REP PR-4000 Power Rack Review – Best Value For Home Gym

I wanted to upgrade my older power rack that I’ve had for over ten years.

The two main ones I was interested in replacing it with were the PR-4000 and PR-5000 from REP Fitness.

I eventually decided on the PR-4000 as it worked best in the training space for myself and my clients as well.

So today, I’ll go over my review of the PR-4000 Power Rack and why I think it’s the best power rack for a home gym!

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PR-4000 Specs

The PR-4000 is constructed of 3×3″ 11 gauge steel and is rated at 1,000 lbs. 

Meaning it can handle any weight thrown at it other than powerlifters squatting over 1,000 lbs. 

Which is less than 1% of the population as it’s so rare. 

Rest assured, this rack isn’t going anywhere. 

It also has a 1″ west side spacing through the bench zone as well as 5/8″ holes. 

You also have a couple of different options for uprights and cross members, depending on what configuration you’re looking for. 

The uprights have a choice between 80″ and 93″. I went with 80″ as I lift in a garage and appreciated the extra space. 

You can also choose between 4 and 6 post racks in a bunch of cross member sizes. They have 24″, 30″, and 41″ available for whatever size footprint you’re looking for. 

I went with the 41″ as it allows me the full space necessary to bench and squat inside the rack. 

You can also pick 24″ cross members inside and use Spotter arms outside the rack instead. 

It’s cheaper than a standard 6 post and will still allow you to add on-plate storage as well as the pull down/cable row attachments.

More on that later. 

I went with a 6 post PR-4000 with the 41″ crossmembers as well as the 80″ uprights for my needs. 

This gives me enough space above the rack to not bang into my garage door while also being wide enough to accommodate multiple lifters. 

As you can see, just the base specs on this power rack make it an awesome investment. 

As for the price, the cheapest configuration is definitely a great value without a doubt. 

Now onto the main reason, I’m a huge fan of the PR-4000, the accessories!

PR-4000 Accessories

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One of my favorite things about REP Fitness is all of the accessories they can offer at a solid price point. 

PR-4000 has an ever-expanding variety which makes it easy to buy just the base rack and upgrade your setup over time. 

Here are all of the accessories you can get on the PR-4000!

The base setup requires that you pick a pull-up bar, safeties, and j-cups at a minimum. 

Everything else is optional!

Mandatory Accessories

  • Pull-up Bars
    • 2″ Standard Pull-Up Bar
    • Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar
    • Globe Front Mount Pull-Up Bar
  • Safeties
    • Pin-Pipe Safeties
    • Flip-Down Safeties
    • Strap Safeties
  • J-Cups
    • Standard J-Cups
    • Flat Sandwich J-Cups
    • Round Sandwich J-Cups
    • Monolift

Optional Accessories

  • Spotter Arms
  • Front Extensions 
  • Dip Attachment
  • Landmine
  • Weight Horns – 6″ & 12″
  • Band Pegs
  • Leg Rollers
  • Iso Lever Arms
  • Lat Pulldown/Cable Row Attachment
  • Belt Squat

For my own case, I started with the basic 6 post rack, multi-grip pull-up bar, strap safeties, flat sandwich j-cups, and a pair of weight horns. 

I’m in the process of adding the iso lever arms and pulldowns as it will expand my training options tremendously. 

REP Fitness is constantly adding new accessories for all of their racks, and I’m sure that will continue in the coming years! 

I want to go more in-depth into the different pieces and accessories that comprise the PR-4000 so that you can decide which ones are right for you!


PR-4000 Uprights
  • Uprights come in boxes of 2: select 2 for a standard 4 post rack - and 3 for a 6-post rack.
  • Hardware included = 4 anchor bolts for anchoring your rack to the ground.

The uprights offered with the PR-4000 come in two different sizes. Depending on the space you have available, you can get these in either 80″ or 93″ variations.

As of now, they also offer these in a couple of different colors. Ranging from Matte Black and Metallic Black to Red and Blue.

