We Found The Best Power Racks For Your Home Gym In 2023

There are a bunch of excellent power racks on the market right now. 

Each of the squat racks I’ll be recommending on this list provides the greatest bang for your buck due to the incredible customization options that they offer.

If you need more help in deciding which power racks to get, check out my Power Rack Guide which covers all you need to know about investing in a rack.

Here are the best power racks for your home gym you can get in 2022!

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What Are The Best Power Racks?


ohio bar endcap

Rep Fitness PR-4000

The PR-4000 is the best overall power rack with its robust construction, versatile spacing, ease of use, and customizable attachments.


Wonder Bar


The Rogue RM-6 is a versatile, durable power rack with tons of customization options, 3×3″ 11-gauge steel, and 1″ hardware making it a premium choice for any home gym.


Bells of Steel Utility Barbell

Rep Fitness PR-1100

The PR-1100 stands out as the best budget power rack with its multi-functional features, high weight capacity, and compact size.

Best Overall Power Rack – REP Fitness PR-4000 Power Rack


I’ve written about Reps PR-4000 Power Rack extensively in the past, and for a good reason!

It’s an absolute beast of a squat rack, and the value it provides is fantastic. It is by far the best power rack I’ve ever used and the one I recommend the most.

For most people, you don’t need super beefy 1-inch hardware at all, and on top of that, having a bunch of customization options is a massive plus for maximizing space in your home gym.

My favorite features about the PR-4000 are just how sturdy it is and the attachments that Rep Fitness offers.

rep pr-4000 power rack accessories

They have lat pulldown and low rows, many varieties of safeties and pull up bars, lever arms, belt squats, and a whole lot more!

more pr-4000 accessories

Look out for their Ares functional trainer system set to release early this coming year.

pr-4000 ares setup

The PR-4000 is my personal favorite, and I absolutely recommend it, considering its price, quality, and continually growing attachment options.

Of course, Rep Fitness offers a limited lifetime warranty for the PR-4000 that covers all production defects so you should be set for the most part.

Runner-Up – Rogue RML-390F Monster Lite Rack

Runner-Up Power Rack Overall

Introducing the RML-390F Flat Foot Monster Lite Rack, the ultimate addition to your home gym. With dimensions of 92.375”x48”x49” and constructed from sturdy 3x3” 11-gauge steel uprights and 2x3” 11-gauge steel bases, this rack is built to last. The Westside Hole Spacing provides versatile positioning for your workouts. Its flat feet design ensures optimal stabilization, making it perfect for home use. Complete with Monster Lite J-Cups and Pin Pipe Safeties, as well as the option for a Single or Fat/Skinny Pull-Up Bar, this rack is the epitome of strength and versatility.



I had a tough time choosing my favorite overall Squat Rack, but I knew it would be Rogue.

The RML-390F Monster Lite Rack is a flat-foot version of the RML-3 Rack and is one of Rogues’ top squat racks in this price range!

I think the biggest reason I recommend this is the flat-foot base design.

RML-390F flat foot design

Not having to bolt down power racks is a huge selling point for those training in their home gyms.

One of the most recurring statements I noticed is just how stable this squat rack is.

It’s made by Rogue Fitness, so you already know this is a high-quality rack, plus they have a ton of different attachments for their Monster Lite series power racks lineup.

Plus for the price, this is one of the best squat racks you can get that is made in the USA.

Best Squat Rack For Commercial Gyms – ROGUE RM-6 MONSTER RACK 2.0

Best Squat Rack For Commercial Gyms
Rogue RM-6 Monster Rack 2.0

Upgrade your home gym with the Rogue RM-6 Monster Rack 2.0. This sturdy equipment is built from 3x3" 11 gauge steel and features 1" hardware with a choice of black or bright zinc finishes. With customization options for crossmembers, pull-up bars, J-hooks, and safeties, plus compatibility with over 50 different Monster attachment options, you can create the perfect workout experience. Available in 11 custom colors and with 90", 100", or 108" upright options, the RM-6 Monster Rack 2.0 is a durable and versatile addition to any home gym.



