Best Barbell For Garage Gym – The Top 20+ Bars In 2021!

Best Barbell For Garage Gym

Barbells are one of the most important things you can get for a home or garage gym. When you have minimal space, a power rack, barbell and some plates go a long way. As there are a ton of solid options out there for any price range, I’ll cover the best barbell for your garage …

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Best DIY Pulley System For Home Gym – 100x Better Than Spud!

DIY Pulley System For Home Gym

In today’s guide, I will go over the best DIY Pulley System for your home gym. There are many solutions out there on setting up a lat pulldown, low cable row, and other types of pulleys for your garage gym. Unfortunately, many of them are so complicated that you’re better off just investing in a …

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How Much Does An Olympic Bar Weigh VS 5 Other Common Barbells!

how much does an olympic bar weigh

An Olympic barbell weighs 20 kilograms or around 45 pounds, on average. Some Olympic barbells weight over 65 lbs and tend to have heavier weight capacities because of it. But what about other types of Barbells? Don’t they vary based on what you are using? And how much should your barbell be able to hold? …

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DMoose Dip Belt Review – Main Benefits Of Dip Belt

DMoose Dip Belt Review - Main Benefits Of Dip Belt

I was recently contacted by DMoose Fitness to review their Dip Belt.  Luckily I was looking into purchasing one for certain movements in my clients and my own training, so they contacted me at the right time! Here’s what I have to think of DMooses dip belt and the main benefits of using it in …

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