Best Garage Gym Barbell – Top 20+ Bars In 2022!

Barbells are one of the most important things you can get for a home or garage gym.

When you have minimal space, a power rack, barbell and some plates go a long way.

As there are a ton of solid options out there for any price range, I’ll cover the best barbell for your garage gym from less than $150 to $500. 

Anything beyond this price point just isn’t worth it, as you’ll get more than enough value from the bars on this list.

Let’s get started!

If you prefer to watch instead, check out my ultimate barbell guide here!

Best Barbell Under 150

While you might think you need to drop a ton of money into a bar, you can actually find a couple of acceptable options for less than $150 bucks.

Let’s get started with true budget bars that are actually pretty decent!

Annzoe 7-Foot Olympic Barbell

Best Barbell Under 150
Annzoe Olympic Barbell

The 7-Foot Olympic Bar is designed for balance and long lasting performance with a compact design small enough to fit in any home or gym.

It has a maximum weight capacity of 700 lb. The bar fits 2-inch weight plates and has a knurled handle for extra safety to help prevent slipping.

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Annzoe is a company I just learned about while researching bars for this article.

The 7-Foot Olympic Bar that they sell on Amazon is actually the highest-rated bar and has really solid specs for the price point.

It has a weight capacity of 700 lbs and medium depth knurl with a center knurling.

This makes it perfect for the Olympic and Power Lifts, making it the perfect bar for a beginner just starting out.

The quality of this bar really surprised me, and I hope it suits your needs if you decide to invest in it.

Titan Economy Olympic Barbell

Best Barbell Under 150
Titan Fitness - Economy Olympic Barbell

The Economy Bar is a 20 KG, 30MM multi-purpose Olympic barbell with dual knurl marks, center knurling, and two areas of medium knurling.

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I know Titan Fitness gets a lot of crap from people that are used to Rogue quality. The one thing they do very well is making better budget options than anybody else.

You really don’t need an expensive bar when you’re just starting out, and the Economy Olympic bar they sell is proof of that!

This bar is 45 lbs with a weight capacity of 700 lbs.

It even has a center knurl, and dual multipurpose knurl marks for powerlifting and Olympic lifting.

It also has bearings in the sleeves which give it a better spin than bushings. For around $100, this is honestly a great deal, considering just how solid the quality is.

It’s the perfect beginner bar at an exceptional price, so don’t concern that it’s Titan Fitness; they’ve been around a long time and listen to their customers.

They’re constantly improving and making the best budget equipment you can get, so give them a chance.

You might be surprised!

You can check out more barbells and equipment from them in my Titan Buying Guide!

REP Basic Barbell

The final barbell on our list today is the REP Basic Barbell, but from the reviews that I’ve seen, this bar is anything but basic!

This bar from Rep Fitness is only $119, which is insanely low considering what you get!

Like the other bars on this list, it weighs 45 lbs and has a 700 lb weight capacity.

For beginner and even intermediate lifters, this is perfectly fine for a very long time.

This bar also has a center knurl and powerlifting knurl marks.

I guess the only downside for this bar; it’s not a multipurpose bar like the others; it’s a pure powerlifting bar.

However, if you don’t plan on doing any Olympic lifts, this bar is going to be perfect for you!

The knurl isn’t super aggressive like a standard power bar, but for beginners, this is acceptable, as you probably want to build up some calluses slowly before using a sharper knurl.

Many people have lifted over 500 lbs on the Squat and Deadlift with this bar without issue, which is good, as it should handle those weights without fail.

This is probably the cheapest bar you’re going to get on the market that’s actually pretty decent.

If you want to see more barbells and equipment from them, you can check them out in my Rep Buying Guide.

Best Barbell Under 200

If you can increase your budget to the $150-$200 range, things get interesting.

The value increases dramatically at this price range, and I think the best budget barbells you can get for your home gym are going to be in this section.

If you need a home barbell on a budget, here are your options!