The Rogue RM-6 Monster Rack is quite literally a monster!

There’s a reason that Rogue is so well known, considering they have beastly power racks such as this one.

This is by far their top squat rack, and the fact that it’s a 6-post squat rack with 8 plate storage means even the base model is worth it!

Here are just a few of the main reasons I recommend this deluxe power rack over others in this price range.

ROGUE RM-6 MONSTER RACK 2.0configuration options

First up, they have many different customization options to build your RM-6 however the hell you want!

You can choose from three different squat rack heights, ranging from a 90″ to 108 tall model.

rogue rm-6 different power rack heights

Plus, there are many different color options you can select from as well!

They include bright blue, bright green, burnt orange, dark blue, dark red, gunmetal, light gray, Rogue Red (my personal favorite for obvious reasons), satin black, satin clear, and even a new cerakote coat as well!

rm-6 different color options

That’s a pretty impressive color range if I say so myself, and I do, so get over it!

rm-6 hardware finishes

You also can choose between hardware finishes, black zinc being the default and bright zinc being the upgrade option.

There are also a bunch of pull up bars available as well, including:

  • A single pull up bar
  • A single fat bar
  • A monster fat/skinny bar
  • Socket Pull-Up Curl Bar
  • Monster socket cerakote pull up bars

If you need a specific pull-up bar to knock out some pull ups in your squat rack, Rogues got you covered.

There are a few cross-members as well:

  • Monster beam with gusset
  • Overbuilt cross member sporting Rogues Name Plate

Just a few to choose from, though, so no big deal.

The final options are three different J-Hooks and safeties.

You have a choice between the following:

  • Standard
  • Sandwich
  • 2 Sandwich
rm-6 j-cups

I have sandwich J-hooks from Rep Fitness. I definitely prefer these over the standard option, so I recommend Rogues as well.

And, of course, the safeties. These are something that every home gym owner needs to consider for their squat rack, especially if you’re training alone.

The RM-6 has pin & pipe safety pins as default, with their strap safety net and flip-down safety bars as the upgrade options.

I love the Squat strap and flip-down safeties, so I absolutely believe they’re worth the investment for your security as well as your barbell’s safety.

rm-6 safeties

Nobody likes dumping a squat and dinging up an expensive barbell, after all!

Speaking of, check out my guide on the best barbells if you want to see my top recommendations for your home gym!

Once you’re done building the RM-6 Power Rack to your exact specifications, you can even get a bunch of add ons for all of Rogues Monster Rack attachments and accessories.

There are a ton of them to choose from as well, so I definitely think this rack, with its unlimited options, is the best high-end squat rack by far!

If you want one of the best high-end power racks and have a massive budget, just get the Monster RM-6 Power Rack from Rogue.

It’s by far the best and completely worth the investment if you can swing it.

Runner-Up – REP Fitness PR-5000 V2 Power Rack


This squat rack is the big brother to the PR-4000 Power Rack that I highly recommend.

man lifting lever arms

It has all the same squat rack features and attachments that the Rep Fitness PR-4000 model has with only a few minor differences.

  1. Uses beefier 1-inch hardware to provide an even more stable squat rack overall.
  2. Features numbering on EVERY hole instead of every 5th hole.
  3. Instead of using Westside hole spacing through the bench zone, it has 2″ spacing throughout.
  4. The final difference is that they have similar attachments, but they’re constructed differently and cost more due to the 1-inch holes.

Overall, if you want one of the best power racks without skimping on quality, I would choose the PR-5000 over the 4000.

If you aren’t planning on Powerlifting heavier weights over 500 regularly, they’re both fantastic, but if you want something high-end with all the bells and whistles, the PR-5000 V2 is what you want to get!

