What Is An EZ Bar? – The Best Tool To Build Bigger Arms

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An EZ bar, also known as an EZ curl bar, is a special type of barbell specifically designed to provide a more comfortable position for your wrists and elbows.  

The ergonomic-friendly design allows you to perform curls, extensions, and other upper body exercises with less torque on your joints.

curl bars inside of barbell rack

The cambered sections of the shaft allow for multiple different grips for bicep and tricep exercises. 

In this guide, I’ll cover everything you need to know about EZ curl bars including their dimensions, benefits, different types, and more. 

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Benefits Of An EZ Bar

The main benefit of an EZ curl bar is that you can perform different upper-body movements without putting as much torque on your wrists and elbows. 

Compared to an Olympic or standard barbell, which forces you into a supinated grip (palms facing up), the angled grips of an EZ barbell reduce strain and allow you to train without any wrist or elbow pain.

Types Of EZ Curl Bars

There are multiple different types of EZ bars, similar to how there are different types of straight bars.

man using a super curl bar with a neutral grip position for hammer curls

Hear a few of the most common ones and what they’re for.

Standard EZ Curl Bar

This type of EZ bar doesn’t have rotating sleeves, has a 1″ diameter throughout the shaft/sleeves for standard weight plates, and has a lower weight capacity than a typical Olympic EZ curl bar can.

Olympic EZ Curl Bar

This type of curl bar is what most people are used to using.

Just like an Olympic Bar, an Olympic EZ bar has rotating sleeves to help reduce torque while performing different exercises, and has 2″ sleeves that can be loaded with heavy duty Olympic weights.

Rackable EZ Curl Bar

This type of EZ bar is very similar to an Olympic one, however, it is longer to allow you to rack it into a squat rack.

The increased length of the sleeves allow you to load more weight plates as well.

Super EZ Curl Bar

You can find super EZ bars available in standard 1″ as well as Olympic curl bar options.

The biggest difference between these and other EZ bars is the much steeper bends on the shaft.

This allows you to perform an EZ bar curl even closer to a neutral grip position and is great for extensions, skull crushers, etc.

Fixed Curl Bar

A fixed curl bar is commonly found in most commercial gyms and isn’t loadable like an EZ bar.

They tend to have rubber coated ends to protect the weights, and allow you to perform drop sets or other set intensifiers easier than a loadable EZ bar.

Tricep/Hammer Curl Bar

This type of bar has multiple uses for both tricep work and hammer curls, as the name implies. The unique shape and length of the bar allow you to balance it much easier than a longer barbell.

Swiss Bar

A Swiss bar, also known as a multi-grip or football bar – usually has angled and neutral grip handles that make exercises like swiss barbell curls and extensions easier.

So while it might not be your typical EZ curl bar, I think a Swiss bar is close enough to count.

This type of bar usually has multiple different grips and is primarily built for neutral/angled grip pressing and rowing variations.

As you might expect, this makes this type of specialty barbell much more versatile than you might expect. 

Anatomy of an EZ Bar

Design and Shape

EZ bars are designed with an angled grip that offers a semi-supinated grip. This is basically halfway between having your palms facing up and a neutral grip position.

man performing preacher curls and showing the unique bends of an ez bar

The shape of the cambers on an EZ bars shaft allows for a much more natural position for your wrists and elbows while doing EZ bar curls, extensions, and upright rows.

EZ bars are also significantly shorter than an Olympic barbell, which makes balancing the bar much easier overall.

Dimensions Of An EZ Curl Bar

  • EZ Curl Bar Weight – Curl bars can weigh anywhere from 5-35lbs, depending on the type and brand.
  • EZ Curl Bar Length – The length of a bicep curl bar is also going to depend on the above factors. Bars like rackable EZ bars are generally around 74” long, a regular Olympic curl bar is between 47”-55” long, and tricep/hammer curl barbells are super short around 34” long.
  • EZ Curl Bar Diameter – Many EZ bars are around 25-28mm like women’s and men’s Weightlifting/Multipurpose bars respectfully. Some are a bit thicker around 30mm, but overall they’re going to be similar to thinner Olympic barbells.

Best Exercises To Do With An EZ Bar

closeup of man doing preacher curls for biceps

There are a couple of basic exercises that are commonly done using an EZ bar.

Bicep/Reverse Curls

Doing an EZ bar curl allows you to train the brachialis much more than a supinated grip curl will allow. You can also flip your hands over for a pronated grip that will train the forearms as well.

Tricep Extensions/Skull Crushers

I don’t know about you, but my elbows get cranky if I try to do any extensions or skull crusher variations with an Olympic bar.

The angled grip of the EZ bar allows for a more comfortable and isolated movement, and keep your elbows happy.

Upright Rows

Some people have issues performing upright rows in general, so trying them with an EZ bar might make them more comfortable, so you can build bigger shoulders.

Worst Exercises To Do With An EZ Bar

Untitled design 24

While EZ bars have unique benefits for some exercises, there are a couple that you should steer clear of.


Any Deadlift variation is going to be a bad fit, as the EZ bars camber will drag up your shins and thighs while performing them. Plus, the loading capacity compared to a straight bar is nowhere near as heavy.


Using an EZ bar has the same issues for Squats as the Deadlift.

Most curl barbells aren’t rackable so setting up with enough weight to overload on squats just isn’t going to happen.

Plus, the curved shaft on your upper back isn’t going to be stable and on top of that, you just can’t use enough weight in general.

Hip Thrust/Glute Bridge

This is another movement that is better suited for a straight bar. The glutes are the largest muscle group in the body and the loadable sleeve length isn’t going to be enough just like the previous two movements.

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