Rogue 29MM Boneyard Bars

A Boneyard Bar is a brand new, seconds quality barbell off of Rogue’s standard production line. These bars may have minor cosmetic issues such as finish blemishes or inconsistencies with the knurl. If any flaw is found on a Rogue standard barbell, it is added to the Boneyard.

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First up we have Rogues 29MM Boneyard Bars. I’ve covered boneyard barbells before, and I think they’re an incredible buy.

The best thing about boneyard bars is they have the same functionality as their more expensive bars, but with tiny minor defects.

Rogue considers anything with blemishes and issues with the knurling to not be Rogue-quality, which I can’t blame them!

When people buy from Rogue Fitness, they expect premium equipment at a premium price.

So it makes sense they have the boneyard bars available to the public at a cheaper price than Rogue’s other bars.

I think that for the price and quality that Rogue brings to the table, this is the best home gym barbell you can get at a budget price.

Check out more about the boneyard bar in my Rogue Fitness Buying Guide!

WOD Bar 5.0

WOD Bar 5.0: Hard Chrome

"The knurling is not too sharp that it cuts up your hands, but it is still aggressive enough to make for a nice contact between hand and barbell. There is no center knurling on the bar, so it will serve those who do high volume workouts as well."

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I went over the WOD Bar 5.0 in my Get RX’d Buying Guide.

It’s a solid multi-purpose bar built for Olympic lifts, powerlifting, or WOD’s, as the name suggests!

These types of bars are perfect for your home gym, as you can buy a single barbell for any type of lifting you do.

You can get this in women’s 15 kg or men’s 20 kg options. They also have black zinc and hard chrome coatings, depending on what you prefer.

If you want a multipurpose budget bar, this is a wonderful choice!

Bells Of Steel – Barenaked Powerlifting Bar 2.0

Barenaked Powerlifting Bar 2.0

The best Powerlifting bar you can get for under $220, the B.o.S. powerlifting bar is the last power bar you will ever need to buy.

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I learned about Bells Of Steel a few months ago and from what I can tell; they have a ton of exceptional barbells and equipment.

I haven’t created a buying guide for them yet, but I plan on it in the future!

This is a pure powerlifting bar with a center knurl and an aggressive knurl. It also has a solid 1500 lb weight capacity, which makes it perfect for all skill levels.

If you plan on doing Olympic lifts, I would definitely recommend another bar on this list, though, as this bar is super rigid with little to no whip at all.

Still, if you just want to Squat, Bench, and Deadlift, this is the bar for you!

Best Barbell Under 250

There aren’t as many quality barbells in the $200-$250 price range. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a couple that I definitely recommend for the home gym community.

Let’s check them out!

REP Sabre Bar

Rep Fitness is best known for their benches and racks, but they also have a bunch of incredible barbells as well!

The Rep Sabre Bar has one of the coolest names I’ve seen for a barbell.

Rep built this bar specifically for the power lifts with a medium depth knurl suited more for beginner lifters. 

You can use it for lighter Olympic lifts, but it’s not suited as well for them. REP offers this bar in 15 kg as well as a 20 kg bar with or without a center knurl.

I’m a huge fan of the Sabre Bar for garage gym owners as it’s priced well and works great no matter what style workout you prefer!

I go over this bar more in depth in my Rep Fitness Buying Guide if you want to learn more!

Titan – Atlas Olympic Barbell

Atlas Bar – Men's 20KG Olympic Barbell

The Atlas Bar is a 20 KG, 28MM, multi-purpose Olympic barbell with dual knurl marks and two areas medium knurling.

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The Atlas Olympic Barbell from Titan Fitness is a multi-purpose bar with dual knurl marks and medium knurling.

The Atlas Bar also supports a weight capacity of up to 1500 lbs.

The sleeves feature 10 needle bearings, which provide a consistent quieter spin while performing the Olympic Lifts.

Say what you want about Titan Fitness, this hybrid bar is a solid bar that gets the job done.

