How To Lose Weight With Fitbit – Increase Movement

Forces you to be accountable

Helps motivate you by having a trackable goal

The biggest factor necessary to lose weight after being in a calorie deficit is by increasing movement.

Increasing how much you move throughout the day is a lot easier to accomplish than doing a ton of cardio and doing tons of extra sets working out.

It’s also much easier to move more than to keep dropping calories so low you start getting headaches and have no energy at all.

For people that work from home, this is incredibly important. As soon as I started working from home I realized how easy it is to sit all day on the computer without getting up and moving every hour like most people do at normal jobs.

The best way I’ve found to lose weight by increasing your movement is simply by starting with a step goal and being consistent with it. I would start at 5,000 and see how your weight loss improves. At the same time, you should have a slight 500 calorie deficit to push fat loss.

As long as you’re still losing 1-2 lbs per week you’re on the right track.

Once you start plateauing it’s time to start increasing your total steps for the day on your Fitbit.

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I would do something simple like adding 1,000 steps a day and see if there are any changes.

If not, keep adding 1,000 steps per day each week and see if your fat loss continues.

After you get to 10,000 steps per day, it’s time to drop your calories slightly once again.

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Anywhere between 250-500 calories is enough to push fat loss further.

Once again we’re going to keep training hard in the gym, hit our daily calories and of course make sure we’re hitting our step goal and tracking it consistenly on your fitbit.

If you notice fat loss slowing down or stopping again, increase your step goal by 1,000 per day as usual. After we get to 15,000 steps a day we’ll hold there and see where our fat loss ends up.

You should notice you get in good shape just by increasing how much you’re moving thoughout the day.

If you find it’s hard to get the steps in by walking, start implementing running, use an airdyne, eliptical, or any other form of cardio that incorporates your full body. You can also simply walk faster and cover more ground every time you walk.

The other thing to consider is just how simple it is to track your steps on your fitbit.

It’s super easy to make excuses and skip your cardio because it’s hard. Because moving around more throughout the day is so easy you can make this changes, track it and have data to backup your weight loss and how you make it happen.

I’ve found consistently doing more work and slowly decreasing your calories is a far better approach then not moving around throughout the day and creating a calorie deficit entirely through food.



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