Rogue TB-2 Trap Bar Review – Best Heavy Duty Option (2024)

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The Rogue TB-2 Trap Bar is an absolute marvel of a bar. 

Compared to other trap bars on the market, there aren’t a lot with the same quality level that Rogue brings to the table

I looked at a bunch of options before deciding on this Rogue Trap Bar.

In today’s review, we’ll go over all of the awesome features that the TB-2 has and why I recommend it so much!

Let’s get started!

Here is my Rogue Fitness Review if you want to check out why you should invest in them in the first place!

Best Trap Bar For Home Gym! - Rogue Fitness TB-2 Trap Bar Review

Key Takeaways

FeaturesKey Points
Overall BuildRobust and durable, capable of handling heavy weights over 1,000 lbs
Hex WidthSpacious design, accommodating for all body sizes
Knurling & HandlesOptimal grip with medium-depth knurl, dual handle heights for versatility
SleevesLong 16″ sleeves, allowing for substantial weight loading
Black Powder CoatAesthetically pleasing, fits well in any gym setting
Price & ValueReasonably priced at $395, offering great value for its features
WarrantyLimited lifetime warranty, reflecting quality and durability

Specs, Pros & Cons


  • Made In – USA
  • Type – Trap Bar (Specialty Bar Use)
  • Color – Black Powder
  • Weight – 60 lbs
  • Overall Length – 88.5″
  • Hex Width – 28.5″ (Accommodates lifters of all sizes)
  • Handles – Dual Height
  • Handle Spacing – 25″ from the center
  • Handle Diameter – 1.34″ (34mm)
  • Knurled – Yes
  • Shaft Finish – Powder Coat
  • Sleeve Finish – Powder Coat
  • Olympic-Sized Sleeves – No
  • Rackable – Yes
  • Sleeve Length – 16″
  • Warranty – Limited Lifetime
  • Price – $395


  • Sturdy and Versatile – The TB2’s solid build quality is a standout. It’s versatile too, allowing for different exercises with its raised handles and the option for more range of motion.
  • Great for Broad Shoulders – If you’ve got broad shoulders like me, you’ll appreciate the ample interior space of this bar. It makes a big difference in comfort and performance.
  • Perfect for Teaching Form – Teaching hip hinge movements, especially deadlifts, becomes easier with this bar. It’s great for beginners to maintain proper form and see noticeable improvements in strength and speed.
  • A Worthy Investment for Home Gyms – Even if it’s not a necessity, the TB-2 is a valuable addition to any home gym. It’s more than just for deadlifts; the dual handle heights and overall build quality justify the investment.
  • Multipurpose Use – This isn’t just a deadlift bar. I’ve been using it for shrugs, farmer’s walks, and bent-over rows, making it a versatile tool in my home gym.


  • Durability Concerns – One use had an issue where the frame cracked at one of the weld points after using it for a couple of years. This is a bit concerning but sounds like an isolated incident. Regardless, their warranty will cover major defects like this.
  • Finish Issues – The paint or coating started peeling off a bit too soon for my liking. While it’s a minor issue, it’s something to keep in mind if the aesthetic and finish are important to you.
  • Need Specialty Collars – One issue you might have is the diameter of the sleeves. They’re slightly smaller than standard barbells so tighter specialty collars might be required.

Main Features

There are a couple of features that this Rogue Trap Bar brings to the table that I have to mention. 

I’ll go over each one in-depth now!

Overall Build and Quality

Let’s talk about the overall build and quality of the Rogue TB-2 Trap Bar. First off, this thing is a beast.

It’s not just another piece of equipment; it’s a solid, reliable partner in my strength training routine.

The moment I got my hands on it, I could tell this wasn’t your average trap bar. The construction is solid, and it feels like it can take a beating and still come out on top.

I mean, we’re talking about a bar that’s built to handle more weight than most of us will ever lift. That’s saying something.

What really sets the TB-2 apart for me is the space it offers. I’ve used other trap bars before, and let me tell you, the difference is night and day.

With the TB-2, there’s enough room to move comfortably, which is a game-changer for someone with a larger frame. No more feeling like a sardine in a can when I’m lifting.

The knurling on the handles is just right. It’s got enough grip to keep your hands in place without feeling like you’re holding onto a cheese grater.

And the dual handle heights? They’re a smart addition. Whether you’re tall, short, or somewhere in between, you can find a comfortable lifting position.

The Rogue TB-2 Trap Bar isn’t just about lifting weights; it’s about lifting them right. It’s sturdy, spacious, and smartly designed.

For anyone serious about their home gym and their lifting, this bar is a solid choice. Trust me, it’s worth every penny.