Get RX’d – Rocket Bar

Rocket Bar (Men): Black Zinc

Great Spin - Lifetime Warranty - Hard Chrome Sleeves, Black Zinc Handle - 216K PSI Tensile Strength - Blue Band on the collar for easy identification

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The Rocket Bar from Get RX’d is available in black zinc or hard chrome.

It also has a 28 mm handle which is better suited for the Olympic lifts and hook grips.

It has a well crafted and consistent knurl that extends to the collar for snatches as well.

This bar also comes with dual knurl marks for Olympic and powerlifters alike. 

The Rocket Bar is definitely a solid bar that is highly rated for a reason!

Check out more from Get RX’d in my buying guide.

Best Barbell Under 300

This is where barbells really get special, and the quality is actually incredible!

The $250-300 price range has excellent bars from Rogue, Rep Fitness, Bells Of Steel and more!

I think for most people that plan on lifting for life, these are going to be the best barbells for your home gym that are still reasonably priced.

With that said, let’s check them out!


Our Pick
Rogue 45LB Ohio Power Bar – Black Zinc

Fully machined and assembled in Columbus, OH, the 29MM Rogue Ohio Power Bar features a 205,000 PSI steel shaft, single powerlifting knurl marks, and center knurling. The bar’s knurl pattern is deep and coarse without being sharp or abrasive, and the 29MM shaft diameter and high tensile strength result in little to no flex or whip. This makes the Ohio Power Bar a perfectly honed workhorse for the bench, squat, and deadlift.

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I’ve used a bunch of barbells in my life and nothing compared to a Rogue Ohio Bar.

The look and performance of them are just in a class of their own. 

If you want to get the best bar at any price, the Ohio Power Bar from Rogue Fitness is what I recommend without a doubt!

Couple things about it, I should clarify though! 

This is a pure power bar with a deep knurl pattern that isn’t super sharp or abrasive. 

It’s coarse and has an outstanding feel even after using it for half a decade.

It’s also a 29 mm bar, so it’s super stiff. I’ve used it for Olympic lifts, but I have never gone super heavy with them so maybe don’t use it for that.

It comes in a variety of different coats, but the cheaper one is the bare steel variant you can see above.

They’re all fantastic, so no matter what you pick, you’re going to get an incredible bar that is going to last you for life.

This is the best Power Bar without a doubt, so if you want the best no matter the expense, this is it.

You can check out more from Rogue Fitness in my buying guide.

REP Excalibur Bar

While the Rep Sabre Bar has an exceptional name, nothing can beat Excalibur!

They designed this bar with hybrid bearing bushings that make it perfect for the home gym community!

It can do the power lifts and Olympic lifts alike with no issue.

It’s rated for 1500 lbs with a hard chrome coating, so it’s very rust resistant.

The Excalibur Bar also has a medium/deep depth knurling which gives you a ton of grip for heavier lifts without shredding your hands like shark skin.

If you want a bar that has a cool name and performs great, this might be the bar for you.

I go over this bar in more in my Rep Buying Guide if you want to learn more!

Stealth Bar – Hard Chrome

Our Pick
Stealth Bar: Hard Chrome

"I'm not sure that you could find a barbell with a better spin than a Get RXd Stealth Bar. Some bars that spin for a long time seem to have a loose sleeve construction, but not this one. The Stealth Bar uses a needle bearing and bushing combination to provide excellent spin and also durability. I am a huge fan of the spin that the Stealth Bar provides."

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The Stealth Bar from Get RX’d is a solid weightlifting bar with a smooth and consistent spin.

It’s 28 mm which, as I mentioned before, makes it great for faster Olympic lifts and hook grips.

It has 8 oversized needle bearings as well as 2 bushings.

The Stealth Bar is also available in men’s and women’s options, like most weightlifting bars are.

This is one of the best reviewed bars from Get RX’d, so if you’re into the Olympic lifts, this bar is going to be a solid choice!

Check out more from Get RX’d in my buying guide!

