Rogue Deep Dish Plates – Worth It In 2023?

The Rogue Deep Dish Plates are modified from the plates used at the Arnold Strongman Classic for the Elephant Bar Deadlift event.

They’re sold in pairs of 25lbs, 35lbs, 45lbs, and 100 lbs.

Making them easy to pair with any standard 45 lb barbell for massive lifts!

Just like the majority of the equipment Rogue creates, these are made in the USA.

I don’t care about this at all, but I know many of you do.

So you can rest easy, I guess.

The cool thing about these plates is their deep history that goes along with their DEEP dish style.

Get it? No? Okay…

Why Are Deep Dish Plates So Awesome?

These styles of plates were used more often back before bumper plates were invented in the ’60s.

Olympic lifts were done with these plates so that when the bar was dropped, it wouldn’t damage wooden platforms or rubber mats.

The increased surface helps distribute the weight more evenly, which makes sense why they were used.

Now that bumper plates are more mainstream, they are being created due to how iconic they look.

It’s all because of nostalgia, essentially, which is fine!

Rogue Deep Dish Plates Overview

Some of the awesome features these plates have are that they’re made using ductile iron.

Also known as nodular cast iron.

These contain strong graphite nodules that make them immensely tougher than the standard gray iron for other plates.

Just like everything Rogue makes, these plates have precision machining.

Basically, it means that the plates fit tighter on the bar and flush against each other.

Not only that, they have what is called an electrically-applied paint coating.

This is actually made for the automotive industry because of how well it adheres, offers superior corrosion resistance, and of course, an even coverage.

This E-coating is much thinner than even powder coating, allowing for a smoother feel of the steel casted plates.

All in all, Rogues Deep Dish plates are an excellent addition to any garage gym.

And the cool thing is they aren’t much more expensive than their regular plates. A pair of 45 lb plates is only $155.

This comes out to around $1.72 per lb, which is around the average in a sane world.

As we know, most people have been marking plates up to 2 and even 3 dollars per lb, but we don’t like to talk about them.

Obviously, as I was making this video, these plates went out of stock but check out rogues site to get notified when they’re back in stock.

When I get a pair of these myself, I’ll make sure to do a full review as well.


What about you, do you plan on picking up a pair of these?

Let me know what you think about them in the comment section below!

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