The Best Rackable Curl Bar For Big Biceps

With the increasing popularity of garage gyms, more people are looking for the best home gym equipment.

Once you get the basics covered, things like a high quality curl bar are an awesome addition to expand your training options.

But if you’re like me, getting a rackable curl bar is definitely worth the extra investment.

In this guide, we’ll take a detailed look at everything you need to know about rackable EZ curl bars – including the best options, features to look for, pros/cons, and more!

Let’s get started!

What Is A Rackable EZ Curl Bar?

Rackable EZ curl bars are exactly what they sound like, a longer curl bar that you can rack and unrack in your power rack. 

They’re very similar to a standard curl bar but are much more versatile I think.

buff man about to unrack the rogue curl bar

You can easily store them with barbell gun racks in your garage gym, and change the weights much easier while racked.

For lifters that want to perform heavy extensions and skull crushers, a rackable EZ curl bar is your best option overall.

Features To Look For In EZ Curl Bars

When shopping for the best rackable EZ curl bar, there are a few key features to look for.

  • Overall Length – The length of a rackable EZ curl bar is an important factor to consider. A longer bar will allow for more variations such as close and wide grip curls, while a shorter bar will be more compact and easier to store. It’s essential to choose a length that fits your needs and space availability.
  • Weight Capacity – A higher weight capacity means that you can use heavier weights without worrying about your curl bar bending or warping on you. I recommend you pick a rackable EZ curl bar with at least a 300lb weight capacity to cover your bases.
  • Knurling – The knurling on your curl bar will ensure you get a better grip while reducing the chance of dropping it on your face while doing skull crushers and pullovers. I personally prefer a more aggressive knurling for EZ curl bars, as the weight you use with them won’t tear your hands up like heavier movements will.
  • Material & Finish – Rackable EZ curl bars are usually made of bare/carbon or stainless steel. However, like most barbells, they also have a barbell finish or coating to protect the steel underneath. Chrome-plated bars are durable, easy to clean, and provide a shiny finish, so they’re more commonly used. However, if you can invest in a stainless steel or cerakote barbell, I highly recommend them if you find the right brand.
  • Compatibility – Make sure that the rackable curl bar you choose is compatible with the weight plates you already have or plan to purchase in the future. Some bars have a different sleeve diameter than Olympic plates, which can make it difficult to use the weights you already have.

By considering these features when shopping for a rackable curl bar, you’ll be able to find the perfect piece of equipment that fits your needs, budget and space availability.

What Are The Best Rackable Curl Bars?

Best Overall – Rogue Rackable Curl Bar

Best Overall
Rogue Rackable Curl Bar

The Rogue Rackable Curl Bar is the ultimate choice for those looking for a high-quality rackable EZ curl bar. With its superior knurling pattern and coverage, it offers the same level of grip and control as the Rogue Ohio Bar. The bar's Black E-Coat & Cerakote finishes not only look sleek, but also provide added protection against rust buildup. The bright zinc sleeves provide a striking dual-tone finish, while the bronze bushings ensure long-lasting durability. This curl bar can also hold more weight than its competitors, making it perfect for heavy lifting sessions.



  • Price – $265 for E-Coat, $305 for Cerakote
  • Weight 35lbs
  • Overall Length – 74.75”
  • Shaft Diameter – 28.5mm
  • Shaft Finish – Black E-Coat or Cerakote Finishes
  • Loadable Sleeve Length – 10.50”
  • Sleeve Finish – Bright Zinc
  • Distance Between Sleeves – 51.8125”
  • Knurling – Ohio bar knurling
  • Rotation System – Bushings
  • Warranty – 5-Year
  • Built in the USA – Yes
all important specs of the rogue curl bar


  • Uses The Same Knurling Rogue Ohio Bar
  • Features Superior Bright Zinc Sleeves
  • Offers The Longest Loadable Sleeve Length For More Plates
  • Has The Best Knurl Coverage
  • Choice Between Black E-Coat & Cerakote Shaft Finishes
  • Awesome Camber Design For Improved Comfort
  • Design Should Be Easily Rackable On Any Squat Rack
  • Bronze Bushing Design Lasts Forever
  • Like Most Things Rogue, It’s Built In The USA


  • Pretty Pricey For A Curl Bar
  • Grooved Sleeves Aren’t Necessary & Cause More Plate Noise
  • End Caps Can Chip
  • No Stainless Steel Option
  • Some Have Described The Knurling As Too Passive

Best Value – Rep Rackable Curl Bar

Best Value
REP Fitness Rackable Curl Bar

The Rep Fitness Rackable Curl Bar is the best value option on the market. With a 74" shaft, you can rack this bar in pretty much any standard-width power rack, which is definitely convenient. It is also a great deal heavier than shorter options at 35 lbs. This is also due to its 30mm shaft diameter, which increases its weight capacity as well. The hybrid bearings and bushings in the sleeves offer a smooth spin, while the hard chrome and stainless steel options provide excellent rust-resistance. Regardless of if you're a beginner or a more experienced athlete, the REP Fitness Rackable Curl Bar is a great value option for your home gym.

