DMoose Dip Belt Review – Best Budget Option!

I was recently contacted by DMoose Fitness to review their Dip Belt. 

Luckily I was looking into purchasing one for certain movements in my clients and my own training, so they contacted me at the right time!

Here’s what I have to think of DMooses’ dip belt and the main benefits of using it in your own training!

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Main Benefits Of A Dip Belt!

I’ve seen people do weighted dips and pullups with a dumbbell in between their legs. 

This is definitely not optimal as you have to focus on executing the movement properly while also making sure you don’t drop the weight.

If you want to progress on weighted bodyweight movements, you absolutely need something like a dip belt to load the exercise properly.

Plus, using something like a DMoose Dip Belt, you can load a lot more weight than a weight vest, so it’s superior in that regard.

The main reason you’d want to use weighted bodyweight training is to get stronger at the movement through progressive overload and even build more muscle.

If you only do high rep bodyweight movements, it’s going to be difficult to maximize your strength and muscular development on pullups and dips.

Another use that I’ve found from the DMoose Dip Belt is for calf raises.

I’ve used other implements to do weighted calf work, and using a dip belt is definitely my preferred way to do it.

DMoose Dip Belt Specs

The DMoose dip belt is available in black, gray, and gray camo. You can find this belt in blue and an American Flag design on Amazon as well.

As you can see, I received the black model as it fits the color theme of my garage gym.

It’s constructed of a neoprene material which gives it an ergonomic design. This makes it much more comfortable to wear with heavy weights compared to other leather dip belts.

On top of that, it has a 36” steel heavy-duty steel chain and D-Rings. I’ve heard reviews of the D-rings and carabiners being rusted and breaking with more than 135 lbs.

This might be a quality control issue, but I’m not sure as the one I received was fine, and I even tested it up to 185 lbs.

So I’m sure for most people, it’s going to work fine!

Are DMoose Dip Belts Worth It?

For the lower price of $30, I definitely think the DMoose Dip Belt is worth investing in.

I’ll have to use it more to see how it holds up from long-term use, but I definitely recommend it from my initial testing!

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