doesn’t matter to you and you just want an amazing adjustable bench at a solid price point, Reps AB-5200 is what I recommend!

Frequently Asked Questions


Bottom line: if you want one of the best adjustable benches on the market at an incredible price, the Rep Fitness AB-5200 Adjustable Bench from Rep Fitness is absolutely recommended!

All of the color choices, optional add-ons, ladder style adjustments, horizontal handles, and more are worth it without a doubt.

I know this bench is going to last me forever and I hope it lasts you as well!

Until next time,


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