What To Eat After Workout For Weight Loss?

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A lot of people have a hard time with their nutrition in general.  For muscle mass, it’s actually effortless. You need to eat more calories, which isn’t a problem whatsoever for most people. For fat loss, it’s definitely a lot more complicated.  You have to be in a calorie deficit and find ways to optimize … Read more

Why Am I So Exhausted On Keto?

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When it comes to doing the Keto diet, a lot of people have complained of issues involving exhaustion. They complain of headaches and a whole host of other problems. For those that don’t know what the Keto diet is, check out my article on How I Lost 40 Lbs In 2 Months. You can also … Read more

Can You Get Fat Eating “Healthy Foods”?

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“I’m eating healthy and can’t lose weight.” Sound familiar? I’ve heard this line from people so many times I’ve lost count! The biggest issue is magazines and fitness “professionals” selling bullshit information to people. By preying on your insecurities it makes it incredibly easy for them to make money off of your suffering. The crazy … Read more