Best Folding Power Rack – Force USA MyRack Folding Power Rack

Best Folding Power Rack
Force USA MyRack Folding Power Rack System

Introducing the Force USA MyRack Folding Power Rack System - the ultimate space-saving solution for your home gym. With its innovative folding design, this modular rack system not only looks awesome but also delivers outstanding performance. Equipped with multiple attachments, it offers endless workout possibilities. Despite its compact size, don't be fooled by its strength – this rack has an incredible 2,000 lb weight capacity. Plus, it comes with a lifetime structural warranty, proving the manufacturer's unwavering confidence in its product.



Force USA developed something pretty special with this one.

This is a freestanding 4-post folding rack with an incredible space-saving design.

Normally, this is only possible with a wall-mounted rack but not everybody has the ability or even wants to attach it to their walls.

force usa myrack folding

This gives you the ability to save space in your garage gym without having to mount it. Pretty freaking cool I must say.

This wall-mounted rack also has a bunch of different attachments to choose from, a lifetime structural warranty, westside hole spacing, a 2,000 lb maximum weight capacity (yep you read that right), and is absolutely perfect for a home gym setting.

Plus, considering it is made in the USA, this is a great deal.

Folding racks offer a ton of versatility to provide extra floor space in your garage gym, and I think it’s not only one of the best folding power racks, but it’s also one of the best modular racks period.

Runner-Up – Titan Fitness T-3 Series Folding Power Rack

Runner-Up Folding Power Rack
Titan T-3 Series Folding Power Rack

The Titan T-3 Series Folding Power Rack is a versatile and space-saving option for those looking for a folding rack. With upright heights ranging from 82-92 inches and rack depths from 21-42 inches, this rack can accommodate a variety of users and exercises. The black powder-coating adds a sleek look to the rack and with a weight capacity of 1,100 lbs, it is built to handle heavy lifts. The foldable design allows for the rack to be easily stored away when not in use. Additionally, the Westside hole spacing and J-cups with UHMW plastic make for a comfortable and safe lifting experience.



The Titan T-3 Series Folding Power Rack is a standard wall-mounted folding rack.

It has two squat rack heights, 82-inch as well as 91-inches, and it also has 21 and 42-inch rack depths.

The big plus for this Titan Fitness Squat Rack is just how cheap it is.

It ranges from around $320-$410 with that awesome free shipping making it a great deal for a solid piece of equipment.

Even though Titan is notorious for having bad shipping, it’s probably gonna be okay, ya know?

You just feel like nothing bad is gonna happen to your stuff just because it happens to 99% of people that order from them.

I don’t know, maybe just get your packaging fixed Titan, enough is enough I say!

Moving on…

titan folding rack

The Titan T-3 has westside hole spacing, 11-gauge vertical steel uprights, and a powder-coated design.

Not bad at all for the price.

One of the negatives of this Titan T-3 folding power rack is that it only has a 1-year warranty which is definitely a dealbreaker for some.

Overall, if you want a more budget-friendly option, the Titan T-3 Series Wall Mounted Folding Power Rack is a great option.

Best Squat Stand – Rogue SML-2 Monster Lite Squat Stand

Best Squat Stand

The SML-2 Rogue 90" Monster Lite Squat Stand is everything you need in a squat stand. With 11-gauge vertical uprights, a 5/8" hole spacing, and a 1,000 lb weight capacity, this squat stand can handle any weight you can throw at it. And with Westside hole spacing, you can place your j-cups and spotter arms wherever you need them.



Rogues SML-2 Monster Lite Squat Stand is their best-selling squat stand, and for good reason!

monster lite squat stand

It features Rogues’ standard 3×3″ 11-gauge steel, adjustable fat/skinny pull-up bars, and Westside hole spacing with Monster Lite 5/8-inch hole spacing.

All in all, for the price, this is one of the beefiest squat stands you’re gonna get.

Runner-Up – Fringe Sport Garage Series Squat Stand With Pull-Up Bar

Runner-Up Squat Stand
Garage Series Squat Stand with Pull Up Bar

The Garage Series Squat Stand with Pull-Up Bar is a compact yet robust fitness equipment designed for your home gym. Crafted from 2"x3" powder-coated, 12-gauge steel, it comfortably fits a 4'x4' space. It includes a pair of UHMW lined J-cups and a built-in weight horn for stability and plate storage. It can support up to a tested 450 lbs and can be bolted down for added safety during intense workouts. It features Westside spacing for optimal lift positions and an adjustable 1.25" diameter pull-up bar.