Fringe Sport – WONDER BAR

Wonder Bar

The Wonder Bar reigns as the nucleus of the barbell universe here at Fringe. We set out on a noble quest to design and build the best bar suited for commercial gyms, and make it available to you at a home gym price. We completed our hero's journey and now offering our reward to you delights us. This versatile bar will serve almost everyone well. You can set world records on this bar, and use it for most training.

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The Wonder Bar from Fringe Sport is, to put it simply, wonderful.

Okay, I’m done with my dumb jokes…for now!

The Wonder Bar is available in men’s and women’s, but you can also choose the cheaper bushings or the pricier bearings.

Some customers nicknamed this bar “Black Magic” and are apparently stronger than a T-1000!

I would pay to see that fight, honestly.

The key thing about this bar is that option I mentioned before, where you can choose between bearings and bushings.

As most of you know, bearings are better for the Olympic lifts as the sleeves rotate smoother.

While bushings are more suited for heavier powerlifting movements, such as the Squat, Bench, and Deadlift.

Like most bars on this list, it has a 1,500+ lb weight capacity and is definitely an awesome choice for your garage gym.

You can check out more from Fringe Sport in my buying guide for more info!

Bells Of Steel – The B.o.S. Bar 2.0

The B.o.S. Bar 2.0

The B.o.S. bar is a steel 28MM diameter bar, with needle bearings. Designed for Olympic weightlifting, this 700kg capacity bearing bar has the perfect amount of spin on it and is built to last.

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The B.o.S. Bar 2.0 from Bells Of Steel is an Olympic Weightlifting Bar.

It’s 28 mm, has needle bearings for a perfect spin, and a 1,500 lb weight capacity. 

The Bar whip, knurling, hardened chrome finish, and overall quality of this pure Olympic Bar is pretty impressive for the price. 

If you plan on doing mostly Olympic lifts, the B.o.S. Olympic Bar is an excellent choice. 

Best Barbell Under 400

Next up, we have the best barbells under 400 for your home gym. 

I think there are plenty of bars in the $200-$300 range that are perfect for any skill level. 

If you want something with a more premium feel and better coatings such as stainless steel, then this section might be for you. 

There are actually a ton of great bars from Rogue, Rep, Bells Of Steel, American Barbell and more on this list, so check them out!

Let’s get into it!


Best REP Olympic Bar
REP Gladiator WL Barbell

Whether you are just starting to build your own home gym, or you are outfitting an affiliate and using it for Cross Training and HIIT workouts, the Gladiator will be a barbell that you will be sure to love.

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First up, we have the REP Gladiator Weightlifting Bearing Bar! 

I know it’s a mouthful!

The Gladiator WL Barbell is a true Olympic Bar with a 28 mm diameter and the perfect amount of whip. 

If you’ve ever tried Olympic lifts with a stiff bar, you’ll know just how off everything feels while performing snatches and cleans. 

The whip on the Gladiator Bar allows you to move the bar fast with excellent control. 

This bar also has a hard chrome coating, which gives it excellent rust resistance and requires very little maintenance because of it. 

It has a medium depth knurling which gives you the right amount of grip for Olympic lifting. 

This is the best weightlifting bar that rep fitness offers, so definitely check it out!

Titan – Blues City Olympic Barbell

The Blues City Olympic Bar from Titan Fitness is an excellent multipurpose bar made in the US.

This bar has multiple different cerakote coatings available; blue, black, bronze, and red. 

My favorite is the black cerakote, which looks even better than black oxide finishes. 

Cerakote finishes protect against corrosion, scratches, and rusting as well. 

Plus, it just looks exceptional no matter what color you get!

Multipurpose bars are the best bang for your buck for training in a home gym. 

This is one of the best you can get in this price range, so check it out!

Get RX’d Olympic Weightlifting Bar

Oly Weightlifting Bar - Get RX'd

On these Olympic Weightlifting Bars, we're using Spring Steel commonly used in shock-absorbing coiled springs for better barbell whip. Mild knurling in the center with slightly more aggressive knurling where your hands would grip, provides a secure hold that keeps you connected to the bar through every phase of the movement at hand. 