Hex Width

The biggest issue I have with cheaper trap bars is that they’re so damn small!

For smaller lifters, this is fine! But for bigger lifters (we all want to be bigger, right?), it’s a huge pain getting in and out of them!

On my previous trap bar, which was the god-awful CAP Barbell Trap Bar, it was so narrow that I felt claustrophobic inside the cage. 

My hands were super close to my sides, and I felt like it absolutely prevented me from overloading properly. 

Once I switched to the Rogue TB-2 Trap Bar, I had way more space to lift in, which helped me get into stronger positions. 

I recently pulled a 10 rep max for 20 reps as soon as I switched to the Rogue TB-2!

Trap Bar Hex Width

That’s a big difference overnight, and I absolutely contribute it to this Rogue Trap Bar. 

Getting yourself into the strongest position that allows you to do the most weight for the most reps is what strength training is all about, after all!

The knurled handles are also spaced perfectly for me, which I’ll go over in the next section. 

The cage itself is around 28.5″ in width, which is just right for bigger and smaller lifters alike!

If you’re looking for a solid trap bar for bigger and taller lifters that need more space, the TB-2 Rogue Trap Bar is it. 

Knurling & Handles

This was the second factor I had to consider, the knurling and the set of handles themselves. 

I wanted something that had a nice, solid knurling that wasn’t going to rip my hands up but also wasn’t slippery like cheaper bars tend to be. 

Luckily with this Rogue Trap Bar, it has a medium-depth knurl that reminds me of their standard Ohio Bar. Which I’ve owned for a couple of years and highly recommend as well!

This knurl makes it really easy to get a solid grip on the Rogue TB-2 without it shredding your hands as a cheaper CAP Trap Bar will. 

Believe me, I’ve used the latter for a couple of years, and so have others; it has not broken in and got better at all. The knurl on cheaper bars is just not worth it. 

That’s also probably part of why I could do more reps on my Trap Bar Deadlift overnight.

close up of dual knurled handles on tb-2 trap bar

The knurling on the Rogue Trap Bar is one of the main selling points for me, and I’m sure many others will agree!

Along with the knurling, the TB-2 Rogue Trap Bar has two different handle heights that allow you to change the overall range of motion.

If you use the lower height, it forces you to get much lower, and for shorter lifters, it definitely seems to work well. 

However, I went with this instead of the TB-1 Trap Bar was simple; I wanted to use the raised knurled handles. Sure, while this might reduce the range of motion, it allows taller lifters to lift more comfortably.

If you’re taller, it’s going to be very difficult to set up properly on some movements. Sometimes the Conventional Deadlift isn’t the right tool for your goals. Which is the main reason I switched to the trap bar deadlift in the first place. 

By using the higher set of handles, I’m able to get into a much stronger position without compromising my technique. 

I’m sure many of you understand the need for higher handles just like I do. 

And if you ever want to do other trap bar exercises with a greater range of motion, you just flip the bar over and use the lower handles. Easy!

All in all, the handle design of this Rogue Trap Bar is one of the main features that I absolutely needed for my own goals. 

If you have different goals, maybe the TB-1 Rogue Trap Bar is fine. But in my mind, just spending a little more and having both options is a better investment. 

If you want to learn about the best barbell knurlings, check out my barbell buying guide here!


The sleeves on a trap bar can make or break the entire thing. Most trap bars have really short sleeves that can only have a weight capacity of a couple hundred lbs. 

If you’re using super bulky bumper plates found in most commercial gyms, it’s going to be even lower. 

The solution is longer sleeves, of course!

The sleeves on my old trap bar are only around 10″. Even with the thinnest plates, you’ll never reach the 1,000-weight capacity it claims to have. 

trap bar loadable sleeves

The Rogue Trap Bar has some of the longest sleeves I’ve ever seen on this type of Bar!

They’re 16″ long, and some lifters have even pushed this Rogue Trap Bar up to 1,000 lbs without any issue. 

So you know for a fact it’s as durable as they say while also allowing for more plates regardless of if they’re thick bumper plates or not

If you need a trap bar that can hold as many plates as possible, the Rogue TB-2 Trap Bar is what you want to go with. 

Black Powder Coat

While Black powder coats aren’t as long-lasting and maintenance-free as stainless steel, I still prefer the look!

Even the coat on my Ohio Bar I bought 5+ years ago looks amazing. 

black powder coat on the tb-2

So while it might not contribute to the functionality of the bar, having equipment that looks cool and fits a color theme for your gym is always a nice plus. 

It might seem silly, but lifting with a bar that looks cool to you might be all it takes to keep progressing over the long haul. 

