What Does PR Mean In The Gym? – Why YOU NEED TO Track Them!

What Does PR Mean In The Gym? - Why You NEED To Track Them!

PRs are something that every lifter should know about. It determines if you’re training for a specific purpose or you’re just working out to “be fit”. If you’re reading this, you probably do not know what a PR is. Luckily, it’s pretty simple. PR is short for “personal record”, also known as a PB or …

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How To Do Pullups: Negative Pullups For Fast Results!

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The first step in working up to your first real pull-ups is by using Negative Pull-ups, an amazing upper body movement that is going to build up your grip, muscle mass and strength quickly. Using this specific, closed-chain exercise allows us to abuse the negative, or eccentric portion, of a pull-up. When I first struggled …

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How To Squat Without A Rack – Top 5 Squat Alternatives

How To Squat Without A Rack

I know how tough this year has been for training. There have been constant lockdowns, and equipment is incredibly hard to come by these days. On top of that, companies have been marking them up like crazy to make a profit off of other people’s lives. That’s why, when it comes to a home gym, …

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Top 5 Best Overhead Press Assistance Exercises

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I’m going to go over the top 5 best overhead press assistance exercises and we’re starting right now! When it comes to building a stronger overhead press, obviously doing the overhead press consistently is one of the best ways to improve. OBVIOUSLY. Practicing something makes you better at it as long as the practice you’re …

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