The Fringe Sport Garage Series Squat Stand is constructed of 2″x3″ powder-coated 12-gauge steel.

This is some high-quality hardware considering it’s only $350 shipped!

The uprights are also short enough for average home gyms ceiling height which is definitely a plus. This Squat Stand also has Westside spacing with 5/8-inch holes.

fringe sport squat rack with pull up bar

The standard pull-up bar is adjustable from 70.25″ up to 80.25″ for lifters of all sizes with enough headspace to do different types of pull ups such as kipping pull ups.

Just remember they’re two different exercises and you can’t actually do 20+ “pull ups”. They’re kipping pull ups, big difference.

It’s also compatible with a variety of J-Hooks, Safety Spotter Arms, Dip Bars, and any of Fringe Sport other 2″x3″ rig accessories.

My only main complaint is that it’s tested for 450 lbs. Which seems a lot lower than other brands claim with similar specs.

I’m sure they’re overestimating this and Fringe Sport has actually tested it but it’s hard to say.

If you’re a beginner lifter and want a budget power rack, Garage Series Squat Stand is going to be plenty.

Best Adjustable Power Rack – Force USA MyRack Modular Power Rack

Best Adjustable Power Rack
Force USA MyRack Modular Power Rack

Introducing the Force USA MyRack Modular Power Rack - an unbeatable modular power rack system at an incredible price. With an impressive 2,000 lb weight capacity and 20 different attachment options, including some never-before-seen offerings, this rack is perfect for all your lifting needs. The 2.4" uprights make it highly compatible with Force USA's range of equipment, ensuring a truly modular experience. And don't forget the awesome lifetime warranty, because Force USA knows their equipment is top-notch.



The Force USA MyRack Modular Power Rack is definitely an incredible squat rack system.

Here are a couple of features you need to hear about, and believe me there’s a lot!

force usa myrack customization options

First off, the base unit starts at only $499 which is already great news starting off.

The MyRack Power Rack has three color options: Black, Red, and Blue Matte; and I have to say, they all look amazing!

Next, you can customize your squat rack with a bunch of different attachments that are pretty damn incredible.

force usa cable crossover

The first is a pair of fully adjustable cable crossovers that feature a dual pulley system with 28 different positions to adjust for a large variety of exercises.

Plus, it’s plate loaded with a weight rating of 1000 lbs which is insane as you’ll never have to upgrade your power rack or pulley system ever again if you just pick these up.

force usa lat pulldown

If you’re not interested in all of the cable options, you can just save a buck (or more even) and get their lat pulldown and low-row attachment.

If you are interested in something like a functional trainer, check out my guide here.

The MyRack Power Rack is also rated for 880 lbs so again, not gonna ever have to upgrade again which is awesome.

This one is built into the back of the squat rack as well so you’re going to save a ton of space too.

If you want to convert your Cable Crossover into a lat pulldown as well, they offer a pulldown seat that attaches directly to your uprights which is an awesome idea at a solid price.

myrack utility seat

Moving on, they have three different pull-up options.

myrack pull up bars

You can choose between a classic grip chin-up bar with straight, neutral, and angled grips.

The next option is a standard Monkey Bar that includes two straight bars, one is standard and the second is a fat bar.

The third is a globe-grip chin-up bar for those that want to improve their grip strength and just want all of the options.

The final option is a hammer grip chin-up bar that allows you to perform a wide range of pull ups variations for any occasion.

Next, YEP, we’re not done.

They have 2 J-Hooks and a Mono Lift attachment as well.

myrack j-cups and mono lift

The Deluxe option has nylon that envelops the entire front of the J-Hook as opposed to just the inside.

The Standard version also has a nylon insert but the only difference is it’s not as beefy basically.

Then of course, if you want to be a lazy Powerlifter (I’m kidding…but seriously!), they offer a monolift system so you can unrack the weight without having to walk out a Squat or waste energy while benching.