As you can see from the pictures, I went with the red uprights, and it looks pretty sleek, in my opinion!

These uprights come in boxes of 2, so you’ll need to select 2 for a 4 post rack and 3 for a 6-post rack.

They also include 4 anchor bolts if you want to anchor your rack to the ground. I don’t think you need to, though, unless you plan on getting the iso lever arms.

It’s heavy enough by itself to stay put, which is awesome!

These uprights also have 5/8″ hardware which is still really overbuilt compared to other power racks on the market, so don’t worry. The PR-4000 is definitely a tank and isn’t going to fail on you anytime soon.


PR-4000 Crossmembers
  • Crossmembers come in boxes of 4 - choose 1 for a standard 4-post rack, and 2 for a 6-post rack. 
  •  Hardware included = (16) M16x110 bolt/washer/nut set-ups to connect crossmembers to your uprights

REP Fitness has quite a few options for PR-4000 crossmembers.

You can get them in 16″, 24″, 30″, and 41″ sizes which allow for various configurations depending on the footprint of your gym. 

These crossmembers come in matte black, metallic black, blue, orange, green, and red. 

Just like the uprights, they also have 5/8″ hardware, so your rack is going to be much more sturdy than lesser racks. 

Also, as you can tell, there are many different ways you can set up your PR-4000 for your specific needs. 

Different crossmember sizes and color options allow you to configure your rack however you like. 

These kinds of features are part of why I recommend this rack and REP Fitness so much in general. 

Pull-up Bars

PR-4000 Pull-up Bars

Maximize your space and add versatility to your rack with one of our pull-up bar options! Target different muscle groups with the variety of pull-up options including wide, narrow, neutral, pronated and supine grip.

There are a few different pull-up bars you can get with the PR-4000. The two cheapest ones are the 1.25″ and 2″ standard pull-up bars.

This is great if you just want to do standard pull-ups and chin-ups without spending too much.

The next option is their Multi-Grip Pull-up Bar which is the one that I went with!

This one is definitely the best bang for your buck, in my opinion. It has two neutral grip positions, a set of angled grips, as well as standard and fat grips.

This pretty much covers all of your bases when it comes to the majority of pull-up variations, so I highly recommend it if you’re big on pull-ups in general!

The final options they have are front-mounted and side-mounted globe grips.

These are very similar to the multi-grip pull-up grips, but the main difference is they have what is known as globe grips.

They are much more difficult to hold onto, so they work awesome for building your grip strength up.

If you want a pull-up bar that has pretty much every option you can think of, this might be a good choice for you!


PR-4000 Pin-Pipe Safeties

As far as safeties go, pin-pipes are traditional and reliable! If you want to ensure you're protected during your lifts, pin-pipes are a great choice.

Like everything else on this rack, you have a couple of different options when it comes to the safeties you choose.

The cheapest you can get is the pin-pipe safeties. However, I’m not a huge fan of them as I want my barbells to stay in the best condition possible.

However, from the reviews that I’ve read, while the pipe does get banged up, your barbell shouldn’t get beat up as well.

You can get these in 24″, 30″, and 41″ sizes to fit whatever size rack you decide to build.

The next option that I’m a huge fan of is the PR-4000 Strap Safeties. These strap safeties are constructed of reinforced nylon and will not break under any circumstances.

PR-4000 Strap Safeties

These reinforced nylon straps are designed to prevent knurling damage to your bar from any missed lifts. Use heavy-duty bolts to secure straps to bracket, so your safeties will remain perfectly in place.

Also, because they’re straps instead of solid steel, you don’t have to worry about your barbell being damaged if you miss a lift!

That’s the best part and that’s exactly why I recommend these out of all the safeties that REP Fitness offers.

The final and most expensive option is the PR-4000 Flip-Down Safeties.

REP PR-4000 Flip-Down Safeties

Upgrade to Flip-Down Safeties with protective plastic liners inside and out to protect your barbell! Perfect for athletes training alone to save you on any failed reps, but also to provide you with a pulling platform.

These are much higher quality than standard steel safeties from lower-quality racks.

