Who Invented The EZ Curl Bar?

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The EZ curl bar is a popular piece of equipment that has been used for decades.

It was originally invented by Lewis G. Dymeck as a more comfortable option compared to a straight bar.

Since its inception, it has only continued to improve as there are multiple different variations available.

As for the original concept, the design remains unchanged which is incredible considering how long ago it was invented.

This article will cover everything about the history of the EZ bar.

Let’s get started!

Why is it Called EZ Curl Bar?

The EZ curl bar is named as such because it’s an “Easy” curling bar.

Yep, that’s literally it.

The angled grip of a curl barbell allows for a much more natural wrist position during curls. Making it “easier” on the wrists and elbows compared to a traditional straight bar.

When was the EZ Bar Invented?

Lewis G. Dymeck originally thought of and invented the Dymeck bar, as it was originally called, in the late 1940s. He filed the patent for it on June 11th, 1948 which he later obtained on May 23rd, 1950.

first part of the patent for the L. G. Dymeck Bar bell

From there, Dymeck moved to New Mexico to start working with Andy Jackson of the Jackson Barbell Company.

Through this joint partnership, they expanded the marketing of the Dymeck curling bar bell and improved the ease of building/distributing the curling bar to customers.

second part of the dymeck bar patent

In the following two years from 1952-1954, they originally advertised it as the Dymeck/Jackson curling bar, which doesn’t sound like a very easy name to market at all.

From 1954-1964, they rebranded it as the Jackson curling bar to simplify their marketing efforts.

Then, in 1964, Andrew Jackson sold the rights to Bob Hoffman.

Lewis Dymeck was still attached to the product, but it was Hoffman who further popularized it with its new name.

original advertisement from the York Barbell Company

The E-Z-Kurl Bar! Yep, that’s how it was originally spelled apparently.

And from here the rest is history!

Lewis G. Dymeck may have originally invented and patented the idea, but he had help along the way to make it as popular as it is today.

Thank you for happier wrists and elbows everywhere!

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Why was the EZ Curl Bar Invented?

It was originally invented by Dymeck to prevent excessive body movement or strain like with a straight bar bell device as he originally called it.

The angled grips are far more natural feeling and easier to use. This one factor is why it’s so popular to this day.

A straight bar does cause a lot of issues for many people so it makes sense why so many use it in their training.

Alternative Names for the EZ Bar

man performing ez bar preacher curls

The EZ curling bar is sometimes referred to by other names, including:

  • Curling Bar – This name is a nod to the bar’s primary use in performing bicep curls.
  • EZ Bar – This is a shortened version and is used interchangeably with the full name.
  • Jackson Curl Bar – This name is a reference to the Jackson Barbell Company, which is known for producing high-quality weightlifting equipment.


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