It also has a pretty competitive price point as well.

Okay, we’re about halfway there but we’re making progress and that’s all that matters right?

Now, for your safety bars, you have a couple of standard options.

myrack safeties

Safety spotter arms for outside of the squat rack, box tube safeties (or ya know, flip-down safeties as they’re more commonly called), and safety slings, or just strap safeties for the same reason as before.

They’re all the same thing they just get cool names because they’re a FORCE to be reckoned with. And no, I don’t apologize for the pun.

Moving on, they have weight plate holders, landmine attachments with a landmine row included, dip bars, and band pegs.

myrack miscellaneous attachments

As you can see, this squat rack has some of the best customization options you can get and at this price point, is definitely worth it.

If you want a high-quality power rack with a ton of different upgrade paths in the future, the Force USA MyRack Modular Power Rack might be the squat rack you’re looking for.

Oh, and it has a lifetime structural warranty so you never have to worry about your investment down the road.

Good shit Force USA, the Force is definitely with you!

Best Deluxe Power Rack – Rogue Monster Cave

Best Deluxe Power Rack
The Monster Cave

Introducing the Monster Cave: a fully configurable storage solution compatible with 50+ Monster accessories. With multiple height and depth options, 2 Cable-Pulley Systems, and a Quick-Attach Pull-Up Bar, it maximizes your gym space. Crafted from 3x3" 11 gauge steel with laser-cut holes, it offers strength and durability. Upgrade your fitness setup with the Monster Cave.



Right from the get-go, you can see just how much you can build this squat rack for your exact needs.

Also, did I mention it comes with a dual pulley system? I think I kinda did…

Seriously though, TWO individual cable systems using Rogues Monster Weight Stack Slingers.

Out of all the power racks with a pulley system, this is one of the best due to all the customization options you can choose from and the ridiculous quality that Rogue brings to the table.

You can pick between a dual swivel slinger, dual CT-1 cable towers, or a combination of a CT-1 & LP-2 Lat Pulldown/Low Row Attachment.

The dual swivel slinger has high and low swivels with 300 lb adjustable weight stacks with a 1:1 ratio.

The dual CT-1 cable towers have 16 adjustable positions and a 250 lb heavy duty weight stack with a 2:1 ratio.

The LP-2 includes a 300 lb weight stack with a 1:1 ratio and comes with a stainless steel lat bar, an adjustable footplate, and a set of black carabiners.

The combination option is only available with the 100” rack height, so keep that in mind.

I haven’t even gone over the other big features the Rogue Monster Cave has, as there are too many to count.

The main one I haven’t covered is the storage potential this squat rack system has.

The steel panels are compatible with Monster storage attachments to store your barbells, collars, bands, weight plates, chains, and other add ons!

Instead of spreading your pieces of equipment all over your garage gym, it’s all in a nice and neat location for you to save time and make more gains fast.

Overall, if money is literally no object for you, just get the Monster Cave and add whatever you want to it!

It’s a super expensive squat rack, but that’s because of its unmatched potential to be an all-in-one home gym, with the centerpiece being a fully customizable Rogue Power Rack.

Runner-Up – Get RX’d Jumbo Rack 4′ Depth 12′ Width

Runner-Up Deluxe Power Rack
Jumbo Rack 4' Depth 12' Width

Introducing the Jumbo Rack: a robust, versatile power rack. Made with 11 and 7-gauge powder-coated steel, it offers durability. Featuring 3x3" uprights, 1" laser-cut holes with numbering, and 60+ attachments, it provides endless workout options. Choose from dual-functional trainers, various pull-up bars, J-cup options, and safety choices. Optional storage shelves and 10+ accessories available. Maximize your training with the Jumbo Rack.

Learn More


After that incredible Monster Cave from Rogue Fitness, it’s hard to see what could possibly follow it up in quality and options.

Luckily, Get RX’d have something similar called their Jumbo Rack, probably the second best power rack with a cable crossover you can get.