They also have UHMW plastic on top, which stands for Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene.

This plastic offers high abrasion, wear, and impact resistance while being very lightweight. Thus, making it much easier to protect your barbell on failed reps.

These also have 1″ numbered holes, so you can use them with a ton of accessories at any height you choose. 

You can even attach these to your iso lever arms to do leg presses and hack squats as well.

I must say, it’s pretty crazy what you can do with a proper power rack in a home gym these days.


PR-4000 Standard J-cups

Gusseted brace under the bend in the j-cup for added strength. Protective plastic on the front, bottom, and back of the cup.

The PR-4000 has a few different j-cup options as well. However, the standard J-cups that REP sells are incredible for the price!

They have UHMW plastic covering the front, bottom, and back of the cup. Protect your barbells and racks from scratches and general abrasion. 

Considering the price of these and the fact that they fit on 3×3″ racks makes this an incredible value.

PR-4000 Flat Sandwich J-cups

Full protection of your bar's knurl. Larger opening ideal for oversize bars.

Next up, we have PR-4000 flat sandwich j-cups. 

These are much easier to unrack and rack your barbell from what I’ve found after using both. 

They also have an entire block of UHMW plastic that protects your barbell and adds a ton of stability to the j-cup as well. 

On top of that, they have REPs’ laser engraved logo on the side, which just looks awesome in general. 

I’m a huge fan of these and definitely recommend them even though they’re a little more expensive than the standard j-cups. 

PR-4000 Round Sandwich J-cups

Full protection of your bar's knurl from metal contact and a secure "doesn't move" resting point. Dual-lock wraparound design for extra peace of mind with heavy weight.

The final j-cups that REP offers are the rounded sandwich j-cups. These are very similar to normal sandwich j-cups, but because they’re rounded when you rack and unrack the weight, the bar only has one place to go. 

This is awesome as most J-cups allow the bar a little room to roll, which isn’t always super secure. So if you’re worried about the bar rolling off the j-cup and onto your face on the bench or even off your back while you’re trying to squat, these rounded j-cups ensure your bar will stay secure. 

They look almost identical to the standard sandwich j-cups and are only slightly more expensive. 

This is definitely a good option, and I recommend them if you want the security they can afford. 

Spotter Arms

PR-4000 Spotter Arms

24" Spotter arms with protective plastic liners.

Rack MUST be bolted down or have our Front Foot Extensions installed.

The PR-4000 also has spotter arms as an option for safeties. 

These can be used outside the rack and work great for overhead press or even just to rack your barbell rows, Romanian deadlift, or other exercises. 

That being said, though, if you get these, you need to bolt your rack down or get the front foot extensions. 

If you don’t, it’s possible to flip your rack, like some other fail videos shown online. I’m sure none of you reading this want to end up on one of those compilation videos if you miss a lift. 

The great thing about these Spotter Arms, like all things REP, is they’re covered in UHMW plastic to protect your barbell, which is fantastic but expected. 

PR-4000 Front Foot Extensions

PR-4000 Front Foot Extension Pair

Front Foot extension to work outside the rack without bolting down. REQUIRED if using Spotter Arms without bolting your rack down.

Allows you to add spotter arms off the front of the rack and has a dedicated setup for benching and squatting without changing the j-cup or safety height.

These Front Foot Extensions are an awesome add-on if you plan on training outside the rack and need extra security. 

If you don’t have the means to bolt your rack down, you’ll need these if you plan to use the iso lever arms or the previously mentioned Spotter Arms. 

These get the job done and has holes if you want to set up Band Pegs or other accessories outside the rack. 

Dip Attachment

PR-4000 Dip Attachment

Dip Attachment with new bolt-together design.

The dip attachment for the PR-4000 has a bolt-together design. Which can be attached inside or outside the rack. 

The angle of the handles also allows you to work closer and wider to bias different parts of your musculature. 

There is a little bit of wiggle in it while attached to the rack, but it definitely isn’t substantial compared to lesser dip bars. 


