How Much Does The Smith Machine Bar Weigh?

Most people would not recommend using a smith machine if your goal is strength, and I agree with them.

For hypertrophy, though, there’s just more variation you can use to train each muscle group effectively.

But what we’re here for is how much different bars weigh.

The Smith Machines bar has 1 of 2 ways they are structured.

It either comes with a counterweight, or it’s practically free-floating.

If it is a counterweight, the industry average is around 15 lbs to ensure the bar doesn’t just glide away with no weight on it.

For the free-floating smith machines, they’re on average at the industry standard of 45 lbs.

Regardless, I recommend tracking all of these bars as 45 lbs as the barbell math is much easier.

As long as you track your progress workout to workout, it really won’t matter much in the end.

Just pick one standard and stick with it.

Check out how much other bars weigh below!

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