It doesn’t have as many configurations as the Monster Cave, but it’s pretty similar.

The best part is that it’s still cheaper than Rogues’ least expensive option, even with everything added.

The Jumbo Rack includes dual Functional Trainers, and added weight storage solutions for plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, and more!

You can also get multiple pull up bars, J-hooks, safeties, and over 10 different optional accessories.

This is definitely the best runner-up option for a customizable rack, so if you need a quality setup that isn’t going to cost $5,000+, this is the best that I’ve found.

Best Value Power Rack – Get RX’d 4-Post Builder Power Cage

Best Value Power Rack

The 4-Post Builder Power Cage is a durable and versatile workout station, built from 3x3" powder-coated 11-gauge steel. For varied exercise options, laser-cut numbers on uprights, a set of J-cups, 4 band pegs, safety straps, and a multi-grip pull-up bar are included. Its standout feature is the compatibility with numerous accessories, making it customizable for diverse fitness routines.



While most power racks require upgrades to get band pegs, safety straps, and a multi-grip pull up bar, this squat rack has all of that built-in at its base unit price of less than $1000.

Making it the best power rack for the money by far!

It also has hole spacing on all four sides of the uprights and crossmembers, allowing for various accessories at any height you choose.

Another cool feature that makes this squat rack even more stable is that they included holes on the uprights to mount the rack to the ground.

There are a bunch of attachment add ons you can get as well, from plate-loaded or 200 lb weight stacks, dip bars, barbell holders, plate storage, and more!

The Builder Power Cage is the best power rack for the price that I’ve found, so if you’re interested, check it out to learn more!

Runner-Up – Bells Of Steel Light Commercial Power Rack 5.1

Runner-Up Value Power Rack
Power Rack 5.1 - Light Commercial

Check out the Bells of Steel Power Rack 5.1! It's built from solid 2.3x2.3" 12 gauge steel and designed with 5/8" holes, 1" Westside hole spacing in the bench zone, and 2" spacing everywhere else. You'll love the multi-grip pull-up bar, the two pairs of j-hooks, the strap safety system, and the four band pegs. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty on welds and the frame. It's a great addition to any home gym!

Learn More


This squat rack from Bells Of Steel is one of the best values on the market. So much so that they claim it as the best value on their site.

I actually agree with them; otherwise, their Light Commercial Rack wouldn’t be here in the first place.

Some of the best things about it are the base model’s price and what you actually get with it.

The base unit price with nothing added is less than $600, which is a steal when you include everything included!

You get a pair of sandwich j-hooks which are superior to standard j-hooks by far as they protect your bar much better.

They also have a SECOND pair of roller j-hooks that allow you to slide the bar back and forth to ensure you’re lined up for Squats and Pressing movements easier.

Having two pairs of high-quality j-hooks is an excellent value right off the bat.

Still, you also get a couple of spotter straps, definitely an improvement over generic safeties.

If you plan on anchoring your squat rack down for maximum stability, you also get concrete anchors.

And of course, they add 4 band pegs for banded work.

The final inclusion you get at this low price is a multi-grip pull up bar.

Which, honestly, if you want to do pull-ups, having a multi-grip pull up bar to train different divisions of your back is absolutely necessary.

Now, if this was all that you could get for the Power Rack 5.1, it would be enough to cement it as the best power rack for the money.

However, there are a ton of customization options you can include as well!

The main ones you should be excited about are the following:

  • Two different height options – 84.5 and 72 for short ceilings
  • Plate Loaded Lat Pulldown/Low Row
  • Plate Loaded Cable Crossover
  • Landmine
  • Split Squat Leg Roller
  • Adjustable Safety Spotter Arms
  • Y Dip Bars
  • Adjustable Lever Arms
  • Monolifts
  • Vertical Barbell Holder
  • And more!

As you can see, this is one of the best value squat racks you can get, and I definitely think that this lower base price is probably the best you’re going to get.

If you want one of the best value squat racks on the market, the Power Rack 5.1 from Bells Of Steel is a fantastic choice!