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  • Price – $199 for Chrome, $299 for Stainless Steel
  • Weight 35lbs
  • Overall Length – 74”
  • Shaft Diameter – 30mm
  • Shaft/Sleeve Finish – Hard Chrome or Stainless Steel Construction
  • Loadable Sleeve Length – 10”
  • Distance Between Sleeves – 51”
  • Knurling – Medium-Depth Knurl
  • Rotation System – Hybrid Bearing & Bushings
  • Warranty – Chrome Finish 5-Years, Stainless Steel Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Built in the USA – No
man curling rep rackable curl bar


  • Hybrid Bushing/Bearing Rotation System Provides A Consistent Spin
  • Bend Design Is Super Comfortable
  • Available In Hard Chrome & Stainless Steel
  • Thicker Shaft Is More Comfortable Than A Thinner Rackable EZ Curl Bar
  • Smooth Sleeves Prevent Noisy Loading & Unloading
  • Free Shipping Makes This A Great Value Compared To Competitors
  • Medium-Depth Knurl Is Perfect For This Style Of Curl Bar


  • Stainless Steel Is Known To Show Signs Of Oxidation
  • Knurling Coverage Isn’t The Greatest

Best Budget – Titan Rackable Curl Bar

Best Budget
Titan Rackable EZ Curl Bar

The Titan Rackable EZ Curl Bar offers unbeatable value for a rackable curl bar. With its bronze bushings, medium-depth knurling, and hard chrome coating - this bar is a top choice for those looking for a high-quality curl bar at an affordable price. The knurling coverage is particularly impressive, as some pricier curl bars have segmented sections of knurling instead. If you want an awesome rackable curl bar at almost half the price of the competitors, this bar is for you.

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  • Price – $119
  • Weight 31lbs
  • Overall Length – 71”
  • Shaft Diameter – 28mm
  • Shaft/Sleeve Finish – Hard Chrome
  • Loadable Sleeve Length – 9.25”
  • Distance Between Sleeves – 49.25”
  • Knurling – Medium-Depth
  • Rotation System – Bronze Bushings
  • Warranty – 1-Year
  • Built in the USA – No
titan rackable curl bar racked in power rack


  • Best Priced Rackable Curl Bar On The Market
  • Solid Hard Chrome Finish
  • Medium-Depth Knurling Is Perfect For Most Lifters
  • Free Titan Shipping Makes This An Even Better Value


  • Bunch Of Quality Control Issues
  • Collars Are Squeaky & Don’t Spin Smoothly
  • Might Be Difficult To Rack As It’s Shorter Than Other Curl Bars
  • It’s Titan, So Expect Standard Titan Shipping

Best On Amazon – XMark Convict 6″ Rackable Olympic Curl Bar

Best On Amazon
XMark Convict Rackable Curl Bar

The XMark Convict Rackable Curl Bar is the best option on Amazon with solid features considering its price point. The black phosphate coating on the shaft looks great, while the hard chrome sleeves create a nice contrast. Combining the bronze bushings with a medium-depth knurl allows for a ton of grip while reducing torque on your wrists and forearms. If you want the best rackable curl bar on Amazon, the XMark Convict Bar is your best option.



  • Price – $138
  • Weight – 33lbs
  • Overall Length – 74”
  • Shaft Diameter – 28mm
  • Shaft Finish – Black Phosphate
  • Loadable Sleeve Length – 10”
  • Sleeve Finish – Hard Chrome
  • Distance Between Sleeves – 52”
  • Knurling – Medium-Depth Knurling
  • Rotation System – Bronze Bushings
  • Warranty – 90 days
  • Built in the USA – No
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  • Incredible Price For The Features Offered
  • Longer Than Other Budget Rackable Curl Bars
  • Black Phosphate Coating Looks great
  • Pretty Solid Knurling Coverage For A Budget Curl Bar


  • Cheap Cardboard Packaging Might Affect Condition While Shipping
  • Knurling Might Not Be Consistent Based On QC

Most Unique Design – Bells Of Steel Industrial Rackable EZ Curl Bar

Most Unique
Bells Of Steel Industrial Rackable EZ Curl Bar

The Bells of Steel Industrial Rackable EZ Curl Bar has the most unique design I've seen in a curl bar. Sporting its dual tone titanium gold sleeves and black cerakote shaft, you most likely have never seen an EZ curl bar like this. The bent camber design is built for comfort/performance and has a medium-depth knurl for a solid grip. If you want a rackable curl bar with a premium design, this is it!



  • Price – $199
  • Weight 33.5lbs
  • Overall Length – 74.6”
  • Shaft Diameter – 28mm
  • Shaft Finish – Black Cerakote Finish
  • Loadable Sleeve Length – 9.5”
  • Sleeve Finish – Titanium Plated
  • Knurling – Medium-Depth Knurl
  • Rotation System – Bushings
  • Warranty – Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Built in the USA – No
side view of the bells of steel industrial ez curl bar


  • Unique Gold Colored Titanium Sleeves Look Awesome
  • Medium-Depth Knurl Is Just Right
  • Bent Camber Design Is Really Comfortable


  • Cerakote Finish Isn’t Consistent On Some Bars
  • Ribbed Sleeves Cause Plates To Make Noise & Not Needed On EZ Curl Bars
  • Loadable Sleeve Length Is Lower Than The Competition

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specs of the rogue rackable curl bar
If you’re having a hard time deciding, just get the Rogue Rackable Curl Bar and call it a day!

Now I turn it over to you!

Which curl bar are you most interested in getting for your own home gym?

A standard curl bar? Or something bigger and better, like the rackable EZ Curl Bars I covered in this guide?

Regardless, let me know in the comment section below, right now!

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