PR-4000 Landmine Attachment

Attached to your power rack's upright, the landmine allows you to use your barbell for various exercises that build core and shoulder strength, both of which are important for any athletic performance. Perform a broad range of exercises including landmine rows, landmine presses, Russian twists, and bent over rows (among many others).

The main issue with landmine movements is that you’re usually limited to the corner of your gym. 

With REPs’ landmine Attachment, you can attach it to any position or angle on your rack. 

This makes your landmine exercises much more stable and allows for a large variety of exercises as well. 

If you enjoy different landmine exercises, this might work perfectly for your setup. 

I should also point out that because there’s nothing to protect your bar inside the sleeve, you should definitely use a beater bar as it will most likely get scratched. 

You also have to use the included Allen Wrench to adjust where you want the landmine. 

If they used a pin instead, I think it would make it easier to adjust, but for now, keep that Allen Wrench handy if you plan on moving the landmine around often. 

Overall though, it’s solid and works great. 

Weight Horns – 6″ and 12″

PR-4000 Weight Horns

Bolt on, chrome-coated weight horns for the PR-4000 Power Rack.

Weight horns are sold in pairs and come in either a 6" or 12" size.

The PR-4000 has the option of including weight horns as a storage option. 

They are available in 6″ as well as 12″ options. I went with the full set to attach 3 of the 12″ and 3 of the 6″ Weight Horns to the rack. 

With the setup I went with, you can use the smaller Horns for 2.5s and 5 lb plates. Meanwhile, the longer Horns work awesome for any plate larger than that. 

Getting your weight off of a standard weight tree and onto your rack has been awesome! 

It saves space in my garage and also adds stability to the already sturdy PR-4000

I definitely recommend these if you need a storage solution for your gym. 

Band Pegs

PR-4000 Band Pegs

Set of 4 - used on the rack to loop bands to add resistance to a variety of movements.

If you need band pegs for banded movements, you can get them in sets of 4 for less than 20 bucks, which is awesome. 

Nothing more really needs to be said about them, honestly. 

Leg Roller

PR-4000 Leg Roller Attachment

Keep legs held down during lat pulldown and has multiple other creative uses.

Leg Roller attachments for the PR-4000 have many functionalities depending on what you need them for. 

The main and most obvious one allows you to brace properly while doing pulldown variations. In addition, setting them at knee height while seated will prevent you from moving during heavy back work. 

Another way you can use them is with split squats, as it’ll be much more comfortable than placing your back foot on a bench. 

I’ve also seen these used for Back Extensions inside your rack, handles for Hack squats, and many more!

My only gripe with these is that they really should offer them as a set of 2 for the price they’re going for. 

I still recommend them but would like to see them a little cheaper for sure. 

PR-4000 Monolift

REP Monolift Attachment

Designed to fit REP’s 4000 and 5000 series racks, these heavy-duty Monolift attachments deliver in the areas that count for your gym: function and form. We’ve designed these Monolift arms to swing smoothly and clear quickly so that you can focus on PRing your lift.

Monolifts are an awesome addition to home gyms as they allow you to unrack your bench press and squat a lot easier. 

With the squat, you literally just get under the bar with your proper foot position, take your breath, and stand up. 

Then, instead of walking the weight back, the Monolift Attachment swings out of the way so you can start squatting from that position. 

It works the same for the bench press and any other movement you choose to do. 

Some have said they don’t have a lot of room while squatting, but they may have fixed this with newer models. 

If anybody has access to it, let us know how it works for you in the comments below!

Iso Lever Arms


Our ISO arms replace many machines you might rely on in a commercial gym, giving you even more reason to bring the gym home! This innovative power rack attachment offer a ton of versatility and save you precious floor space by replacing bulky equipment and easily storing out of the way when not in use.

The Iso Lever Arms available for the PR-4000 are probably my favorite accessory you can get for this incredible rack!

For home gyms, it’s easy to just use barbells and dumbbells for your training. They are simple to get access to and use. 