Best Budget Power Rack – REP PR-1100 Power Rack

Best Budget Power Rack
REP PR-1100 Power Rack

The PR-1100 is the best budget power rack due to its multi-grip pull-up bar, laser engraved numbered uprights, UHMW plastic-lined J-hooks, extra weight storage, wide selection of attachments, impressive 700 lb weight capacity, and its compact size.



The PR-1100 Power Rack from Rep Fitness is the best power rack on a budget you can get!

Most squat racks in this price range aren’t very impressive whatsoever.

They usually have horrible j-hooks and safeties, no attachments really work with them, and on top of that, they’re generally not very well constructed.

Luckily, this squat rack from Rep Fitness is in a league of its own!

I’ve recommended it for years, and I’ve received a ton of feedback from you guys that have had a chance to try it out.

It really is one of the best budget power racks that has a bunch of attachment options available compared to others at this price point.

The first significant feature I love about this squat rack is its height-adjustable, multi-grip pull up bar.

This allows you to do any types of pull ups you prefer while also allowing you to invert the multi-grip pull up bar to accommodate lower ceilings and shorter lifters.

It also has laser engraved numbered uprights, which is unheard of for a budget power rack.

Knowing where the hell to make adjustments for your j-hooks, safeties, and attachments is a huge deal trust me!

Another issue with a cheap budget option is the crappy j-hooks they include. Metal bar on metal j-cup will tear your bar up over time.

That’s why Rep Fitness has their shit together and constructed theirs with UHMW plastic which protects your bar.

Amazing concept, right?

The final thing going for this cheap squat rack is that it actually has attachments built for it!

Sure, they’re definitely not the same quality as the beefier attachments Rep Fitness makes, but they aren’t supposed to be!

You can get lat and low row attachments, dip bars, landmines, weight horns, and plate storage as well.

Honestly, for most people that just want to lift and still have plenty of space in their garage gym, this is plenty!

Runner-Up – Get RX’d Pro Power Cage

Runner-Up Budget Power Rack
Get RX'd Pro Power Cage

The Pro Power Cage is a compact and sturdy squat rack, measuring 48”x48”x83”, with a static weight capacity of 500 lbs. It includes bumper plate pegs for added weight storage and stability, 2x J-Hooks, and safeties. The cage features a standard straight pull-up bar, making it a versatile addition to any fitness routine.



If you just need a simple rack without all the extra add-ons for under $300, the Pro Power Cage from Get RXd is probably one of the best you’re going to get.

Sure, it only has a 500 lb maximum weight capacity and a standard straight bar for pull ups.

However, it also has bumper plate pegs on the back to stabilize the squat rack and add some plate storage.

It comes with standard j-hooks and safeties, and overall, it is a pretty solid buy.

The majority of people that just require a basic power rack to get started really can’t do much better than this.

And at the price they’re asking, I definitely recommend this one!

Best Power Rack For Small Spaces – REP PR-1050 Power Rack

Best Power Rack For Small Spaces
Rep PR-1050 Short Power Rack

Introducing the PR-1050 Short Home Gym Power Rack - a compact yet powerful fitness solution. With dimensions of 72"x48"x48" and made from durable 2x2" 14-gauge steel, it provides a solid foundation for your workouts. The UHMW plastic-lined j-hooks ensure secure bar placement, while the 2" hole spacing and numbered uprights allow for easy adjustments. Enjoy the convenience of the pull-up bars, extra bar storage, and built-in weight horns. With a weight capacity of 700lb and 400lb for pull-ups and dips, this power rack is perfect for intense training.



Sure, the weight capacity is a little lower at 700 pounds, it has 2” hole spacing, and you can’t add a lat pulldown attachment.

However, for the price, this is one of the better short power racks that will fit if nothing else will!

Plus, it has built-in weight horns, numbered uprights, and the j-hooks aren’t going to destroy your barbell.

I definitely recommend this space saving power rack if you need something a bit smaller for your home gym at a low price point.

