Do High Reps Build Muscle?

do high reps build muscle

High rep sets build muscle. A high rep set can be anywhere between 10-30 reps. However, intensity is the most important factor in building muscle. If you do 30 reps and you’re nowhere close to failure, you’re just going to create unnecessary fatigue without forcing your body to adapt.  In …


What Are The Health Benefits Of Being Muscular?

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A lot of people out there seem to think getting big and strong is all about what you look like in the mirror. And while that may be one of the benefits, there are many other health benefits that come from being muscular! If you’re interested in learning more then …


Top 10 Exercises To Get Stronger For Life!

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I was thinking about the top lifts to get stronger the other day and wanted to write an article on them. These movements are all proven to build strength, increase muscle mass, and do it faster than anything else. These 10 movements are broken up as follows: Big 4 Barbell …


Ultimate Guide To Build Your Squat!

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The barbell squat is considered the top dog when it comes to building brutal strength. Look at any high-level athlete and I guarantee they can squat a couple of hundred lbs, and if they can’t they’d improve their athletic ability like crazy if they could! Most people think squatting is …