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Get RX’d Oly Weightlifting Bar features copper sleeves and eight needle bearings like most Olympic bars. 

It also has a hard chrome coating made of spring steel. Which is obviously used in shock-absorbing springs.

This gives the bar a better whip, which is exactly what you want from a premium Olympic Bar. 

The knurling on this bar is medium depth while the center knurl is mild. 

That way you get more grip while doing Front Squats and Cleans without the bar shredding up your collar bone like a more aggressive center knurl. 

Altogether, this is a great bar and definitely worth the price!

See more from Get RX’d in my buying guide for more options!


The Ohio Bar – Cerakote

This new variation on our flagship 20KG Rogue Ohio Bar introduces a unique polymer-ceramic composite coating—popularized in the gun industry for its durability in thin applications. Available in a range of custom-color finish options with exclusive Rogue branding, this model is a genuine game changer.

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I mentioned before how the Ohio Bar is my absolute favorite barbell for your home gym. 

It absolutely deserves all the praise that it gets. 

The best part about this bar from Rogue is all the colors you can get with it!

You can get different combinations for your shaft and sleeves to make something truly unique to your home gym!

Here’s just a few off the top of my head!

The Ohio Bar C 1024x88 1
The Ohio Bar C 1 1024x94 1
The Ohio Bar C 2 1024x88 1
  • Black/Black
  • Red/Black
  • Blue/Black
  • Grey/Black
  • Light Blue/Black
  • Maroon/Black
  • Navy/Black
  • Black/Chrome
  • Blue/Chrome
  • Green/Black
  • Orange/Black
  • Orange/Chrome
  • Red/Chrome

As you can see, there are a bunch of different options to choose from. 

So if you want a bar you’ll never tire of looking at because it fits your style, this is it. 

That’s not even the best part, though! 

It’s a Rogue Ohio Bar!

That’s all you need to know. These bars are incredible and picking your favorite color combos with cerakote coating is just icing on the cake. 

I highly recommend this bar without a doubt!

If you haven’t looked at my Rogue Buying Guide, you definitely should as I go over all of Rogue’s best equipment. 

Including, you guessed it, Ohio Bars!

American Barbell – THE CALIFORNIA BAR

The California Bar

The California Bar is our first dual-ring barbell built specifically for functional fitness athletes. It has the nuances and sought after specifications of a top-quality 28MM weightlifting bar and is also durable enough to withstand daily use in other lifts and programs.

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This is American Barbells first dual-ring multipurpose barbell they’ve built.

They said that it’s made specifically for functional fitness athletes, so if you do CrossFit, this might be the premium bar for you!

The California Barbell also has a Cerakote finish, which is one of the best coats you can get on a bar.

American Barbell has this available in a variety of colors while also sporting men’s and women’s bars as well.

The men’s bars come in Zombie Green, Elite Blackout, Concrete Grey, and Navy Blue.

The women’s bars are available in; Sky Blue, Pink, Elite Blackout, Yellow, and Purple.

Just like Rogue’s Cerakote Ohio Bar, that’s a solid number of colors to choose from.

Multipurpose bars are king for garage/home gyms, so I definitely think the California Bar is going to check a bunch of boxes for many of you.

Fringe Sport – BOMBA BARBELL V3

Bomba Barbell V3

We can't stand being like everyone else either and nor should you. That's why we made the Bomba barbell. The impressive and handsome barbell serves as a great all-around bar, that will make you feel stellar when you're lifting on it, because it's produced with Alabama steel and made in the U.S.A. We want to be Morpheus to your Neo. The red pill is to the Bomba bar, as the blue pill is to the rest. Going down the rabbit hole, you'll realize the brutal truth of reality tells you that the Bomba bar will help you get through adversity, as you strive towards heroic feats befitting a champion.

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Our final barbell under $400, is the Bomba Barbell V3 from Fringe Sport.

They actually offer the Women’s version for under $300 but whatever it’s close enough!

The Bomba Barbell is their third version, obviously. Making this their newest and most improved.