Runner-Up Power Rack For Small Spaces – Bells Of Steel Residential Power Rack 4.1

Runner-Up Power Rack For Small Spaces
Bells Of Steel Residential Power Rack 4.1

The REP PR-1050 Power Rack is a durable fitness equipment made from 2.3x2.3” 14 Gauge Steel. It features UHMW triple padded J-Hooks, pin/pipe safeties, a bare steel pull-up bar, and bolt-down feet for stability. Optional attachments are available for a more versatile workout.



The Power Rack 4.1 from Bells Of Steel is the little brother of their beefier 5.1 model.

However, this version is made specifically as a budget friendly option for home gym owners.

This squat rack has a lot of the same configurations as the Power Rack 5.1.

It comes in 84.5” and 72” heights for shorter ceilings which are always nice for home gyms.

You can also add the following attachments:

  • Lat pulldown/low row
  • Cable crossover
  • Dip Station
  • Lever arms
  • And pretty much everything else that the more expensive squat racks have

Sure, they’re all priced the same, but that makes it easier to upgrade to a bigger squat rack from them down the road.

From what I’ve found, all of their attachments should be compatible with all of their squat racks.

So if you decide you want to get their Power Rack 5.1 or all the way up to their Brute Rack 2.1, you don’t have to sell your attachments and start over, luckily!

All in all, if you want a budget friendly rack with a bunch of attachments to expand your training options, this is a great choice.

Best Half Rack – Rogue HR-2 Half Rack

Best Half Rack
Rogue HR-2 Half Rack

The Rogue HR-2 Half Rack is perfect for smaller spaces and home gyms. This compact rack has all the features of a full-sized rack, including two 3x3" 11-gauge steel uprights, a 2x3" 11-gauge steel base, and monster lite j-cups. The HR-2 also includes an additional storage area for weight plates or other equipment.



The Rogue HR-2 Half Rack is by far the highest quality half rack on the market.

It’s made in the USA and is constructed with a 2×3” 11-gauge steel base and 3×3” 11-gauge steel uprights.

The 17” crossmembers on the back provides just enough room to bench press in, do movements like shrugs and rack pulls, etc.

You can also get a couple of different add ons such as weight plate storage in the back and 16” pin pipe safety bars as well.

The HR-2 is available with 90”-108” upright heights so it’s a little taller than some power racks but other than that, there aren’t really any other customization options.

However, if you just need a half rack that saves space in your home gym, the Rogue HR-2 Half Rack is a solid choice.

Runner-Up – Rep Fitness Apollo Rack

Runner-Up Half Rack
Rep Apollo Half Rack

Constructed with 11-gauge steel and access to a ton of customization options. The flat foot base increases the stability of the Apollo Half Rack so you don't have to bolt it down. It is also compatible with PR-5000 attachments to upgrade your home gym.



While the HR-2 Half Rack is reviewed super well and everybody that uses it loves it, it is definitely lacking in available configurations.

If you’re like me and you prefer a rack that you can customize to fit your needs, then this next Half Rack is for you.

This is the Apollo Half Rack from Rep Fitness.

Using their Apollo Rack builder on their site allows you to make real time changes to the rack so you can see what the final product will actually look like.

I really love the rack builders that they’ve added recently as you can even see how much space it will take up in your garage gym.

Here are the main options required to build your half rack.

  • Rack Heights from 80”-93”
  • Weight Storage Horns
  • Logo Plate Crossmembers – Standard and Compact
  • Pull Up Bars – Multi-Grip, 1.25” Standard, 2” Standard, Globe Grip, Raw 1.25” 
  • J-Hooks – Flat sandwich, standard, round sandwich, and lowered

After this, you have a bunch of optional attachments that you can add on as well!

  • Dip Station
  • Landmine attachment
  • Spotter Arms
  • Lat Pulldown – Plate & Pin Loaded Options
  • ISO Arms
  • And a bunch more!

If you want one of the most customizable half squat racks, the Rep Apollo Rack is a great choice.

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Now I turn it over to you!

Which power racks are you most interested in getting for your home gym?

Let me know in the comment section below, right now!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll talk to you all next time!


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