Cables are a little harder but definitely more doable if you only want them for pulldowns, pushdowns, cable rows, and other similar exercises. 

Machines, however, are by far the hardest thing to replicate in a home gym. 

That’s where the REP Iso Lever Arms come in!

These arms attach to the front of your power rack and allow you to do various exercises.  

You can do Leg Presses, Hack Squats, Belt Squats, Shoulder and Chest Presses, Machine Rows, Hip Thrusts, and a whole lot more!

If you’re interested in adding machines to your home gym, these iso lever arms allow you to do a lot for the small amount of space they take up. 

I highly recommend these and look forward to reviewing them when my pair finally ships. 

Lat Pulldown/Cable Row Attachment

REP PR-4000 Lat/Low Row Attachment
  • Two height options available: 93" and 80"
  • 350lb weight limit.
  • Comes with straight bar and lat bar.

Another important piece of equipment I think everybody needs is a Lat Pulldown/Cable Row attachment. 

This attachment from REP attaches directly to the back of the rack, is plate loaded, and even comes with a rear base stabilizer included. 

The weight limit is 350 lbs which should be enough for most people when it comes to cable exercises. 

Some say that it isn’t as smooth as pulldown machines in box gyms, but a little silicone spray on the guide rods is all it needs. 

You can reapply every couple of months or whenever you need to, and you should be good to go!

Belt Squat

REP Belt Squat

The REP Belt Squat is more versatile than any other belt squat unit on the market today and comes at an unbeatable price point. It can be moved within your power rack to perform dozens of exercises such as belt squats, hip thrusts, rack pulls, pull-ups, rows, deadlifts, dips, bulgarian split squats, calf raises, and many more.

The Belt Squat attachment for the PR-4000 allows you to do, yep, you guessed it, Belt Squats!

This is a great option if you have issues squatting with a barbell and still want to squat pain-free.

You do need a lat and low row cable attachment to use this, but it’s a pretty solid system that’s very stable considering it attaches to your rack.

This Belt Squat attachment is constructed of heavy-duty 11-gauge steel. However, it’s really easy to set up and disassemble when not in use.

You can do a ton of different exercises using this belt squat attachment

Things such as:

  • Hip Thrusts
  • Rack Pulls
  • Pull-ups
  • Rows
  • Deadlifts
  • Dips
  • Split Squats
  • Calf Raises
  • Belt Squats, obviously

There’s one issue some people have had with this belt squat, but it has an easy fix!

Some have issues hitting depth even if you set up the chain correctly. If this happens to you, it’s pretty easy, just put some plates down and raise yourself up to your desired height.

Problem solved!

I do think you can do something similar just by utilizing the low row and belt squatting there too.

If anybody has a REP Belt Squat, let us know in the comments to see if this is possible!

PR-4000 vs. Rogue Monster Lite Racks

RML-3 Rogue Monster Lite Power Rack

This is the 3x3" version of the classic Westside power cage. The Monster Lite R-3 Power Rack combines the 3x3" 11-Gauge Steel tubing of Rogue’s standard Monster Series with the 5/8” bolts and fasteners of our Infinity Rigs and Racks.

There’s a whole series of racks from Rogue that are commonly compared to REPs PR-4000. These are called Rogue Monster Lite Racks and are definitely top of the line compared to the rest of the industry.

These range in price from around $815-$1200 depending on what type of rack you’re looking for.

These prices are for racks, pull-up bars, monster lite J-Cups, pin/pipe safeties, and band pegs.

This is already a solid deal and definitely worth the investment as Rogue is the best at what they do. Their stuff lasts forever, and they’ve proven themselves time and time again.

The cheapest price for the PR-4000 for the exact loadout as the monster lite series is around $750 starting out.

So they’re very similar in prices starting out.

To get something closer in price to the top monster lite series, you’ll have to add accessories and other add-ons to even it out.

You need to add a dip attachment, Front Extensions, upgraded j-cups, safeties, and pull-up bar for the same price as the most expensive monster lite rack.

