The Best Bumper Plates For 2022

There are a ton of exceptional bumper plates out there in a variety of price ranges, build quality, and even colors if you want to get fancy.

Have you ever seen Captain America’s shield as a bumper plate before?

captain america bumper plates

You’re welcome!

Anyway, let’s get started on the best bumper plates!

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What Are The Best Bumper Plates?

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Training Bumpers

First, we’ll be covering the best Training Bumper Plates.

The major difference between these and competition plates is the core of the plate and the amount of bounce that they have.

There are a lot of shitty, cheap bumpers out there that will crumble and fall apart from a couple of training sessions. Or in my case, just one workout!

All the bumpers on this list are from highly reputable companies that produce high-quality equipment.

Leading the pack as always are Rogues’ Echo Bumper Plates!

Best Training Bumpers – Rogue Echo Bumper Plates

Rogue Color Echo Bumper Plates

Rogue's Echo Bumper Plates are made to the IWF standard diameter of 450mm and are within 1% of their target weight. The plates feature quality virgin rubber and stainless steel inserts, which give them a dead bounce and durability that is unmatched in the market. You can purchase full sets or individual pairs of Echo Bumper Plates from 10lb to 55lb weights.


Rogue Echo Bumper Plates have an IWF standard 450 mm diameter.

Rogue promises within 1% of its target, meaning it should only be +/- 0.1-0.45 lbs for each of these plates.

These also have stainless steel inserts and quality rubber, which is probably why these Echo Plates have a dead bounce.

This is incredible considering these are just standard training bumpers.

You can never go wrong with Rogue, as these Echo Bumper Plates clearly show!

Runner-Up Training Bumpers – REP Black Bumper Plates

REP Black Bumper Plates

Our REP black bumper plates are extremely durable and attractive, designed to be perfect for cross training/HIIT workouts and Olympic weightlifting. Bumper plates are excellent for training the Olympic lifts, which end with the bar overhead or at shoulder height. This allows the lifter to drop the bar after completing a lift, or if a lift is missed, you can drop the weights without harming the bar, surrounding equipment, or flooring.

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Reps Black Bumper Plates are the second training bumpers I’ve ever bought, and I’m so glad I did!

The difference between these and crumbly rubber bumpers is massive.

The pair of 10s that I got from them is extra thick at 1” which prevents them from “tacoing”, I’m sure you can figure out what they mean.

After using them for a while, they absolutely have a low bounce from my testing as well.

Rep also claims you can fit 515 lbs of their bumper plates on the average bar, which is pretty awesome considering how thin they are.

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Other than that, there’s not much to say!

I’m a huge fan of Reps Black Training Bumpers and will definitely do a full review once I get a complete set.

Budget Training Bumpers – Get RX’d Color Coded Premium Bumper Plates

Color Coded Premium Bumper Plates

Slight cosmetic and sizing differences compared to our Premium Bumper Plates 2.0, mainly consisting of the logo.

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Finally, we have Get RX’d Color Coded Premium Bumper Plates.

Compared to most training plates, these look pretty awesome with their logo, color coding, as well as the font that they use.

These are definitely the best budget options you can get that are high quality!

Trust me, don’t invest in super cheap bumpers, they’re going to fall apart on you!

If you want a solid budget option so you can still do some basic Olympic Lifting, these will definitely get the job done.

Competition Bumpers

Next up, we have competition bumpers! These are legit competition bumpers, so you can simulate training in competition settings.

Plus, with the steel core and dead bounce that they all offer, the overall performance is going to be incredible!

So, let’s get started, once again, with Rogues’ Competition Plates!

Best Competition Bumpers – Rogue LB Competition Bumper Plates

Rogue LB Competition Plates

Rogue LB Competition Plates are designed for Olympic weightlifting. These plates feature a chrome-plated steel disc insert with a minimal bounce so you spend much less time chasing the bar around. With a gloss-matte-gloss textured finish and raised lettering, these plates look as good as they perform. Plus, the raised flanges prevent direct contact with the center discs to reduce scuffing. The color-coding also allows for easy weight identification. With a +/- 15 grams tolerance, Rogue LB Competition Plates are some of the most accurate in the industry.

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These Rogue Competition Bumpers are some of the best investments you’ll ever make for your home gym!

The great thing about these bumper plates from Rogue is that they’re actually tested on a durometer scale.

This scale is used to determine how much bounce a bumper plate has. The higher the number, the less bounce the plate has.

These plates scored a 94, so they barely bounce at all compared to training bumpers.

The finish and lettering look better than ever on these, and they also have a gloss-matte-gloss finish too.

They also have a slightly raised rubber surface that prevents metal-on-metal contact with your other plates.

This also helps prevent the plate’s finish and lettering from being scuffed up as much as possible.

These are the best competition plates you can get within reason! There are more expensive plates for sure, but they definitely aren’t worth it.

Rogue bumpers are though, so check them out!

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Runner-Up Competition Bumpers – REP Competition Bumper Plates

Next up, we have the REP Competition Bumper Plates.

These are much more durable than their training bumpers as expected, but they also have an incredible durometer rating as well!

Scoring an excellent 92 putting them just below Rogues’ Competition bumpers previously mentioned.

It also has raised lettering and a raised rubber surface around the steel disc which protects them from scuffs.

These are definitely a little cheaper than Rogues’ plates, and they also offer free shipping, so you should save a ton of money if you choose these Rep bumpers.

I definitely recommend these as our runner-up bumper!

Budget Competition Bumpers – Get RX’d Competition LB Plates

Color Competition LB Plates

- Thinner plates allow for more weight onto a bar

- Galvanized Steel Disc

- Color-Coded Logos for easy identification


Finally, we have our budget competition bumpers, this time, from Get RX’d.

These plates seem very similar to their color-coded training plates, but of course, they have that steel insert and a durometer score of 90.

The color coding on these looks really nice as well, so it’s super easy to tell which plate is which.

Get Rx’d Competition Plates is one of the cheapest options you can find, so if you need a budget option, get these!


Which bumper plates are you most interested in getting for your home gym?

Let me know in the comment section below right now!

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