Like a lot of bars on this list, it has that black cerakote which offers resistance to abrasion, wear, and tear.

This bar is also a multipurpose bar which makes it perfect for your home gym.

I would say this is an upgrade option to Fringe Sports Wonder Bar.

Regardless of what you choose, they’re both premium bars that will handle all weights you throw at them.

The Bomba Bar looks great, performs great and is just great. Simple as that.

Check out more from Fringe Sport in my buying guide to see more of what they offer.

Best Barbell Under 500

Finally, we get to the best barbells under $500 for your home gym.

This is the maximum price range I would recommend you purchase a barbell in.

Once you get to a certain point, the quality doesn’t get much higher, but the price just continues to climb.

With that said, here are the few barbells I actually recommend that are under $500.

Here we go!

REP Stainless Steel Power Bar v2

REP Fitness has an incredible premium barbell constructed with Stainless Steel.

Even better, it’s a power bar!

Rated for 1500lbs with a medium depth knurl to keep your baby hands from getting destroyed is always nice.

It’s also 29 mm for maximum stiffness and of course, it’s stainless steel!

Wait, I already said that…

However, this is the best finish you can get on a barbell to ensure it lasts forever. It will not scrape off like cheaper finishes will, and it looks beautiful.

That’s always a plus, I’d say.

If you want the absolute best power bar from Rep Fitness, this is it.

Check out more from Rep Fitness in my buying guide to see more barbells and equipment like this!


Rogue 45LB Ohio Power Bar – Stainless Steel

All of our 29mm Ohio Power Bars also feature single powerlifting knurl marks and center knurling, machined in a pattern that’s deep and coarse without being sharp or abrasive. This makes the bar a perfectly honed workhorse for the bench, squat, and deadlift.

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There should be no surprise at all to see a Rogue Ohio Bar on this list. No matter what finish they give it, it’s still going to be one of the best bars you can get in any price range.

This bar from Rogue is a pure power bar and I absolutely recommend this over anything else if you’re interested in Powerlifting.

It features single powerlifting knurl marks and a center knurling.

Even though it has a deep and coarse knurling for maximum grip, it’s not super sharp and abrasive like other bars.

If you want the best Power Bar in any price range, this is it.

Get an Ohio Bar with whatever finish you desire. Trust me on this, it’s just that good!

Check out more in my Rogue Fitness Buying Guide to see all the best barbells and other equipment they offer.



The Fringe Sport Olympic Weightlifting Barbell is purpose-built to deliver you a high end Olympic Weightlifting bar that is designed for competition but priced for training.

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Our final barbell is the Olympic Weightlifting Bar from Fringe Sport.

I’m sure you can tell from the name exactly what kind of bar this is.

Fringe Sport created this to conform to IWF standards to mimic competition as much as possible.

This bar also has an incredible weight capacity of 2,200 lbs, which is always nice to know when doing a couple of hundred pound snatches over your head.

If you plan on competing in IWF competitions, getting a bar that mimics meet day as much as possible is always a nice way to make sure you’re as ready as you’ll ever be!

Check out more from Fringe Sport in my buying guide to see more of the equipment they offer!

What is a good price for a barbell?

Most bars cost between $150-$300, but you can find them for less and much more than this. 

Top-of-the-line bars are usually in the 300-400 range, but anything over 500 just isn’t worth it as there are a ton of great bars with cheaper price tags. 

More expensive doesn’t always equal better, after all!

As shown from this post, you can get barbells for under $150, and they work just fine for beginner lifters.

If you’re just starting out, you don’t need a super expensive barbell. 

I think it’s a good idea to get one in that $150-$250 range as these are the best value you can get, and you’ll never need to upgrade, though.

Especially if you’re trying to save money and buy nice, not twice.


Now I turn it over to you!

What do you think of the barbells I covered in this guide?

Do you agree with the quality they bring to the table?

Was there any bars you feel are worthy enough to add to this list?

Either way, leave a comment below right now!

Until next time,


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