Just a theory, though, of course:)

Weight Capacity

Finally, we come to the weight capacity

A barbell is only as good as how much you can load it with, which goes for specialty bars as well. 

The Rogue Trap Bar doesn’t have an official spec for its weight capacity, but I can tell it’s at least 1,500+ lbs!

Here’s why I think that is the case!

This is a pretty famous video of the Forsaken Warrior doing a 1,000+ Trap Bar Deadlift. And if you look, he’s using the Rogue TB-2 Trap Bar with a shit ton of weight. 

And yes, he blacks out for a bit right after but can you blame the guy? That’s what super heavyweights can do to you!

Also, don’t worry he’s totally fine!

It’s important to me to have a bar with the highest weight capacity possible with the right mix of features.

trap bar sleeve loaded with 280 lbs

Sure, I’ll probably never deadlift 1,000 lbs, and that’s not one of my goals. It would require a lot of dedication, genetics, and special sports supplements to get to that level of strength.

But still, I want a bar that can hold a ton of weight, so I never have to buy another one or worry about getting stronger than the bar’s weight capacity.

If you get a trap bar that’s only rated for a couple of hundred lbs, eventually, you’re going to have to replace it.

As I always say, but nice, don’t buy twice.

Weight & Overall Dimensions

The Rogue TB-2 is an actual tank with its overall specs.

At a whopping 88.5″ with 16″ long sleeves, the TB-2 Trap Bar can handle just about any weight you can throw at it.

The sleeve length is by far one of my favorite features of the Rogue TB-2 as a lot of hex bars just don’t have enough room for plates.

Let alone bumper plates that a lot of garage gym owners love to use.

It’s super heavy-duty and weighs 60 lbs, which is pretty solid compared to the weight of an Olympic barbell.

All in all, while this might seem overbuilt for a garage gym, I’m happy with it and I know others are as well!


This Trap Bar used to be around $500 but has dropped considerably down to $395.

Considering how versatile this Rogue Bar is and the high quality it brings to the table, it’s absolutely worth the investment!

After all, it can hold over 1,000 lbs with its square steel tubing, and great knurled handles for the best grip possible, and the black coat looks great.

Also, the two sets of handles are better than one set of handles after all!

If you have any lower back issues and need to deadlift with a more vertical torso, the high handles are especially useful!

This is actually a really fairly priced trap bar and is definitely worth it for most home gym owners.


Now, let’s touch on the warranty for the Rogue TB-2 Trap Bar.

When you’re investing in gym equipment, especially something as crucial as a trap bar, you want to know it’s got your back for the long haul. 

Rogue Fitness offers a limited lifetime warranty on the TB-2 Trap Bar. This means they’re pretty confident about the durability and quality of their product.

In my experience, a company that backs its gear like this is one you can trust. 

It’s comforting to know that if something goes south with the bar, Rogue’s warranty is there to cover any major defects.

It tells me that Rogue isn’t just about making a quick buck; they’re about quality and customer satisfaction.

That’s the kind of assurance I look for when I’m adding to my home gym.

Who Should Buy The Rogue TB-2 Trap Bar

  • Anyone who needs a rackable trap bar and wants a high and low set of handles.
  • Any lifter who needs a high weight capacity and long sleeves to load a ton of weight on the bar.
  • Taller lifters that have a hard time performing Conventional Deadlifts will love the Rogue TB-2 and its high handles for trap bar deadlifts.
  • If you want the perfect amount of knurling for a solid grip the Rogue TB-2 is a great option.

Who Shouldn’t Buy The Rogue TB-2 Trap Bar

  • Smaller lifters might find the distance between the handles to be too far apart.
  • The sleeves have a slightly lower diameter than traditional barbells, so if you don’t want to invest in more collars the Rogue TB-2 might not be a good fit.
  • Although the Rogue TB-2 is only around $400, some might not have the budget for it. So instead, I recommend Titans Trap Bar as it’s the best value on the market!
  • If you want a trap bar with a more durable coat, I recommend getting a trap bar without this type of coat on the sleeves – as it chips pretty easily on the collars especially. The best value that I’ve found is Reps Open Trap Bar as it has hard chrome on the sleeves and a bunch of other premium features for the same price as the Rogue TB-2.


So, there you have it, my take on the Rogue TB-2 Trap Bar. It’s more than just a piece of metal; it’s a key player in any serious home gym.

With its solid build, ample space, perfect knurling, and versatile handles, it’s clear why this bar stands out. 

It’s built to last, looks great, and most importantly, it performs.

Remember, investing in quality equipment is investing in your strength journey. The Rogue TB-2 Trap Bar is one of those investments that you won’t regret. 

Until next time,


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