I think from the numbers, the PR-4000 is absolutely a better value as you can build it specifically for your needs. While monster lite racks are only available as is.

Sure, you can upgrade and get different accessories from Rogue, but the ability to go from a 4-post to a 6-post rack or even just build a half rack to your specifications is fantastic!

REP definitely takes the win for that as well.

As for the build quality, Rogue is known for their incredible quality more than anything. When people talk about Rogue Fitness, it’s always about the quality they bring to the table.

Their Monster Lite racks are no exception. REP Fitness has high-quality equipment, but it’s right behind Rogue, which is totally fine!

REP offers better value for what you’re getting, so it really depends on what you VALUE more in your power rack.

See what I did there? I did, obviously…

No matter which rack you choose, though, you can’t go wrong with the PR-4000 or any of Rogues Monster Lite racks. 

They’re both solid and provide a ton of accessories to upgrade your rack for whatever goals you may have!

REP PR-4000 vs. PR-5000

This is another comparison that’s been brought up quite often, the PR-4000 vs. the PR-5000. Both are obviously made by REP and have pretty much all the same accessories, crossmember, and upright options.

The main difference will be the cost, which ranges from around $230-$620 difference between them depending on if you get the base model or load it up with accessories.

So what’s different about them other than the price?

While both racks are made of the same 3×3″ steel, the PR-4000 has 5/8″ hardware and are numbered every 5th hole. The PR-5000 uses much sturdier 1″ hardware and is numbered in every hole.

Laser cutting every single hole on the uprights and crossmembers is costly but will ultimately be super convenient for setting up your J-cups, safeties, and other accessories.

Plus, the 1″ hardware is definitely going to make the PR-5000 much more sturdy and stable compared to the PR-4000.

The PR-5000 doesn’t have the 24″ crossmember option, however, so if you need something smaller for your garage gym, the PR-4000 is superior in this regard.

The hole spacing is also slightly different on the PR-5000; instead of the 2″ spacing throughout and the 1″ west side spacing through the bench area, it only has 2″ hole spacing.

However, REP offers special J-Cups called the V2 Lowered J-Cups. This allows you to turn that 2″ spacing into 1″ spacing wherever you need it on the rack! Pretty smart solution for sure!

The final main difference is the overall appearance of these two racks. The PR-5000 obviously has bigger hardware, and every hole is numbered. It also has a larger nameplate which looks premium for sure. 

The main thing, though, is that it attaches to the uprights as a support, making the rack even more rigid overall.

Depending on what you need for your home gym, both of these racks are seriously impressive. No matter what you go with, you’re going to get a high-quality rack that can handle any and all weights that you throw at them.

I can guarantee it.

Does REP PR-4000 need to be bolted down?

The PR-4000 doesn’t need to be bolted down if you just plan on using it as a normal rack. If you plan on adding the iso lever arms or Spotter Arms, it’s recommended to bolt it down for sure.

Or you can just buy the front foot extensions and that should get the job done as well. It’s still a good idea to bolt it down if you can to ensure it doesn’t go anywhere.

If you don’t want to anchor them to your garage floor, or you just can’t because you’re renting your house, you can make a platform and attach it directly to that instead.

I just used two layers of plywood for my platform, threw my horse stall mats on top, and I can attach the rack to it when I need to.

You can do something similar or just get the front foot extensions. Your choice!

Does the REP PR-4000 come with J cups?

The REP PR-4000 Power Rack comes with standard J-cups which can also be upgraded to a flat or rounded sandwich J-Cups.

As mentioned in the J-Cup section before, they all get the job done, and all of them have UHMW plastic to protect your rack and bars.

I recommend either of the sandwich J-Cups as they have a block of heavy-duty plastic throughout the entire cup. This makes it even more rigid and protects your barbell more.


Since buying my PR-4000, I’ve saved a ton of space with the included storage, and I can add any accessories I want.

The main ones I’m in the process of ordering are the iso lever arms and the front foot extension, so the whole thing doesn’t flip and kill me.

What do you think of the PR-4000 and everything it has to offer?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Until next time,


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